Help making a great team for titans

i have made great damage on titans. now we are having 6* and 7* titans. the ideea is i cannot make more damage than 15-16k. i used to make 20-25k. what is wrong. i am the strongest in my alliance and others make more damage with less levels than i have. these are my heroes
can somebody advice me how and who to youse. I tryed everything. thanks

Post your hero roaster pls, without seeing your bench, nobody can help you.

these are my heroes.

It all depends on the Titan’s color. I usually use a 2-2-1 or a 3-2 setup stacking strong colors against the titan. The key is Wu Kong, you should max him ASAP and use him no matter what color the titan is. You can do a solid team against green titans with a Lancelot (or if you max him, Gormek)-Khagan-GM center with Wu on one side, and on the other you can use whatever you want, i suggest a healer or an attack buffer. Same story for all the other colors, you pick 2 or 3 (depends on what you have leveled) strong color heroes, add Wu and a healer or buffer.

thanks Wu is yellow. if i have yelow with who can i replace?

7* yellow titan. i made 13k damage with this team, i used arrowes and bear banner as well. what is wrong with my team?

and this is not just bad luck because it is my 7 titan with not much damage. i tryed every combination between heroes

and i have combos as well that i think i just made a lot of damage. and at the end is 13k. this is a joke

i tryed with these heroes. i even used mana potion so i hit the titan well. and at the and i got 18k. i know using just one color is risky but i do not know what else to try
i am level 38 i did better on level 28. what is happening?

Try switching your troops. 4* troops give the best attack bonus but rigard has a very low attack stat so most of the bonus is lost, give the 4* to Domitia. And you wont go too far with an unleveled Wu Kong (maybe you picked the wrong one). Also try getting better troops for tiburtus and max him as soon as you can, his special is very useful.

now i see that wu kong is the wrong one. my mistake.
i cannot ascend the heroes because i do not have items for them. and i only have 1 peace of 4* troop

i am upset because i used to make 25-30k. and being the strongest in my alliance and now on titan i am the 8th and i am using all my titan flags