Tank question

I sorely need a good tank. At present I am using a maxed Boldtusk, who is sturdy, but not good enough for diamond league. Until now I was busy maxing my hitter heroes, now it is time for the tank.Gave up summoning Guinevere this event, so what I have in the back burner:
Delilah, Horghal, Morgan, Azlar, Elena, Kaghan, Toth, Aeron and Magni.

Toth and Aeron are not for now, as I am maxxing merlin and Panther, so no mats for a foreseeable future.
Suggestions, please

I think Azlar is the best from those, if we are talking max lvl. Maybe Horgh or Deli. Depenting on thecrest of your lineup.

Azlar is not that tanky, but if he gets to fire his special it wrecks the attacker. Horghall is tge other way around, he is all about stalling. If you have good hitters like you said then Horgh might be better.

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I use Sartana, Lianna, Joon and Isarnia, all nearly maxed

I think I’d turn towards Azlar.
My alliance mate jost got 100 cups from his defence which has Azlar tank in diamong league :wink:

Azlar is also pretty great for tile damage boost against green titans.

And for event mob clearing.

I can’t see any hero better than Magni from your roster. He is big, and he is fast.

If you want a tank that covers your team, a fast mana generating big defense for all is a great asset.

I’m also curious about this. Have many of the same heroes - azlar, Delilah, horghall, Morgan - but also King Arthur and Alberich.

Alby, king A, and Del all in 4th ascention (I too gave up on Guin).

I thought my choice was between Azlar and Horg, and started bringing up Azlar because I hate raiding against him so much. For you, it sounds like Azlar is the right call.

Anchor’s guide tells me that I should be using Alby in Tank position, which seems off to me - I always put him in flank so he can Rez my tank. Maybe I should rethink? Also still thinking about King Arthur as a tank, and now you’ve got me wondering about how Delilah would do.

Alby in a corner = rely on ress.
Alby in center = rely on his mana gen
Alby as flank = compromise.


Same developments here. Since I wanted a rainbow team, I choosed Azlar for becoming the tank.

I have nearly none of those so I’ll talk about Magni; he’s fast and he hits hard…and he’s one of the first to die on my team.

Maaaaaybe someone else. :wink:

Magni has fast mana but like rook mentioned- he dies fairly quick. Great hits and fast mana makes him better but squishy

I like facing teams with albi in centre… only really go down to bad tile combos. Even if he procs before I have the snipers ready to take him out, it doesn’t do much as he’s usually low on health by then and I’ll have a cleanser ready (or close to) to clear his mana gen. To me he can transform a battle with his res, and you just don’t get to see that when he’s centre tank as he’ll usually be first to drop.

So why play him in centre when you’re pretty much guaranteed to be axing one of his major benefits in the form of his res.

I quite like him on the flanks (the compromise) as he has chance to resurrect and is harder to focus on while still gaining mana fast enough to do some good.

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I’ve faced him when he was center, and surrounded by Lianna/Sartana/Magbi/Joon.

If he gets his special off and I cant dispell it directly, then I know I’m in trouble, even with the AI targeting haha!

Come join me in lower platinum. Much easier. :rofl:
(Yes, yes, you’ll find it boring).

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I live in lower platinum, I just make the very occational visit in upper diamond haha!

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And who then are you using? Hmmmmm

Oh I use him, I don’t have better…yet.

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Not having him myself, it looks like he should work.

His shield number is low. His special, though, adds 64% defense. With fast mana, I have to guess bad boards are at fault.

I’d vote Azlar. I used him as my tank successfully until I switched to Alerich with Azlar right next to him. Azlar in the center poison is scary. If he activates he does a HUGE amount of damage. He may die, but the burning goes on and on and on…

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I just finished a raid against a team with Alby as the tank. I fielded Sonya, Alby, Chao, Rigard, & Perseus. My opponent’s Alby fired his special after my first 3 tile combos, but Sonya took him out immediately afterwards. Perseus hit Delilah next, & the victory (and 44 cups) was mine soon after.

Agree 100% with you, Little_Infinity, Alby as tank is wasted if the attacker’s tiles are anything close to favorable.

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