Top 5 Tank Heroes In Game

Wait til you get a load of Delilah maxed out.


absolutely. If given the choice to have one of those, I’d take Ares all day everyday.

Guin is however the better tank. Ares can go off a couple times and you can work around it. Guin goes off a couple times, gg.


How about 4 star hero’s. Same question.

You’re saying she is boring too?

I guess

All healers are boring

Has anyone faced a maxed out Delilah yet? I have her in my main account, but she’s still really weak. I actually got her in my alt account as well, so I’m raiding with her down in the 500 cup range. Whenever I get the special off, I hardly take another hit. If I get it off twice (as often happens against me with defense tanks) its nearly impossibly to get any damage through. Do debuffers get rid of the guards? Also, are they yellow (asking for Jackal combinations)?

Minions cannot be dispelled.

Didn’t really try Delilah tanking, doesn’t have the right stat distribution for it in my mind; same issue for Zeline and even Alby for some of the other respondents.

Vivica is another one I wouldn’t tank with; slow mana and heal + easily handled buff = meh.

Anchor’s guide is pretty good when it comes to tanks; however, I agree with Dante that Hel is easily in the top 3 tanks… if she fires once, I have some issues, if she fires twice I’m dead.

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For 4-star heroes, I think Kasshrek, Cyprian, Boril, Boldtusk, Colen, and Li Xiu are good ones. Little John, Kiril, Grimm, Tiburtus, Gormek, and Rigard are honorable mentions. Personally, I would rank them like this:

  1. Kasshrek
  2. Li Xiu
  3. Boril
  4. Colen
  5. Cyprian
  6. Boldtusk

…followed by…

  1. Kiril
  2. Grimm
  3. Tiburtus
  4. Gormek
  5. Rigard
  6. Little John

Dante has a maxxed Delilah so you should ask him,

I’m also hesitant about maxing her and at 3-70 she wouldn’t be that useful

Grimm really?

The guy is paper thin, little John should go before him


I’m more interested in if anyone has faced Delilah in a raid at any significant power. This a great example of why free inter-alliance raiding would be really helpful, and also promote teamwork.

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LJ should go before many of those but why quibble haha… right after Kashrek in my book (and maybe before) if we’re talking mid-level tanks. Kash / LJ / Colen are the only 3 I really feared.

Kiril / Bold / LX all kinda similar on second tier, maybe Boril there too.

The rest I wouldn’t want to tank with if I had other options; the pulverizer trio are not good tanks.

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Grimm is definitely the most fragile tank, but he plays an interesting role at tank…one that is slightly more effective than Little John. I have very little fear facing LJ, but I at least have to work around hitting Grimm. His attack is really high and his special can go off once or twice before he’s dead. He may not live, but if his special goes off, the rest of the team will beat you into oblivion. Sometimes I send my tiles straight into LJ because I can often kill him before his special goes off.

Grimm is not a good tank. It doesn’t take more than a couple green matches with 2x greens to kill him before he’s fired and you can also snipe him from side matches if need be.

Any list that has Cyprian anywhere near the top is not a good list…that guy is bad. The stat difference is what makes Boril a fine tank and Cyprian bad.

@Denys I don’t have max Delilah in production, that video was from beta. Mine is tier 1 right now. But Delilah is a very good Yellow. Joon is better and should be max’d first, but she can be taken to tier 4 without worry IMO. She’s also quite useful at 3/70 in AW (whereas viv really isn’t).

Also “intermediate” is a sort of vague term. IF we’re defining that as “people only have one 70 in each color”, then yah Kashhrek is a beast. But very quickly he falls off a cliff as people start to 1. get dispel and 2. get more reds. All the others including BT and Kiril stand up better because their special actually helps kill the enemy (all 5 heroes do 48% more damage, yes please!) or slow them down. K does neither really. The big heal is actually more valuable in AW than regular raids.


