Tips on AW?

We were thinking about a strategy for AW but it needs a fix or something to work…

We are a ally ( 20 aw players) from different strengths from 3300 to 4200. Our strategy was kill 10 weak opponents… wait for their returns, sweep and kill from low to high ( possibillity for a second sweep)

Reason for the waiting after the first 10 is to make use of the respawing time to kill them more.
Oure strategy gives us point between 3200 and 4000… but still we lose at the end…

We are thinking now to attack teams of the same strength… but that gives a lot of 0 to 15 points…

We like our ally… but we need a new strategy…
Any advice appreciated!

Attacking is only half the battle. Is your defense as strong as possible, too? Are you using a single, coordinated tank colour? Are you using 100% of your flags?

Are you colour stacking against their tanks, and their flanks?


Yes we have red tank as ally, we collour stack and we used all of our flags…

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Then you’ve got half the battle figured out. I’m sure the game experts here can offer some great tips!

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And knowing’s half the battle!


Here’s the ultimate tip, and a free one it is… No matter what you do, you won’t win them all, so, enjoy the road, forget the destination!


I think we are unbalanced… to much lower levels…
I dont mean they have to leave, but i figure a way to get them more resiliant (def +) and to make them to get more points.

Thx Ian… we figured that allready :slight_smile:
But if something we can do to improve our ally we will try that… !

There are lots of threads on this topic… We are inundated with generous players who share their expertise freely… Check it out


Thx… we will check this out!

If you can muster it, one of the best things you can do is have a coordinated time in the second half of the war when everyone is online. This helps avoid players coming online, finding no suitable targets, and spending their flags for few points.


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