Need help deciding on my tank

Hi All,
I’m in solid platinum tier and need to figure out my path forward. A large part of that is deciding what heroes to level to be first real tank. I have full mats for a yellow, blue or red. Missing a tonic for green. Used all purple on Khiona. Looking for feedback from the community on my best options at this time.

Current defense lineup:
Gormek (maxed)–Leo(3/70)–Khiona (nearly maxed)–Li (4/48)–Kiril(maxed)

Khiona is serviceable for now but doesn’t rank as a stellar tank. My current options are:

Aegir 2/60 Ok he’s my 2nd to last choice
RIchard unleveled
Thorne unleveled, my last choice based on forum comments
Boril - just got, unleveled

Horg 3/50 - Anchor rates highly but forum comments are not very positive and my short stint using him in gold did not go well

Finish Leo - not my 1st choice
Justice - unleveled, rated A by Anchor
Finish leveling Li and use her until a better 5* comes along

Just got Elena. Anchor rates highly.

Other considerations:

Blue: If I level Richard for example I can’t finish Isarnia
Green: If I level Horg I can’t finish Evelyn.

Thanks in advance!

I would probably say Leo given what you have.

I am kind of in the same boat. I do not have a tank persay. The ratings by anchor are great but every team is different. I am currently using Lianna as my tank. I have good days and I have bad days but no matter who your tank is that happens. I sit in mid diamond most days unless I have a bad day.

I use Rigard Isarnia Lianna Khiona Joon on defense. All maxed. I kind of want to pull santa and try him out.

Tanks are great but unless they are on GM or Guins level they really won’t help in my opinion.

Just my 2 cents.

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Honestly, I wouldn’t worry about having a proper tank over getting some solid 5* to 80. Getting mats should always come first, and that’s something Evelyn will help with more than Horghall, and Isarnia will help with more than Richard. If those are your only options, do Evelyn and Isarnia first.

All defense teams can be beat, and you don’t really benefit from a whole lot for running a solid defense team, so for now- I’d focus on other parts of the game and test out different heroes in the tank position while you wait. Ideally, you want someone with a high defense and/or health stat, that either hits fast/hard/ails bad, or that supports it’s allies enough to do the same, as your tank.

Out of the options you’ve listed, sounds like purple is off the table, and with Isarnia and Evelyn, so are green and blue. That leaves red or yellow, and looking at your options: If you want to do a 5*, I’d do Leonidas. Or else Li Xiu if you’re okay using a 4* (fine until you get to diamond). Elena has a nice high attack stat and riposte, but her defense is way too low to be tank, so I’d do Leo over Elena [for the tank position]. Leo isn’t the best hero, but he’s better than he ever used to be. & I’m fairly certain if you pair a mana troop to him, he’ll heal himself [through his SS attack] even more. Something to keep in mind :blush:

Anchor’s grading system is a nice tool to use, but I wouldn’t rely on it solely when deciding how to build up your team composition, the synergies, and everything else. That rating system is the only thing most new players have to differentiate each hero from another, but it’s all fairly subjective, so your experience with a hero could vary from their take on it. You should always make the final decision yourself after you play with the heroes [in question] enough to come to that decision. Even the advice given here on the forum is mostly subjective [including this]; it’s just another way to help guide and assist you, but ultimately I’d recommend making the final decision yourself. Although, only after you consider all of the factors involved, and pick the hero that best fits into your team and with your priorities.

Hope this helps; feel free to ask anymore questions you may have. Good luck :grin:


I am suprised no one recommends Justice as tank. Maybe because she is unleveled and a long way to go.

If you are ftp I would take her into consideration as tank because under the vanilla heroes she still makes one of the better tanks.

Unfortunately yellow tanks have the disadvantage that everybody shows up prepared to their teeth to kill yellow because of Geneviève.

Try out some different possibilities like Isarnia when she is leveled up and see what fits best for your Team.

Wishing you best of luck.



Thanks Randa,
I’ve seen several of your posts and they are always well thought out and helpful.

I was thinking about Leo but was holding back because I didn’t know how to handle the heals. I have 3 of the 4 4* maxed or close; Kiril, Rigard and Boldtusk but no 5* heals. I had tried for Guin but didn’t get her( did pull Isarnia, Elena and Evelyn in one 10 pull. I should have gone out and bought a lottery ticket.) I do have, well the only 4* yellow troops I have, are mana yellow troops but only to lvl 3 atm. Just too much leveling needed to work on them more than that.
You were correct those are really the only 5* options right now. Maybe TC20 will help fill in the gaps eventually.

Thanks Again!

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@Elayanith has a point, Justice does make a solid tank, but she’s unleveled so I’d use Leonidas for now, and maybe work on getting Justice to 70. Then again Justice has a low attack stat so isn’t great for much of anything else other than her blind and high survivability for defense. Personally, I wouldn’t take Leonidas or Justice to 80 unless they’re your only yellow 5* for awhile, then I’d pick whichever fits your playstyle more. Neither are the best of their class, but they’re not absolutely terrible either. Just not as versatile, so not ideal for your first yellow going to 80.

