Titan star drop

Hey there,

One of my ally member pointed out something I wanted to get confirmed.
So here is my question:

Why not hitting a Titan with a single low attack and be sure to always drop one star lower? Might be possible to even drop for example from a 13* directly to a 11*

The logic behind it is that the faster you kill a Titan, the sooner a stronger will appear, and the less dmg you do ones he flees, the more you drop down.

I found information in other posts that the less dmg you do to a titan when he flees, the less points you get
whitch is calculated by a pattern:

Points earned from escaped titan = (escaped titan star x 400/2) x %Percent killed
From this number we have to subtract 5% decay (whitch we get every day)

The other friend said that this number doesn’t affect titan star drop. Only matters for titan points that are part of the overall strength of the alliance, alliances in the top100 sometimes look at it. And that dmg done to titan when he flees is irrelevant to titan star drop.

Where is the truth?

Have a look at this it may help.

I don’t see a clear answer there, so i made my own topic

This may have some clues into dropping titans, iv seen a post before about someone saying what they did I’m not 100% sure if it that thread. so I apologies in advance if not,.

Sry, but again i don’t see anser to my question

Just to clarify, you’re asking not how quickly you can level up titans, you’re inquiring about the opposite. How quickly can you drop titan level?

Less damage on an escaping titan = quicker titan level drops


The % of damage to an escaping titan does not lower titan level.

Hope they help - else you could tag @moderators, who may have seen what you’re looking for :thinking:

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yes, that’s exactly what I’m asking

I hope the threads I linked were useful, else I don’t know the answer to your query. :woman_shrugging:

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