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With the introduction to the “Path Of Valor” promotion, a lot of things have changed. My alliance is now obsessed with killing Titans. So much, so we are recruiting Titan killers from the global chat. For a lot of the alliance members this is very exciting and rewarding. But, for the lower level members, I am concerned about the tiers of rewards in which they are receiving.

Question: If I am used to performing tier “A” damage on a 4 or 5 star Titan, and now I am performing “C” or “D” level damage on an 8 star Titan, are any of the rewards I expect to receive on 8 star Titan equivalent to what I would receive on the 4 or 5 star Titan?

Common sense would tell me that rewards on a higher level Titan would be better than those on a lower level. But, on an 8 star Titan which was defeated today, I performed “C” level damage, and received about 100K in food, and 34K in iron. This in my opinion, is piddly twatt (at least the iron is)!

And, please assume that I am not a rocket scientist, and that I need things broken down into simplest terms for me. Some of the explanations I’ve read here I’ve had to go over 3 and 4 times to completely understand what they were saying. Complete? Yes. Straightforward? Not always.

The answer is in this topic: Titans: Grades, Loot Tiers, and You

But I’ll give you the TLDR:

A+ rank on a 5* titan = Loot Tier 8
C rank on an 8* titan = Loot Tier 8

So as long as you maintain C rank – which is at least 1% of the Titan’s HP in damage – you will get the exact same loot tier as you would getting A+ rank (1st place) on a 5* titan.


Titan reward tier is calculated based on level of titan and damage tier in this way:

  • A+: Titan-Level + 3
  • A: T-L + 2
  • B: T-L + 1
  • C: T-L
  • D: T-L / 2, rounded up

So a 4* titan, on A damage, would be tier VI (6); for an 8* titan on C damage, it would be tier VIII (8). So you’ll get better rewards on an 8* at C than a 4* at A (or even A+). But avoid D, because that will drop significantly: on an 8* with D damage, you’ll only be at rewards tier IV (4): worse than you were on 4*s.


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