Should I ascended Alberich if I already have Mother North?

I already have Mother North fully ascended and am using her on my defense team. I just got my 6th tonic from a Mystic Vision (I couldn’t believe it either), and can now ascend another 5* green hero. Everyone says Alberich (he is at 3/70 btw) is also amazing and many prefer him over MN, so I was hoping to get some insight from people on whether it’s worth having them both ascended, or if I should use the Tonics on another green hero?

My other 5* green heroes that I could ascend are as follows:

Evelyn (3/70)

Tarlak (3/70)

The Hatter (unleveled)

Margaret (unleveled and likely staying that way)

Elkanen (unleveled)

Kadilen (unleveled)

Should I wait and hold them for another green I could pull down the line? I tried for Kingston but didn’t get him. The only other fully leveled and ascended green 5* that I have is Zeline. I’m also pretty content with Tarlak being at 3/70 because I have a fully ascended Ranvir and my alliance only fights titans around the 6 star range.

Alby works well on a war team… so I wouldn’t count him out just bc you have MN. However I don’t think I would prioritize him over Eve. She’s sturdy enough at 3/70 for the Titans you’re facing, but if y’all plan on moving up, you’ll want her maxed. She’ll make your other greens shine brighter too.


Thanks for the insight! I also have a ton of ranger emblems not being used so Evelyn just may be who I end up ascending!

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Eve is also a nice hero and if you color stack she will boost your hits. I love my Alby but I myself would not ascend him with MN topped out


Having one maxed resurrector is an amazing addition to your team. Having two is a luxury. You’d be better off adding elsewhere right now. Evelyn would be my choice, Tarlak second. When you have a few maxed green then look again at Alby.

Second vote for Evelyn. I have 2 of them. Partly for lack of other greens

Another vote for Eve. Albie is great, but MN covers what you need. Eve is incredible, a must have for killing green titans and taking out green tanks in raids.

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