Mother North or Evelyn

This December we are blessed with 2 highly sought after green 5* but many or most are not blessed with so many tonics. If you only have 6 tonics, who would you give it to?

Really hard to chose for me
Evelyn is awesome for blue titans
Mother North for defence and raid(probably)
Both specials can work good on 3^70
I really like def debuff so I will chose Evelyn BUT if I haven’t any healers I will go With Mother North first.
Sory for my english I’m still sleep :wink:

Evelyn. Most versatile.

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i have a similar problem: Alby, Zeline and Evelyn. only one can get the gatorades…
my other 5* are Panther, Magni, Drake, Tarlak and Zimkitty. I have Aeron, Athena, Inari at 3/70 and i can go all the way with all of them
Which would you choose?

I would love to share you problems especially from @Kor1sco and @Radar1.

It is my 1st time owning a 5* hero “green” Nature & ending up pulling Mother North & Evelyn. I started working on Mother North, but not sure which of the 2 heroes is a priority or better. This a picture of my main team & was thinking to replace Dalilah or Drake. Any advice will be appreciate it!


You have delila and red hood already so sart upgrading Evelin

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My opinion is:

12 tonics: up both
6 tonics: Evelyn for titans and MN for raids

MN ain’t bad for titans except for the minion attacking animation. Bring mana pots for MN on titans.


Evelyn over mother north and it’s not even a tough choice.

I’m not sure I agree. Regardless of the MN vs Alby debate, it can be said that MN is in the same ballpark as Alby (some say better, some say worse, some say depends on the usage). So if Alby is a must for most, why wouldn’t MN be a must? Most would say Alby over Evelyn… so I feel that MN over Evelyn would be the correct response. I’m curious, as I have yet to get MN, but do want her as I don’t have Alby (only been playing 3.5 months) but have picked up Evelyn (x2). I’m learning as well, so this is just my interpretation of what i’ve read so far.

Edit: Unless you are referring specifically to the team that is already assembled above… then I understand Evelyn being the go girl, as the above player already has a decent healer in Delilah. But if a player didn’t have a advanced healer… then would ascending MN over Evelyn make more sense (back to what I said above).



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Evelyn really shines when paired with one or more other green heroes. If you’re going to be running her as the only green, a lot of her value is lost.

OTOH, I’d never raid with three healers.

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I’ll trade both of my albies for evelyn. No second thought about it. Just take em and give me that blue titan slayer lol

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Do you have a take on what I just said? I agree with what you just wrote, and have followed a lot of what you have said in this and other posts for the last few months (I finally made myself an account). In my situation, I don’t have a healer, nor a great Earth player. Running Hanzel or Cabin Boy Peters, with Hel, Drake, and Boldtusk… powering up Ares at the moment and then a random Rumple (not going past 3-70) or Grimm (not maxed yet). Did grab evelyn, so I’ve started working on her, but really want MN. If I was to get MN, who would you max, Evelyn or MN?

Thanks in advance.

Interesting… Why is that?

Be glad you have something to choose from, 10months playing and all I’ve gotten is 3x horghall for 5star greens. I have the materials…no one to spend it on.

Because i rarely use alby. I’d use evelyn a lot more in events, raids, titans, and wars. Would pretty much be a daily part of my roster. Alby rarely sees game time outside of my defense team. People bring alby to a match expecting to lose, i always plan to win, therefore he just sits there collecting dust lol


I’m voting with Rigs on this. If I had to chose between them, Evelyn gets my vote.

In part this is driven by the current meta, which keeps speeding up. I appreciate that SGG is trying to slow it down with all these minion-casting heroes, but a fast hero tends to perform better than a slow. Moreover, Evelyn is possibly the single best HotM of 2018. I’d go with her; against blue titans, joined with Hansel. Peters, Grimm and Boldtusk you are going to do a LOT of damage.


I think an argument could be made for either however it depends on the status of your account. I have alberich already so evelyn I felt was best suited to improve my account. They suit almost complete opposite interests so of you have to choose then decide where you need to improve. Another key factor for me deciding would be that mother north is slow mana.

This is just my personal opinion but I would do evelyn and replace drake on defence then move delilah to the tank position.


So the obvious comparison to make between Evelyn and MN is mana speed and ability. Evelyn is fast MN is slow. Evelyn hits, MN heals. Evelyn is the only nature debuffer in the game, MN is one of two necromancers in the game. So now effectiveness of ability. MN I feel isn’t very effective in most aspects of the game due to the low HP revived heroes come back with and they miss out on the heal. Also her revive is wasted if you’re winning the match anyways, and if you’re losing I’m just not confident that she will help you make much of a comeback. Not consistently. She brings back your heroes quite weak. The minions are nice but I think her revive ability is nearly negligible so you’re just looking at a slow mana healer. Whereas Evelyn will be a staple hero in every green stack ever. Evelyn will be on your team if you’re running more than one green and she will be amazing. Titan slayer, blue raid defender crusher, and if you ever plan to compete in events in 5* category, GOOD LUCK if you need a green stack for a level and don’t have her leveled. Guaranteed if green stacks are winning legendary category you’ll see lots of Evelyn in the top 100 and approximately zero MN give or take.

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