I think Delilah is more of an offensive healer type. I don’t think you’ll see her in many raid defenses, especially when there are better options for that role.

Given there are only two people with her max in Departed, I suspect she just hasn’t had time to really make an impact yet at the higher ranks.

Alt’s defense was winning some north of 2500 with her sub-80 sitting at flank, so she’s not insta-lose at that level.

I’ve had her in my war defense on the main (and alt), better results on alt but was facing HHR in the one war I had her in on the main… which for my money is one of the top 4 alliances in game; actually going to slide her back in now come to think on the main.

Somehow I don’t understand the definition of a tank. I thought a tank is a hero, which can withstand a lot of damage and does not die immediately.

But when I look at the lists like that, I don’t quite understand it anymore… Ok, I’m not a high end player and I currently have my first 5* Heros and maybe I still lack some experience. (Cup Ranking ~2000)
But maybe someone would explain it to me. As an example some such heroes like Isarnia (5*) or Colen (4*) bring here into their list…

If I look at Isarnia, she is 41st in the overall ranking with her defense value! Ok, of course she has a very high damage, but that doesn’t make her to the tank?
Comparable applies to Colen, LJ, Horghall (ok his HP are nice) etc.

If I look at an unpopular hero (Elkanen) as a comparison, then for me these would be rather the stats to represent a tank (Defense value Ranking 5). In addition, he would have an ability (fast) to stay alive.

As I said, for me this is all just theory on paper, but try to understand it.

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I’d like to ask this question in another way. For those of us who just recently started, who are the best tanks from heros that we can currently get (challenge events and regular heros)?

The minions chance element according the the hero they are tied to.

I’m a data-forward person, so I thought it would be interesting to test perceptions against the character stats. We don’t know precisely how defense and health interact, but in the hero’s power rating on the card, it appears that defense is weighted 2x more than health.

I therefore calculate a “tankiness” score as 2 x Def + Health. Here are the top 5* by this metric (* indicates an event hero, § a Hero of the Month):

  1. Guardian Owl *
  2. Thorne
  3. Justice
  4. Ares §
  5. Richard
  6. Guinevere *
  7. Horghall
  8. Elkanen
  9. Marjana
  10. Sartana

Looking at only the 4* by the same metric, we have:

  1. Boril
  2. Guardian Falcon *
  3. First Mate Boomer *
  4. Kashhrek
  5. Cyprian
  6. Gormek
  7. Boldtusk
  8. Rigard
  9. Sonya
  10. Chao

This metric is simply about the defense & health stats and doesn’t consider how well the hero’s attack special helps. Still, some surprising results. Is there a use for Boomer still?

While I had this up, I thought to look at the flip metric, a “glass cannon” metric, to see which heroes are the least durable using the same 2:1 calculation. Here’s what we get for 5*, from most fragile to less fragile:

  1. Elena
  2. Isarnia
  3. Magni
  4. Lady Locke *
  5. Azlar
  6. Master Lepus *
  7. Guardian Kong *
  8. Guardian Panther *
  9. Obakan
  10. Musashi §

And the 4* glass cannons:

  1. Scarlett
  2. Guardian Jackal *
  3. Sir Lancelot *
  4. Little John
  5. Jack O’Hare *
  6. Colen
  7. Melendor
  8. Skittleskull
  9. Grimm
  10. Sabina

Again, these ranks need to be taken with a grain of salt. A fragile healer is a healer, after all, and can add HP back.


I think the issue is “Tank” and “Center” is being used interchangeably. A Tank is what you have described. Someone with high survivability, through health, defense, specials & healing. A great “Center” can be almost anything. Lianna was a great defense Center for a long time because she had well rounded stats, but would kill 2 heroes before she was dead, immediately putting the raid in her favor 4v3.

Since you mentioned Colen & Isarnia, their job isn’t to tank, it’s to absorb a little bit of damage but do waaay more damage back before they die. Giving the advantage for the defense.


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