Titan score decreasing

I did not find a clear % for titan score decreasing in the forum
It seems for me that it is 5%/day if you don’t hit the next titan
Is it more complex ?

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I think @Revelate calculated it as just a 5% reduction in your titan score each day.
On a missed titan you will receive some points to your titan score. The % damage done on it at time of escape will affect the amount of points awarded.

Yeah unfortunately I never nailed down the exact scoring on an escape.

Basic titan scoring where T = Titan Level

Win: T x 400 = points received (I once saw a difference where it seemed like we got 3990 but never could replicate that, and the interface is buggy as hell for titan scoring anyway).

Ex: 8* kill, 8 x 400 = 3200 points agained.

Escape (approximate) = (T x 400)/2 x %Percent killed.

Ex: 8* escape, 60% killed = (8 x 400)/2 = 1600 * .60 = 960 points gained.

Titan decay, 5% of current point value: never saw any variation in this and is exact as for versions 1.6-1.8 at least.

That was the best I could do, the escape values were always slightly off but the numbers came out awfully close every time to that.


Thank you Revelate! (for the post and the work!)

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Thanks. Very helpfull

Do you know when exactly in the day is applied the decreasing of 5%. Is it synchronised with the titan?

No, I’m not certain what it’s tracking. I tried a couple things but basically what I would suggest if you’re trying to diagnose it is tracking:

  1. Titan spawn time (this is fairly easy)
  2. Titan death time (little harder, phone notifications for titan spawn / loot probably solves the processing delay)
  3. Titan score decay time, this one’s the pain in the ■■■.

Do this for a couple weeks and should be able to pinpoint whether it’s synchronized to some titan spawn or kill, or as it appeared the other day might just happen every 24h but I doubt this one personally.

As near as I could tell it happened once a day… something to try to track but I’m trying to reduce the amount of time I’m spending in game currently, but I’m confident alliances don’t decay at the same time period so it’s probably something individual to the alliance in question and some spawn or kill would make sense.


Revelate i must say that your formula for titan escaping fits perfectly my stats for the moment. Thanks again


Thank you for the confirmation!

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to fit perfectly your formula you must round the calculation but not the ratio of damage in %. There is also some variation depending if the 5% decay is before or after the titan gains. I also encountered some case where we had two victories without a decay between them

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the calculation of titan score is very important because it can help to define strategy for titan score. For example it may be better to let go a titan after hiting him at 99%

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Appreciate the additional information to make my numbers fit, thank you!

Decay appears to be on a fixed 24h cycle; what it’s fixed on I don’t know, Alliance creation time perhaps?

Both 7dd and HHR I know have gotten 2 kills within the 24 hour cycle, and our scores spiked way higher than usual as a result… should happen occasionally since 23h spawn cycle vs. 24h decay cycle.

For titan score optimization, I can’t see any place where you wouldn’t want to maximize your score (i.e. kill) on any given titan… that whole (T*400/2) means we’re throwing away half the points off the top for an escape vs. kill regardless of the kill percentage.

Am I missing something in the math there?

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Hello revelate,
I made an excel to calculate the score on titan depending on several scenario for my team and it shows non intuitive results.
Of course I am not talking for top alliance who can beat 10* in 26 minutes…:slight_smile:
But most alliance will find a ‘too hard to beat titan’ at one time. So the objective for the score is to minimise the number of titan escape and when you meet one try to minimise the lost.

For example if you can only beat one 8* with difficulty then it is better to beat him to 99% and kill the next one that should be a 7* instead of killing him and let go the next one, another 8 more difficult, at 50%

More generally you should always stop at the titan Preceding the one you won’t be able to kill and beat him at 99%

We follow this strategy in our team thanks to your formulas and found that way alternative scenario that leads to the same titan score after x days with less efforts for the team (especially useful when the titan ends during the night)


That way i can calculate several scenarios for the next 5 days. Thank you again so much for that revelate

Interesting; I think I see a problem with your calculation though.

For sake of the argument say you can kill any 7*, and you can kill one 8* but not 2.

You’re right if you do say

7 / 7 / 7 / 8 escape / 7 / 7
7 / 7 / 7 / 8 / 8 escape / 7

As while you drop 400 for the 7 vs 8 kill, you can gain more than that on the escape assuming reasonable metrics on that second 8 scenario.

The problem comes in is you don’t always drop like that.

You might get 7 / 7 / 7 / 8 / 8 escape / 8 which makes up the difference if you were doing another 7* on that first illustration

Or you might get 7 / 7 / 7 / 8 / 9 escape / 8

Or a couple other versions, and any additional titan level adds 400 to your base calculation score and that skews things in favor of just killing every titan you can. Would be interested in seeing your more detailed analysis on it.


We are at about 40k on titan score
Meaning -2k/day. In net amount:

  • a 7* killed makes +800/d
  • a 8* killed makes +1200/d
  • a 9* killed makes +1600/d (but infeasible for us for the moment)
  • a 8* beaten at 99% : -400/d
  • a 9* beaten a 50% : -1100/d

If we follow the ‘usual’ way we would get 8 8 8 killed, 9 at 50% (and most team get rid before 50% in that case), 8 8 8 9 50%
= +5000 in 8 days

But if we choose :
8 8 8 99%, 7 7 8 8 8 99%
= +5600 with far less effort

In fact we beat then the 7* in less than 12h and i still don’t know why but it’s 2 times in 7 days that we don’t get a 5% drop between 2 titans…making a 7 worth +2800 which is even better for the score

Of course it depends of your titan score. But the goal would be to minimise the rhythm of failed titan and choose exactly which one you want to fail beating him at 99%

Ah wait a second, your scores for escapes don’t look right.

It’s (T * 400)/2 for escapes: you lose half of the kill score off the top, that’s then multiplied by the percentage.

The maximum possible score you could get for an escape would be bounded by 2k (best possible escape score on a 10*) which is your loss per day at 5% of 40k so you can’t possibly be increasing those days?

9* escaped at 50% would be 900 points positive, minus the 2k / day roughly. -1100
8* escaped at 1% (napkin math) would be <1600 points, minus the same 2k/day. -400 best case.

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Revelate, then maybe it was a small typo here?

Shouldn’t the last line include (8 x 400 / 2) or (8 x 200) ?

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You are absolutely right on that my bad didn’t catch that :slight_smile:

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You are right. My Mistake on 8* and 9* escape. I will modify directly the initial note

The result is even better