Help me fix this mess please

Hi, I’m asking for any suggestions on my teams, such as my lineup, best positions for my heroes , etc… I know you win some /lose some , that’s the nature of the beast, but I think my positioning is not good. Someone help please, thanks

The ones on the bottom shot are my top 3 , thanks again

So are you looking for a raid defense? There are different aspects of the game and that’s what you appear to be referring to. Assuming so, I see two top tank candidates: Guin and Aegir.


Zeli Sesh Guin Hel Zimi


I like seshat, drake, Aegir, Zeline, and then idk anzogh maybe. Gives you buff dispelling, redundancy is good if the ability is good. Dispell is good. Seshat is one of the best wings, she can be hard to take out once her minions get going if the attacker runs out of steam plus she can finish off targets that drake and Zeline have weakened. Zeline giving attack debuff is great for your heroes survival, it makes a 4/80 hit like a 2/60. Drake is a pretty hard hitter and his blind of course helps your team survive. Aegir makes your team basically indestructible if he’s going active. Yes he has lots of predators like Evelyn, hatter, Zeline but he still wins as tank even when those types of heroes are attacking him and not everyone has those heroes anyways. For the red I like anzogh because he does a bit of damage, does a bit of healing. He’s another hero that has the potential, like seshat, to end up winning the game if he’s last alive in the corner. Seems good. Also the amount of thought I put into this was a huge waste of time but I’m bored so yeah. I’ve been using a Christmas defense for a week now just to be cute, it’s 4-1 green/red. It’s been holding cups really well which is hilarious. Defense doesn’t even matter, just put together a 4K team and it will be good. War will be different but since you didn’t specify you wanted a specific color tank here we are.


@littleKAF, yes raid defense as well as AW’s, I don’t have a good concept of a good defense in either :pensive:

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@Olmor, I really like Zeline, but seems she works for everyone else but me, Aegir too. What am I doing wrong ??

@SWEG, thank you very much, and I appreciate the time you took to put this together, it wasn’t a waste of time for me… Thanks again, I will take all advice given from everyone and put it to good use, thanks again

@littleKAF, so should I place more emblems on both Guin and Aegir, or which one first please?

On your defense? Just wait and see how many cups it’ll hold.

Any def keeping you above 2500 cups is nice imo.

A high talented tank will help.
Top defs will keep you at 2.6k.


Seshat - Zim - Guin - Arthur - Lianna

Well any standard combination should hold you in diamond.

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Emblems are tricky. There are different philosophies out there. One is to create as strong a defense team as possible. Another is to spread them out amongst the heroes you like.

My recommendation is to not jump too far into the emblems as you’re just starting to figure out your defense, but if you have heroes you use frequently, they are worth consideration.

As for me, with one exception, I stopped giving talents to my 5* at +7 - too expensive and I’d like others to get the buff too.


Seshat, Drake, Aegir, Zimkitha and Zeline.

P.S. My AW defense is similar. This war were needed five attacks to take me down (I can take screenshot if there is required). I said similar, because I do not have Aegir, Zim and Zeline, but I set it this way: Seshat, Drake, Richard, GM and Kingston (4400 TP). Mine is most offensive, but the one with Aegir may prove very resistant, if the tank is not killed in time.


My defense is quite similar, just change Richard+13 with Aegir. :sweat_smile:
I’m always above 2500 cups.

So that’s why my prefered order would be:

Zimkitha - Zeline - Aegir - Drake - Seshat

Because Zimkitha heals everyone following up. Seshat in the corner is harder to beat.


You are right, this is the right order with those heroes :slight_smile:





@littleKAF, hi, good day., so I changed my top team for defense a little bit, and it’s now this,
Zimketha, Seshat, Aegir, Viv, and Zeline, from left to right, what do you think please, thank you

@Scarecrow, ok , so I’m still learning that’s why I asked, no need to be mean !! …so how should I set this defense up ??, how would you set it up ?


This is new setup
Now as far as Vivica being there , she’s my strongest healer… I appreciate your response, but again no need to be mean please, thanks

Please tone down the trolling! :slight_smile: Thank you


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