Mother North for raids : tank ? flank ? side?

Dear all,

I did a 10 pull today and got mother north.
She seems to be super tanky and a strong healer with a great hero power.

My actual team is ( in order from left to right) :

Sartana - Evelyn - Boldtusk - Magni - Vivica.

It’s a satisfying team but sometimes I feel weak (both on offense and defense). Team power 2700 and I’m around 1150/1200 cups. I only play raids and just want to go as high as possible.

Could mother north replace evelyn ? should they play together ?

Other heroes I have in stock :

5 stars : Kadilen / Domitia
4 stars : Wilbur / Chao / Wu Kong / Kiril /Buddy / Merlin / Sonya / Skittleskull / Kelile / Sir lancelot / Cyprien / Boril / Little John / Sabina / Scarlett / Hu tao

I’m looking for a great raid team that’ll take me super high.

I am listening for your recommendations

as far as offense goes qhen raiding, you will.most likely need to cha ge your team based on opponent. I do my best to try and stay within 100 200 points for my attacks as usually, this gives me the best chance to survive a revenge attack. evelyn makes any green stronger especially qhen stacking and utilizing her buff and chained heal. there is no one super team to take you to the top it’s being able to mix and match per fight that will raise your trophies and war scores.

thank youkuchernbalzov

You have a solid D team there…towards your question if you swap evelyn for MN you have double heals…could be useful, but if you dont want double heals you need to figure out who replaces Evelyn AND Viv…right now you dont have a good 5* option though Chao and Wu could if you have them fully leveled.

And I agree with the previous caller…you have your D team and your offense pool of players…to modify a previous quote I read here, I believe from @Kerridoc who said, regarding Avalon “Richard will get you to the Top 100, Guin will keep you there”…your offensive pool of players will get you to the top 100, your defensive team will keep you there.

Toward your other point…MN IS Tanky…she has #2 Defensive Health in the game according to Razors Edge analytics, but Tank/Flank will depend on the make up of your team. I see most people using her on the flanks and im eager to see the first analytics with the christmas season heroes…

my two cents

Congratulation in your pull @Lel, Mother North is a great hero!
Id use this defense with your heroes
but as mentioned by Kucherbalzov to reach high cups you should have a great hero rooster to face different teams.


Thank you for your detailed answer, any website to check those analytics ?

hello fravita,

thank you : why no red ?

im looking for a team that will ultimately stay at he highest level possible for raids

Boldtusk could be a viable red but you already have Vivica and now even Mother North:
more than two healers isn’t a good choice for a defense.

Your other reds are Wilbur, not good for high level defenses, Kelile and Sir Lancelot, that are fairly weak compared to 5* heroes. If you had a good 5* red hero you could have swapped Domitia and rearanged the formation :slight_smile:

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thank you slingbow, gonna dig that

im gonna try to get a nice red asap, azlar or ares would be great

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Try for Santa in the Seasonal Summon

thing is I already got mother north and I feel like trying again for santa will result in almost nothing and I’d rather wait for an atlantis summon I think

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