Help about Titans and more info

What is the parameter to match war?
How many titans we need to defeat consecutively to up 1 star?
How many titans we need to let escape to down 1 star?
If we defeat quickly a titan, Will give us more ally points?
Does the element influence the points earned?
If we defeat 8 stars titan, how do we calculate earned points?

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But if you keyword search each ot those things, you’ll find your answers and more

  1. For matching in war the games uses your alliance war score. You find it by pressing the question mark next to alliance score on the alliance page. Also, the game takes into account how many teams are opted in.

  2. There is no fixed number of titan kills to move up. It depends on speed, strength of the last Titan (multiple levels within a star), and a RNG element.

  3. Usually one or two escaping, but there is a RNG element here as well. Also the fact that there are multiple tiers inside each star level.

  4. Not sure about more alliance points

  5. I doubt element effects points earned.

  6. Not sure I understand the question.


thank you guys

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what does mean RNG?

  1. I mean, Alliance total points is a sum of all trophy and titans. How do you calculate titan points? If we defeat 8 stars titan, how many point we gain as ally?

RNG = random number generator, almost every aspect of this game uses randomness to some extent.


As for point #6, I have never given it much thought, but as @Rigs started above there are topics in this forum for everything you asked. I’m sure someone has collected data on that at some point. Try searching Titan score in the search bar. If I have time later I’ll try to find something.


There’s 1 less search you can do


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