Lianna or Mother North?

I need help trying to decide where my tonics should go.

I’m c2p and do a bit of everything.

On one hand, resurrecting minion healer. On the other, one of the best snipers in the game. (On the third hand… Horghall? :rofl:)

I’ve got Vivica at 4/36 and rising, and Magni at 4/80/2. There’s also a Marjana getting leveled that I’ve already got rings for.

My other 5* are Aegir (and I’m glad I kept him now), Onatel, and Leonidas. I can only take them to 3/70 at the moment.

I’m stuck in analysis paralysis.

While many sniper / attacker heroes available on game. Ressurector heroes only 2 which is MN and alby. Go for the rare one.

I went Lianna in your same position, and I don’t regret it. MN is great and highly effective even at 3/70. Lianna NEEDS to be 4/80 to be great.

MN: Offense 3/70; Defense 4/80

Lianna: 4/80

Depends on what you are aiming for. MN is good enough on offense at 3/70 but just ■■■■ poor at defense without maxing her stats.

Lianna is one you will never regret upping as she can be used practically in every aspect of the game.

Raid defense however, MN is superior in the left wing @ 4/80.
Lianna is capable of killing from anywhere.


@afrazier nice dilemma! I’d do MN and camp her large butt in your defense left wing. Even if she doesn’t fire, it’ll take several hits and skills for your opponent to spend to kill her. This buys your other heroes a few extra turns.

I had similar dilemma, first between Eve and Lianna.

Then again between Alby and Lianna.

Now third time around and dilemma between Hatter and Lianna.

Idk if it’s because of Eve, Lianna is pretty lethal even at 3/70.

Mother North, Onatel and Aegir works well together… I would do them.

mother north!! she’ll save you a lot of times!!

What @AirHawk said :sunglasses:

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if you feel you need more firepower, I’d go Lianna. But otherwise Mother North is the better choice… she’s that good!

Resurrecting is very helpful in tough campaign maps, and you’ll want her to live as long as possible for the resurrecting to happen.

MN has a very special special-skill. (yes, that was intentional wording).

Eventually you will max both. You may get more mileage from Lianna first since Vivica is already in final ascension and can act as your healer while you bring Lianna up. Not sure where your Marjana is in the leveling process (how close to final). Since Onatel is the natural successor to Vivica and you can only get her to 3-70, it also pays to wait on MN until Onatel can move up.

Not sure how to best pair Magni and Aegir. Aegir is your tank, right? You don’t want another blue in flank but you waste Magni’s buff if he is wing.

My thinking is something like this:
Lianna - Magni - Vivica - Aegir - Marjana

I am not a huge fan of Vivica as tank since she can have tiles dumped on her with no repercussions at the beginning of the battle.

Onatel can join once MN replaces Vivica but MN on left wing and Onatel tanking. So then choice is which sniper to take out if you go that way (Lianna perhaps due to color).

None of these are ideal since you aren’t putting the best color next to your tank (yellow tank a purple flank is optimal).

Feel free to disagree strongly with my reasoning.

Mother North…

I wouldn’t bother so much with Magni being into the corner, the real trio is
Mother North + Aegir + Onatel

He could just act as a normal sniper and still be an excellent hero but a quick purple hero as Sartana / Kageburado / Victor / Seshat would be an easy replacement.

You have more “tactical” hero then snipers, and both Vivica and MN are clerics.

The logic should tell me Lianna, but still that resurrection and healing is really handy.

I vote Mother North.

Thanks for the insights everyone!

Definitely seems like people are leaning towards MN, and rightly so. I’ve had a raid or two turn on me when she goes and rezzes the rest of the board. Between Magni and Marjana I’ve got sniping covered already.

Marjana is at 2/58. I’ll ascend her to 3/1 today, then focus on leveling Onatel from 2/1 to 3/1. That will take me a few days. Aegir will be a while to max since I have no scopes, but he’s at 3/something, as is MN.

I’m not sure who will make up my defense team once MN and Marjana are deep into their 4th ascenscions, but I don’t think Aegir or Onatel will contest Wilbur and Proteus (already at 4/70/+) for a while.

It’s just weird to look at my roster and think “yes, the right move is to focus on yet another healer”. (I have many 4* healers. Great for wars.)