Titan Damage


I was always wondering, why other Alliance Mates with weaker Heros, made more Damage.
Then I saw a Video on Youtune from Seven Days Departed and I realized: “Hey, there are
special Skills, that can make a huge difference!”

These Cards reduce the Defense of an Enemy and are mostly blue.
Then something like Wu Kong, his skill increases your attack power.

There are certainly more cards, wich influence your damage.

And before you start the fight, activate the special skill with Mana Flask.

I’m pretty sure, a healer make no sense, its probably better to take a damage dealer.


Boldtusk and kiril help a lot mate, the buffs they give can add lots of points.
Also some of the 4* helears have massive base damage.


Yeah, true but Boldtusks Buff lasts “only” for 4 Rounds and he gives "only 48% and Kiril gives you 30% for only 3 Rounds and not 185% for 5 Rounds.
So, if I have the choice, I would take Wu Kong istead of Kiril or Boldtusk.


Giving all the other heroes special and tiles 48% damage boost for 4 rounds is in many cases more effective than straight damage like liannas. Also depending on what level of titan you are up against the healing can be useful aswell to save items or just being able to focus on items that add damage.

I think in general you do lots of the damage against titans with tiles rather than specials. So a combo of added damage and lowered defence is effective. Wu is troublesome since he also blinds your own heroes. After recent update blind has become stronger which is a nerf to wu.

Because if this Wu is a gamble and you will find you get really high and really low results. I am not sure he is worth it compared to other strategies when looking at total damage. Usable of course if you want to try and raise your personal best one hit. :slightly_smiling_face:

Another strategy is to focus on bringing lots of heroes of same colour that matches the titans weakness. I’ve attacked green titans with full red team a few times with good result.

I find I like using heroes that add damage but also helps with sustainability. I like using joon since he keeps titan blinded (stronger than arrows), I use Athena or pulveriser hero to keep defence lowered and I use bold to keep attack boosted. If I had a hero like scarlet that kept titans attack lowered I would prob use her aswell.

This above is good team to do good damage without needing lots of items. If I want to bring out the guns I might switch it up a bit and use mana potions at start of fight and use tornadoes during.


What Evan said is spot on. In a game where the board is a gamble always do you really want to add a second gamble?
Wu when he works is great, but he when sucks you’re better off 4 hero’s no wu.
He is the only hero in the game to give your whole own team a debuff.


Okay, make sense. Didn’t think that Wu’s Debuff can be so crucial.
Thank you for sharing that!


Or when the board sucks you just don’t use him till near the end where it doesn’t really matter anyway; which I guess would be 5 heros, 4 specials > 4 heros 4 specials.

Wu isn’t a fire and forget skill, my average damage has gone up with him but when I’ve used him badly I’ve gotten some laughably poor results too.

Then again my hero development is frankly poor compared to the top people in my alliance, did get a second quality blue this month (even if it wasn’t what I had originally wanted haha, ah well always nice to be surprised by something flatly better just so rare that it wasn’t expected) so perhaps when I do get better development driving my average score up, Wu might not be as an attractive option.


I am permanent user of wu cong + Athena in all titans fights. Point is in not using his skill until you have combo ready to fire. His attack stats match 5* so just by having him, yellow tiles hurt. When i have chance to create crystal or start combo, i fire others specials, hit with few tiles to reach max of Athenas defense debuff and then after wo congs special, i can start the fireworks.