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Hey all,

Just hit a new personal record on a titan, got me wondering what the biggest single hit was everyone has done (and what the biggest one is in total). As I’m a merc I don’t care about rankings based on trophies, wish there was some sort of ranking system based on titan scores :slight_smile: My previous record was 53k on a 3* with items, but I managed a 78k hit on a 1* without items. I’ll try and throw the pic on here as well via my phone (edit: yay, i managed!) - happy to hear what others hit!

Cheers, Loorts


I frankly don’t know how much can I hit on these small babies.

Actually my best is a 40k strike on an 8*, and a 31,3k strike on a 9*.


I’ve seen Sour Patch Tid hit 62k. I’ll check on the *'s for comparison.

EDIT: That was on a 4*

Nice, those are some goodass hits! I’m sure I can improve, but difficult to figure out what the high numbers are since I can only see what people are hitting in the alliances i’m temporarily visiting :slight_smile: Nice to hear some benchmarks.

Its hard to compare like that. Since your damage is affected by the Titans defense and power to kill your heros. Like my currently max is 38k on a 5*. There’s no way for me to know how much that 38K would be on a 1* dragon with close to none defense and low attack.

Using a hit on a 1* to compare is as close as you get to cheating, lol

This is from tonight: 87k on a 6* by Sour Patch Tid: :sunglasses:

Daaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaamn! I really want to see his team now, show me all your secrets, do it!

You gotta ask him. He’s around Global here and there. :grin:

Guess right now it makes sense to add whether or not athena was used (at least in her current setup), from what i understand she can basically turn a 20k hit into an 80k hit

This is accurate. Depending on the titan, survivability, the amount of items used, and general board spawn, the addition of Athena is insane. I have her at max ascension 2, and typically hit for 70k on average. I’m quite certain I could break 100 in a single hit with the right circumstances. It’s not a matter of team setup or skill. It’s Athena, plain and simple. Expect her special to be nerfed in a forthcoming update.


What makes Athena’s skill so powerful? She decreases defense on the opponent. Does that mean you can decrease the opponents defense to 0 and hit much harder? I don’t have her and never faced her before.

Her defense buff seems to be exponentiaL, for context, I’ve added a picture of some of my lesser titan hits. If you get a massive chain following her special, it will do hundreds, if not thousands of damage PER HIT. That stacks up pretty quick.


Keep the hits coming guys! I don’t care which team you use to get them…all cards are valid and fair. :wink:

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Thanks for the pic & comments Tempest. I just hit a new personal record on a higher titan (don’t get to play with those too frequently anymore). Hit 57k on a 6* - without athena. May have gotten slightly higher if I used more items (ran out of most, so used 1 bear banner and some arrows) but apart from that this was pretty much a perfect board for me.

Fully agree with Rook! Interested to see all hits and with all teams, just figured an athena disclaimer would be nice haha :slight_smile:

What was your team loorts? 57K is amazing on a 6* titan without Athena.

Was a purple 6*, hit with grimm, gormek, joon, wu and melandor

Do we want to establish a standard here? State total dmg, state *'s, state team used? :wink:

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I know its small fry compared to some posts here, but I just hit my pb of almost 34k on a 6* mammoth. Using brienne, grimm, isshtak, skittleskull and rigard to keep em alive. Grimm and briennes specials are really effective whe used together.


Disclaimer: Athena was used. Also, one dragon was seriously injured in the making of this screenshot.

Edit for the proper new format:
8* fire titan
Athena, Sonya, Tusk, Joon, Hel

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Since I am not fortunate enough to get her, but would love a video to watch her in action to see why she does so much damage to fire titans?

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