Unfair treatment in the Path of Valor re defeating TITANs

I would like to complain a little bit about the framework in the Path of Valor re TITAN Valor Challenges. As far as we undertood the data a total of 46,750 points is required to catch all rewards and a total of 48,750 points can be achieved on the path. Thus resulting in reseve of 2,000 points. The last stage in the challenge defeat TITANs offers 2,200 points for successfull victories against 9 TITANs. A total of 35 victories within the 50 days is required.

Therefore all challenges on the TITANs have to be met in order to manage the final stage 50. Obviously it is much more difficult to defeat TITANs on lv 13*/14* than on 2* TITANs.Some players are dicussing to leave their alliance temorarily to defeat easier TITANs. I think this doesn’t make sense fromn the view of the alliances and can not be the intention of smallgiants. The whole path is more or less about collecting victories etc. following the normal way of the game. But the TITAN challenge is different: the Titans become on each of the 35 battles stronger and it is very likely to lose a fight. And in higher levels it is often required to use some mats which makes collecting the valor points much more expensive. This makes it much more difficult on higher levels. In comparison the challenge defeat enemy heroes generates in stage IV for 300 enemies 2400 points which is much easier than to kill 9 13* TITANs.

To my view a solution could be weighting the points reflecting the respective TITAN level.


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I think, some alliances even will found a 2nd one at a titans half time to fulfill that mission.

250 points less for the last milestone would be very kind and wouldn’t force trickish behavior.


Discussing, no everyone is doing it. Half the alliance members are popping in and out every day. Its annoying.


Let’s do simple math. 50 days needing 35 titans. Meaning you can miss 15 titans in 7 weeks. So basically you can let 2 go a week and still complete it. Or you can let 5 go at once and run a nice string then let some go, or you can merc and come right back allowing people to meet new people at all points in the game, allows veterans to help teach new players, and allows veterans to prove they are true players and not just wallets with a mouth.

The titan challenge is made for players in all categories as is much of the other valor challenges. If you not willing to work together for these types of things your alliance wont be able to hold together to make it to the upper echelon. Being in the very top,
I dont know about, but I do know about being very close to there and the bond and teamwork our alliance has to have to maintain that. A lot of the top people have brother and sister alliances to carry one another. Which makes leaving to merc a lot easier as you have more people with information. P.O.V. is just what gamers wanted and needed along with the weekly raid tournaments which, with just a tad better loot, can be the second huge win this year. We now have plenty to do with all these heroes and the benefits simple outweigh the consequences by a mountain. This really helps the guidance of getting like minded players together and helps the whole community and man we definitely need it right now.



Not beating every single path of valor mission to its completion or not reaching the reward level 50 does not discourage me from getting as many rewards and having as much fun completing the missions as I’ve been having.

It’s nice to have another obtainable goal, but it doesnt mean it has to be obtained to enjoy the game.


Thank you for that. Most alliances should be able to finish that requirement then because the titan strength assigned is only relative to the strength of the alliance. Usually, titans fluctuate between levels that they can be beaten at by the alliance and levels where it’s a struggle. 2 missed titans a week is normal for most alliances with full participation. If alot of people aren’t hitting the titan, that’s where it’s an issue.

The only exception are newer alliances with newer players. They may not even see a 6* titan in 50 days, in which they must do the best they can.


I don’t get OP’s point.
35 out of 50 lets the alliance skip almost every 3rd titan.
So just keep killing your usual titans in high level alliances. I don’t see how it’s difficult.


After this path wraps up, gonna be some skipped Titans.


Well I DID learn not to just make the knee jerk decision to spend money on PoV as it’s really not worth 10$ no matter how you look at it.

Sure it’s fun, and I’ll continue to participate but I won’t be donating any money towards it as the so called “premium” rewards are far from “premium”


I think they might have thought the Titan path would promote stronger alliance play but it’s actually promoting more Merc play…some players bounced Titan to Titan and already have that path finished…kind of disappointing imo, so I agree, that path isn’t the best idea


That one goal does not worry me as much as the tournament goal which is still unknown (how many battles do you need? Should I be continuing at a certain point?)

This one does worry me too some. I looked at our logs and we win at a rate of about 70% (last 20 hit this exactly). Well guess what - 35/50 is 70%. I’ve been in the same alliance for over two years but I’m tracking this. Towards the end, If I need a titan or two, I will be looking at homes to land in for a bit.

I will also have to time this out with a war chest. Do I stat award or a series? Jump in and out to not lose war? Things to consider.

I’m not necessarily upset about this. It may force me to play a little differently, but is that’s bad thing? I’m probable capable to play at a higher level and this could give me the bump. Or I may go down to just kill a titan and visit some more casual. But this is all for the future.

I better blur this before my alliance sees :wink:.


There are pros and cons to this challenge. The +: allows small alliances to kill their titans, to raise the level of their titan by benefiting from the help of mercenaries and therefore to be able to progress in the titan challenge.
Allows you to meet many players who did not leave their alliance.
The -: a lot of back and forth in the alliances, filling system of the titan challenge which benefits the mercenaries (in speed). The titan challenge is not in the spirit of the game in the sense of loyalty to an alliance.
But hey it’s new, and may be improved later, let’s be forgiving for the first edition of the way of courage.
But what solution can we offer if one is needed?


Don’t think it’s a bad value.


Obviously, that can’t be accurate because the total gem possibility with the pass at total completion is 550, but there are also two 4* ascension items as opposed to one.

I have a summary of the rewards here: 🧭 First Path of Valor Log and Discussion – Starts February 3

And there are 700 gems from Valor Pass, when counting both the 400 in the Milestone Rewards, and the 300 that come with purchase of Valor Pass.

I think they were just identifying the Premium Rewards.


The titan challenge is not in the spirit of the game in the sense of loyalty to an alliance.

I feel this actually helps the loyalty as people who really want to complete it will work with people who do In a manner to benefit them and there alliance. As the numbers show a regularly active alliance shouldnt have any trouble getting this done, the ones with constant no shows or people disappearing for weeks at time, the fact that people wont pull together to complete a common goal for everyone will get people to move to places where they will be more at home and around more like minded players which is what all of us want upon starting the game.


I should have left out the 3* ascension mat so as to only include valuables

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If I don’t make the last reward because my alliance misses some titans, then you can bet your balls that I will NEVER buy the valor pass again. It would be a killer blow to their money stream if this isn’t achievable to the masses.


Why not drop a few stars the play catch up, rather than lose valuable players trying to complete Valor…go down a couple and work your way back up…35 titans, 50 days…you can literally do 15 skips…but some alliances are so hung on status that they’ll lose members just to stay within a certain range…like no cup dropping etc…Those raid mission are easy as ever if you drop down to bronze silver arena…so are the titans…

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You can’t drop that fast on titans…and you’ll advance back up quickly.