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Hello guys, you may know me or The elemental chest loot project and just like a lot of us would like to know the loot of elemental chests, the same happens for war chests. That being said I’ll be running the same project idea for war chests with the goal of providing preliminary results with drop %s for war chests in the near future.

I only need you guys to please fill out the War chest survey using data from 100% participation war chests that you obtain from now.

I would actually prefer you to not use past data such at as to not bias the results.


Using a sample size of 69 chests, the following results are obtained:

As we can see, the number of gems is rather small and just around 25% of the times you get a titan flask, and around 64% of the time you get a trainer. You get less coins than in a elemental chest and just a bit more chances at 4* ascension mats than an elemental chest. It is possible to get 2 star battle items. This chest is the best hero token and emblems wise, however the difference is very small with respect to elemental chests, so probably as this one requires a lot of effort and time, rewards should be increased.

Next image will show possible results for the gems, emblems, coins and keys rolls:

Finally, to answer some questions:

  • Loot is only determined by the % participation of war chest, not by performance, points or time taken to fill the chest.
  • All elements of loot have 1 roll except for ascension items (always two) and Tokens (either two or one rolls).
  • This is a curious fact but interesting: War chests and titan chests only give titan flasks. Elemental chests give any kind of flask, whereas monster chests only gives WE flasks and raid chests only raid flasks. This info comes from the other projects.

Thanks for starting this project too :slight_smile:
I will post my results here too :slight_smile:

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Hi @PlayForFun thanks !
I suppose you mean posting your results by filling the survey (instead of posting screenshots here) as that way I do not have to put the data myself, and it is going to be easier for me to process the results !

Yes of course I will you post it to survey as I am doing it in the elemental project too :slight_smile:

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Do you have a preference for how many survey submissions you’d like for the same alliance & chest?

For example, if all 30 of us have full participation on the same chest, would you only want 1 survey for that chest or is 30 better? (Just keeping the math easy, I don’t really expect to get everyone on board :wink:.) Surely we’d all get different loot, but not sure what you have in mind.

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All the subsmissions you can do would be great!
I have some initial data gotten from my alliance helios and all of us get different loot (some get reset token, some others not, etc) So as many submissions as you can is the best!
The goal is to get initially something like 100 chests submitted (each 100% participation) such as to give preliminary results!

Right on, that was my guess but wanted to check. We just started a new chest so it will be a few weeks but I’ll see what I can do. Sounds like an interesting project.

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Thank you very much!
Appreciate the help

@ierazo; would it be worth adding a question for participation so you can collect data on more than just 100% participation?


Is there any possibility of setting up the text recognition for screenshots that Barry has going on for his farming project? I feel like that would be much easier than these forms, and would encourage better participation? I am not sure how difficult something like that is to do. In any event, I will start plugging in my data.


I have recorded loot from every normal & wanted chest from its inception. Never missed a war.
In all this time I received only 3 x 4 mats* (our win ratio is quite high.)
3* Mats from Wanted was common and extremely low for normal. I can post the results if you want it. If it wasn’t for PoV I would quit wars, the time vs effort is not worth it for me.

Thanks @Guvnor that is an excellent idea! Already did it :slight_smile:

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To be honest that would be a dream come true lol. Problem is I do not know how to implement the recognition system (I know some coding but not that much).
There are some small difficulties like the fact that some chests include only 1 roll of tokens whereas another 2, but I guess they have solved that.
Maybe @BarryWuzHere can help us? This would be of great benefit for the project.
You know who can teach me or help with this? Or where I can get resources to learn ?

Maybe the implementation would be easy if built in top of what you have already done!

Hi @Dragon.Whisperers , I also have tracked my chests a long time (over 400 in monsters, and raid chests) and I plan on submitting some results soon. With respect to your war data that would be useful I guess (or if you can send it to me via email to erazoignacio@gmail.com) but I am looking into a lot of data and I do not know how many you can feasibly have (as war chests do not come very often).
Any way, feel free to cooperate!
But I reiterate that data for this project must be from now on as to avoid bias in only picturing good or bad results and as some items have been introduced (like keys) in the past few months

I can’t help personally as I didn’t set up the OCR in my own project; Jakob set it up and runs it all for me. I believe he used some sort of pre-built OCR toolkit, which is the easy part … and then wrote some code that would parse the screenshots and figure out which ones came from the same run and extract all the meaningful loot information from it. (I’m sure that was the hard part…) @Hurriphoonado, I believe you are in the Line chat for uploads, you might ask him if he could do something to help.

In my case, I’m curious what is in war chest loot, like titan loot, but consider it kinda academic–I’m going to be in an alliance trying to win as many wars as possible, and kill as many and as big a titans as possible, no matter what the loot looks like. (As opposed to farming; I’ve got 144 flags of WE per day and I attempt to use them all, but where I use them is fully my choice; my farming project informs my choice of where to farm)


In that case how can I contact Jakob so I can exchange some words with him about this?
Otherwise the google form can make it work but I feel like the OCR stuff would make it way easier and more convenient for everybody (thus increasing the number of sample points)

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@PekaJ are you still in the forums?

If this doesn’t work, my Line ID is barrywuzhere and I can put you in touch that way.


Ohhhhhh, we’ve just started a new war chest. I’ll be back when the new one is full, with hopefully lots of data from my alliance - thanks for this.

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Would love an OCR solution. I tracked 4000 chests to date including Mystic. Also record Rarity, Colour, Loot tiers, grades, skip costs, etc, etc. It’s a tedious job that would save a ton of time on an already taxing schedule.

Do you mind if I share the link with my alliance?

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