Best 4* Titan Teams - Classic Only

Assume: You’ve got every classic 4-star, all maxed(no emblems.) Wu are you putting in your Titan team for each color?

Wu and Wilbur. The rest color stack.


Assuming classic Season 1 only, no Emblems, and duplicates available:

Green titans: Boldtusk - Gormek - Scarlett - Scarlett - Wu

Purple titans: Boldtusk - Grimm - Wu - Wu - Wu

Blue titans: Kiril - Grimm - Little John - Little John - Wu

Red titans: Kiril - Grimm - Grimm - Grimm - Wu

Yellow titans: Boldtusk - Tiburtus - Sabina - Sabina - Wu

The strategy on all of these is the same:

  • attack buffer/healer, in strong or neutral color

  • defense debuffer, in strong or neutral color

  • two highest attack stat in strong color

  • Wu


Ditto… Wu & Wilbur and colour stack the rest.


Thanks @zephyr1!
I’ve got
Green: 3 of 5
Purple: 4 of 5(3 Wu😂)
Blue: 3 of 5
Red: 4 of 5
Yellow: 3 of 5

If using Wilbur instead, as others suggest, even though not classic, would he replace Grimm/ Tiburtus? What other S2 4* would you substitute as they came available? I can edit post title if this is a misleading direction.

Also, would anything change to teams if instead everyone was 3.60? (other than damage of course.) Thanks again!

Wilbur is definitely a perma-slot on Titans like Wu, and can handle the defense debuff.

I wouldn’t replace Grimm, since he has a high attack stat.

But Tiburtus would be better replaced with a high attack stat purple in most cases when Wilbur is an option.

Proteus and Ameonna are excellent options for high attack stat purples.

Triton is a great option if you don’t have extra Grimms lying around.

Gadeirus is a plausible choice for Titans, the attack buff and HoT are both very useful in that context, even at Slow Mana.

I did assume you wanted to know only about Classic Season 1 heroes based on the title and post, otherwise I would have suggested Wilbur from the start at the least.

It would depend on Titan star level. Some of the heavy hitters are extremely squishy at 3-60, so I might skew the teams a little more toward survival on higher Titans.


Ok! Lots of work to do. But I am on my way. Thank you.

One more question. Is it worth leveling more than one Wu? In my case since I only have one 4 star holy(Wu, 4 of him) no other options, but for other players? Perhaps to stagger gamblers stance to have it always running?

I read you only need one Wu, but I’m thinking more than one would be great in Alliance wars as Wu would give extra damage (potentially) to take down tougher teams.

Wish I had had that epiphany before I ate my extra Wu. :crying:

Multiple Wu Kong can serve two purposes:

  • Stacking for tile damage — he has a high attack stat

  • Use on multiple War hits — but I don’t personally like him on Offense when I can avoid it, so this depends on play style; I wouldn’t be inclined to level multiple of Wu Kong for this, and somewhat fortuitously have only gotten one Wu Kong in 11 months

Using multiple on a team to keep Gambler’s Stance active is a plausible strategy, but probably not something you’d have a lot of occasion for to justify leveling multiple just for that.

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