Tonics on Evelyn or mother north

Hey everyone. I know there has been debate on the two, which one is better, but I was looking for some specific advice based on the heroes I have. Also, some mock ups of teams I can run on raid and defense in the future. Thanks!

20… :smile:

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If you don‘t have a few greens to go with your Evely she won‘t do much. Do you have the tonics ready? I think atm mother North might do more for you and Eve up to 3/70


Both Mother and Evelyn’s specials will work just fine at 70 (at least, the important part of their special).

Evelyn would need to go to 80 in order to maximize her damage output, but without a few more greens for her to play with, maxing her isn’t as high of a priority. Her place will mostly be for Titans [blue specifically], and raids. The dispel is always handy though, so worth a thought. If you want a more offensive hero, I’d go Evelyn.

I’m assuming Mother North would be like Alby in the sense that she’s absolutely amazing and a life-saver [literally :wink:] and in that case, I’m leaning more toward her. Alby has saved my butt so many times, and if you ever struggle completing things, I’m sure MN would be one of the best safety nets. Plus, you’ll never have to use scrolls again (if you do at all now). Yeah, she may not bring her risen back to life as well, nor does she increase their mana, but she’s much more likely to revive- so you can count on her more often than not. She’ll be used everywhere, but in a very different way than Evelyn. Mother North is one of the best safety nets, and if that’s what you’re looking for, then definitely MN.

Personally, since you’re lacking solid offensive greens, and since you currently don’t have resurrection anywhere else, I’d do Mother North. Although, MN heal will clash a little with Kiril, Viv and Rigard, but none of those heroes res, so still worth it (imo). Honestly though, it’s a tough decision that you can’t really go wrong with when it comes to either. They both are amazing heroes, but have completely different places and purposes in the meta. Good luck with your decision :blush:

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I have 4/6 and 8 shields and the tome. So I’m thinking I’ll at least be 5/6 by the time she’s 3/70.

Thanks Randa. My gut is telling me MN. She helped me complete S1 and get super far, 3700 on the Christmas event!! I also see MN and kiril as semi healers (both around 25-30%) so they kinda equal 1 healer.


I feel you. Alby is the biggest reason I was able to complete the Christmas event with a super low TP (less than 3300). I would think, with the heroes you have, you should be able to complete it too honestly. Get MN leveled to 3T so she’ll be a little sturdier (although, she’s already pretty sturdy from the get-go), and you’re good to go :grin:

I love the ability to revive, even though it’s not as useful offensively, it’s the most helpful special out and can be useful everywhere for survival (events, quests, titans, etc). Depending on your priorities, I think Mother North is the safest bet since she’ll be the most versatile. Especially since it’ll be your first 5* going to 80, where you want someone that you can use everywhere. Evelyn is still really amazing, but until you get a few more offensive greens leveled and maxed, I’d leave her at 3T to make use of her element defense lower and dispel, but be sure to give her your next set of tonics to maximize her damage output.

Totally your call though, because both are top-tier heroes. One is more suited for specific titans and raids, and the other will find use in every part of the game. Plus, healers are in high demand with wars; might as well be prepared for that too :wink:

The only thing is that I don’t see any dispellers leveled in your roster (could be that you don’t have any, or just don’t have them leveled and showing), so I maybe would give Evelyn more weight in that case. There aren’t any items that can dispel, whereas revive and miracle scrolls, and health pots, can be used in place of MN, so something to consider. I value revive a little higher because idk I’ve just come to love it and depend on it really, but dispelling is also very crucial in this game. If you have Sabina, Melendor, Caedmon and/or Sonya- I would level them to have that option. If you don’t have any other dispellers though, then I’d maybe consider putting Evelyn first for that specific purpose. Just another thought to consider; hopefully that doesn’t make your decision even more difficult :sweat_smile:


I have sonya at 3/60 rn, i use her when i get a hard buff stackers, but most of the tiem i like taking a few healers to last then blocking with merlin, while i bust them up with wukong haha.

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i have a similar doubt as I pulled her and now I can’t decide between MN and tarlak (he is 3/70 now) or eventually Gregorion for my 5* defense team.
The idea is:

-Ares (zim)
-Drake (guin)
Mother (Tarlak, Gregorion)

Help please ç_ç…I do not have any mxed yellow green red 5* heroes

Tarlak isn’t good on defense, IMO. Gregorion is also poor on defense. Both suffer the same problem: their bonus is best when you’re dropping a lot of tiles, but on defense they only help the infrequent defensive slash attacks.

