Tips & Strategies for Alliance Wars (AW)


You’re right of course, another instance where it’s better to flee than fight.



One of the current Laws of War, heroes starting a battle dead, return to dead after the battle even if revived. Same with heroes HP at the beginning of a battle.

Especially with Field Aid (WR), I have mistimed my Flee and ended up fully healing the enemy, but their HP resets to before battle HP condition.


* Healing and resurrection are temporary during the War. If the health of a defending hero has increased when the battle ends, their health will be reset to the value they had when the battle started. (Linky,linky):


Warscore Manipulation (not matchmaking)

OK thanks that’s valuable info, I did not know that.
So you can’t really hurt your team, only have useless hits (which can be hurtful if the 2 alliances are close)

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As suggested by @EvilSmoothie, in this case you should stack heavily, if possible 4 or 5 heroes of same colour.
Try to choose an opponent with a tank against which you can stack heavily; the tank is the easier target so more likely you can cause any serious damage and if you take out the tank, at least you would have contributed to your alliance with more than just a few points.

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That’s actually the fun part of the war. If you know you’re going to lose no matter what, you can experiment with colour stacking.

We have a lot of fun using up our 3 stars or unlevelled 4 and 5 stars and are always surprised at how well they can do.

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Awesome advice Bertus! Posting the link in my alliance.

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Obviously in my case I want to attack the strongest.

Being the strongest of my alliance, I must attack those who can only defeat me, or at least do them the greatest possible damage.

If I attacked the weakest I would be disabling many of my companions



I’m amused you are answering me from 10 months ago. :wink:

My example was from real war. Clearly after months and months we all now have fallen into our own (new/better) war patterns.

I agree with you now, but wouldn’t have then. :slight_smile:

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Hi @Bertus these are wise and level headed words. I have been playing for only 3 months and love strategy but teamwork will win out (unless you get tile sludge), but really your most insightful point is Point H. Have fun enjoy the game and working with your friends, enjoy the discussion of how you will level up your favourite hero for the next AW. Encourage members of your team who have less than you - but just enjoy the game
I really enjoyed this piece - thank you

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I know I dont have lot from chooce from, but I think I’ll still ask some advice

Long my defence was
Carver, Gunnar, Cyprian, Azar and Wu Kong / Bane

Little read about, but not understanded game the law of subordination :wink:

Roster: (almost ready ones, or ready)

# Blue: Star Tier level
1 Gunnar 3 3 of 3 50
1 Karil 3 3 of 3 50
# Green: Star Tier level
1 Carver 3 3 of 3 50
2 Fraiar Tuck 3 3 of 3 41
# Purple: Star Tier level
1 Balthazar 3 3 of 3 50
2 Tyrum 3 3 of 3 44
3 Cyprian 4 2 of 4 8
# Yellow Star Tier level
1 Wu Kong 4 3 of 4 55
2 Bane 3 3 of 3 50
# red Star Tier level
1 Azar 3 3 of 3 50
2 Hawkmoon 3 3 of 3 50

Now I just wondering to change a little bit:
Wu Kong, Tuck, Cyprian, Hawkmoon, Gunnar

Just though that Tuck is helping Cyprian and Wu Kong, so it’s a little nit attacking defence…

I’m way of with my thoughs?



That defense is toothless. You have no hitters at all. Your opponent can just pound you with tiles with impunity.

I’d tr something like this: Tyrum, Carver, Gunnar, Bane, Hawkmoon, in that order. Get them all maxed. That won’t take any time at all. When you have Cyprian to level 3/60 or higher, you could put him in at tank, shift Gunnar to right flank and move Bane to left wing.

Wu is terrible on defense, so leave him for attacking only.

Tyrum gives you a dispel to remove opponents buffs before you attack. Carver gives you a mana cut. Gunnar helps your whole team survive longer. Bane applies an attack debuff, and Hawkmoon heals.



Like I said. I’m in a learning phase :wink:

Your roster seems very good now that I think of it. So my thinking “went to forest” and long.

Tyrum is maxed, and next I consentrate to Cyprian. I allso focus on Kiril, but I think he needs to be 3/60 to replace Gunnar…

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I think Kiril from 3-50 onwards can replace Gunnar.