Battling 5 star titans

Battling the 5 star titans is so hard. They say it has a chance for a material like a poison darts, royal tabard, etc. I worked so hard to beat it and i didn’t get that material. So frustrating and annoying. Is there a easiest way to beat it with attacks above 30k damage?

I have a few quick questions for you. 1) are you and your alliance facing rare titans or are they normal. 2) If you are facing certain element titans what heroes are you using? After these two questions myself and several others here on the forums will be far better able to help out.

Also @zephyr1 and @Garanwyn is there any way to quickly link the titan guides that are here. I am afraid I cannot,.

To the original poster these guides can really help regardless of titan star level and are a good brush up if you need a refresher for titan strategy in general. I hope these help.

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Titan loot is random, there is no guarantee to get any high level ascension materials. It is like tossing with the dice: if you do it enough times, you’ll get a 6. Titan loot and titan chests is a source of ascension materials, if you keep doing it, you’ll get something useful.

Rare titans has a chance for extra mats.

Good luck!


Looks like @SilverDragonR linked it, thanks! :heart_decoration:

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You want to make 8* titans your goal, since getting B tier against them pushes you to Loot Tier 9. That’s where you get 3 rolls for ascension mats.

Just continue powering up your heroes, it will happen eventually :slight_smile: stack as many heroes of the strong color against the titan, and bring attack buffers and defense debuffers.


I not sure if i’m fighting a rare titan but if i hit with its same element, it reflects damage. My heroes are Wu kong, khiona, gregorion, marjana, and misandra. I tried to use 2 or 3 of the element that is good against other element. The board game doesn’t give me the color for my team and i ended up <20k damage. I usually keep wu kong at all times and sometimes bold tusk on my team so i can boost up my offense and create more damage. Is this a bad combination? I’m so jealous of people having heroes like hel, aerial, etc. I don’t want to spend money on the game. I’m not having luck getting any special heroes.

If it is reflecting damage then yes it is a rare titan. Your hero combination seems okay, but it all depends on the element. If you are attacking a light (yellow) element rare titan then yes normal attack with a piece such as Wu Kong would reflect. What I would recommend is this try using a combination of 2,2,1 with the strong element and the other two neutral colors. I recommend dropping the weak element and the reflected element to my own alliance.

If you have any other questions after reading the guide linked by @SilverDragonR please feel free to ask. If someone doesn’t beat me to it I will try to help as best I can.

Thanks for the encouragement. I’ll try my best to past tier 5. My heroes are very strong but my alliance is weak. Hopefully my alliance gets stronger and plays everytime.

Thanks average joe for your advice. Hopefully i can beat the rare titans and regular 5 star titans.

My alliance fights 11-12* titans, we have a free2play co-lead doing nice damage on them. It’s a matter of patience and building heroes and skills. Money can speed up the hero growing part.

Try to practice stacking (taking 2-3 of the same color) in raids, without time pressure. There are also a lot of videos on YouTube on how to use the board when stacking, even for mono (all heroes are the same color).

Your alliance will grow ok if your mates are active.

Hello @bloodline206

Our alliance is probably at the same level at yours. We have started encountering those rare titans (the ones who reflect color) a few months ago and also it’s incredibly difficult for us to beat them.

I think the difficulties of these titans are their high attack stats, their special abilities usually hit 3 heroes (not all heores so the power is concentrated on 3 victims, making those specially more deadly) and their specials grant the titans a buff or debuff your heroes.

My tips are to read carefully what the special does and try to counter it (lets say it reduces defense, so bring turtle banners), and remember that reflected color will not stun the titan, even if you hit 3 in the weak spot.

Other than that, you’ll always depend on good boards.

We were able to beat only one purple rare titan so far for a chance on royal tabard. I was the A+ hitter and got nothing :frowning: but around 20% of the members got the item :slight_smile:

Best luck with those titans!

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