MN on defense is going to be great. If you’re not using her as a tank, I’d put her on the far left.


So u suggest: MN, Misandra, Ares, Drake , Sartana?
I prefer not to ascend guin as first yellow 5 *

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Yes, that would be a very solid defense — or offense.


Looks like @Kerridoc has beaten me to the punch, but I agree with his assessment: Mother North will be the most effective on defense [out of those options]. Plus, she’s the more versatile option out of the three too. Resurrection is an amazing ability to have at your disposal for everything in game; you definitely won’t regret ascending her to have it.


That’s a solid defense lineup. Mother North first to res, Misandra for the mana gain and hit at fast mana, Ares to protect and buff Misandra and Drake, Drake to blind at fast mana, and Sartana to snipe at fast mana. Couldn’t have planned it better myself- should work well :blush:


This makes me want to pull on Xmas even more… I need someone to stop me before I make ANOTHER xmas pull… So far I have 5 rudolphs, 4 Evelyns, 1 onatel & 2 buddys from trying to pull MN. Not too shabby, but with the miniscule chance… knowing I should give up (with my failure to get Victor in the rearview mirror)…

I have a problem.


That’s the odds of getting Mother North. One chance in 333.

At $3 a summons, is she worth an expected cost of $1000?

She is not.

But… even with Victor at a .6%… I still wasted $300 trying for him. (not whining about lost money, I know what I’m doing is stupid and what to expect).

Failed to get Alby, etc. MN would be a fun corner with Redhood. Santa would be a fun, if not violent wilbur-like friend.

I’m even happy with my current hero roster.

Need to just not do the thing.

Hey, I’ve been there. I never pulled Victor either :persevere:

Although, I would remember, Alberich should be reappearing in the Atlantis portal sometime in the near future. He’s made only one appearance so far, so I’d anticipate seeing him there again sometime soon. That is, if resurrection is what you’re after. Not quite the same, but close enough to give you hope if you happen to miss MN this go. & Even if you do, she’ll be back next year I’m sure. & Alby? I’m sure he’ll keep coming back every so often; he’s too good to hold out for too long. Hope you happen to pull one of them soon, good luck :blush:

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I’m just one of those players that people complain about. Throwing stupid money at the game (hundreds/mo not thousands) and I made a commitment to my old lady to cut the spending down to 50/month…

S2 portal seems like the best deal, even if I have all the 4* I want. I have most of 2018 HOTM, but its the 2017 HOTM I am missing. Kage looks awesome, and I’m in search of something OTHER than Quintus to take up my tabards (have khiona, boss & panther @ 4t) … but MN exclusivity (and elusive nature) is tempting.
I have 4 evelyn, though, so if I have additional tonics (already 4t one) then I should spare addl tonics for addl Evelyn…

but I want the old lady and a taste of that porridge…


I was in a similar situation, and opted for Mother North. I felt she fit in better to my roster, play style, and game objectives. The best green hitter I could pair with Evelyn was Berden, so that wasn’t that intriguing. I can be a bit overly-cautious at times, and Mother North fits into that paradigm. I enjoy wars the most, pretty much don’t care at all about the map or quests, go through phases where I feel like raiding is ‘mean’ and only fill my chests, and often feel like Titans are an obligation - though I’m coming around on that last part.

I will say that Mother North is immensely enjoyable. I have pulled out some fights that I was way behind on. I once had just her at 51 HP (though full mana) against 3 heroes. I ended up winning that raid, and my whole team was up at the end! I will also say I don’t feel another healer interferes too much. I often run her with Rigard, and many times have been able to time her revives so that Rigard then stabilizes the revived hero.

That said, I’ve since pulled Caedmon and have been bringing him up. I was curious to see what he could do with Evelyn, and have found that even with him at 3.some low number and Evelyn COMPLETELY UN-LEVELED, I can often beat teams 200-500 points higher. So I can see the impact of the synergy there. That said, I think that also reinforces my initial choice - I didn’t have Caedmon at the time I made the decision.

Random unrelated: you mentioned getting to 3700 in the Christmas event. What was your team power when you did it? I did up to 3400 while only around 3k, with minimal item usage, but then I stopped. I’m considering pushing to the telescope, but it’d be a significant world energy investment at this point, so I’d want to be relatively sure I can beat that stage. My team power is now ~3250 (with Mother North, of course).

I was around that TP, used mn wukong and Merlin to push me up. Used bombs axes spears and blue pots. Full specials before moving to next round. I think u can do it. I’m at 3450 and stuck at 3900 stage tho due to lack of time stops haha

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