Leonidas can be used on offense probably a little more than Justice, but overall I think Justice makes a better tank than Leo. Depends on what you’re looking for.

Thank you for saying that though, I’m always happy to know I’ve been at least somewhat helpful. This forum has a lot of good reads, so any questions you may have about loot tiers, elemental chests, stacking, etc. can all be found here by searching. As for knowing who to level before who, or how to set up your teams, there’s a lot of people here who have the experience to help you with that. Always feel free to ask any questions you may have here :blush:

Thanks Elayanith.

I have spent but not excessively. Did try for Guin but didn’t get her(not all bad though as I got Isarnia, Elena and Evelyn in one pull instead). Justice is certainly an option. I have saved 8 yellow trainer heroes to help whichever yellow hero I pick. Taken me many months to get the yellow mats, seem to have been the toughest to get, and don’t want to blow them on a choice I’ll regret. I just don’t see many Justice tanks and I have little experience in how good she really is. Or will be with blindness resists coming out soon. The point about teams loaded up for Guin is certainly a con for both Leo and Justice. Thanks.

Right now, with my limited roster, versatility to be used in raids, titans and AW is high on the list. Maybe that tilts towards Leo again. And you had a good point earlier about a tank maybe is not as high a priority as defense teams can all be beat. Given all that maybe it’s not a bad idea to finish Li and wait a bit longer to see if I pull Joon for example from TC20. You’ve given me quite a bit to chew on. Appreciate it.


Plus, the next HOTM will be yellow, so if you do any pulls that month, Onatel will be the better option for mana control. Plus, as it stands now, she’ll be a solid choice for a tank with such a high defense stat.

& Delilah should be making an appearance in Atlantis sometime soon. There’s also Inari, but she won’t help with offensive hitting, but more again survivability. Musashi should also be in the Atlantis portal sometime soon, and he’d be a better offensive hero than Leonidas (imo). Depending on how many pulls you do, and how many TC20s you’re running, I might wait for any of them to make an appearance. That, or Joon and/or Vivica in your TC20.

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Before thinking about moving ahead, take the time to level your heroes. You got some potential, but as you describe it, right now you are easy target for a maxed 4* team. I can’t express how much more diamond competition is tougher than platinum…

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Temporarily switch Li Xiu with Khiona

Certainly in Diamond, but less so in Platinum and much less so in Gold. At the OP’s level, I would think a yellow tank should be fine

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So the plan to finish Li Xiu and use her as tank seems to be the right choice now. It then depends if you spend some money and get lucky and how long it will take you to get Justice ready as tank.

It might be that when she is ready you are already in diamond. :smile:

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Thanks Everyone. Great advice. Li it is.

Good call. Li is my tank and has served me well. Trophies stick between 1950-2200.

~3300 power team.

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Well… tbh theres a lot of myth about Diamond.

  1. With 4 five star heroes one can stay reliably in Diamond, as long he/she has a top tank. Ares, Yunan, Guin, Delilah all work. Considering you need 1 of those a ftp player is disadvantaged yet my wife who is ftp managed 3 hotms so far, so it’s not beyond reach. Save gems for a month where a tank is available and pray to the rng gods
  2. Also ftp and ctp are capable to enter the upper top 100. Staying is a different story, but not many people are able to stay in the top 100. It’s no biggie, no special awards except bragging rights.
  3. You do not need to attack Guin once to enter the top 100. There are plenty of easier targets.

So no, not everyone in Diamond has or even needs a Guin busting setup. Yellow is simplu the best tanking color due to the relative weakness of purple for ftp and ctp.


Why do people always compare their deck with best players… Guen Guen Guen… I see this name so often that it seems people start to think no one can get a decent team without her :roll_eyes:

Leo is a good tank, especially when well accompanied. And I personally think that he’s a good choice for a first yellow 80 (but just my opinion).

About diamond tier, don’t expect to be able to stay in before a while. Right now, while I’m writing theses words, I’ve 2 500 trophies. Diamonds is easy to reach with attacks.

But in a few hours, when i’ll wake up, I’ll see - 250 as always, cause my team is far away from being able to resist in diamond tier yet (Caedmon / Boldusk / Leo (4-45) / Magni / Rigard

(3 620 total power)

Anyway, good luck to lvl your heroes & trust in them. You could get some huge surprises of their power. And remember that a hero doesn’t reach his power spike before getting maxed, especially the 5* ! Difference between Leo 3-70 & 4-80 is just HUGE.

Thanks for all the feedback everyone!!

One new complication. I pulled Mitsuko today. Any thoughts about using her as a tank vs any of the others? Seems she can be worked around but may be solid in platinum/lower diamond. Especially with all the Richard, Thorne, Magni I am seeing. Have mats for all the heroes we’ve discussed.

In any case still finishing up Li first . 10 more levels…

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