Who should get the tonic?

Hello I have only 6 tonics. I need advice on who should get the tonic between Evelyn, Morgan Le Fay and Mother North. Thank you

Evelyn is going to make even a 3/70 mother north and a 3/70 morgan la fay stronger.


Next 6 – Mother North.

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Morgan (if you have Al) or Mother

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Don’t have Alby yet but got vivica

I think mother is the most rounded hero…great both in offense and defense :wink:

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It depends on what role you need filled.
I am working on Evelyn ahead of Morgan but don’t have MN so didn’t have to make that choice.
I personally would find MN the most useful for my team due to the resurrect skill, the exception is Titans where Evelyn shines and why she is ahead of Morgan in my team (she has also really helped in raids, fast defense down is truly excellent).

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