AW scoring? Is it bugged?

Well… my first post on the forums comes down to a very simple question:

Is Alliance War scoring bugged? Or is there a glitch? Or perhaps a special bonus score for team wipes?

I’m asking this for a very simple reason:
My alliance’s last two AW’s, we had team wide wipes in the first volley (we’re not a big alliance, only 18 players on the field)… and in BOTH of the wars, the opponents score was higher than the available points from defeating ALL of my alliances defending teams. If this was a one off, I would have thought it was just a mistake on my part, but two AWs in a row, immediately makes me question it.

This, combined with the fact we have yet to win an alliance war, ever, has made us decide to turn off the AW and focus on titan killing and team building instead. Many of us do spend $ on the game, and it’s probably offset our team scores, as well as being able to destroy 5* and 6* titans routinely. The score issue was noticed by a couple of our more seasoned members right off the bat. We actually opted, as an alliance, to field ONLY 1* defense teams to see how limiting the points available would work in our favor. It did NOT. Infact, it was totally the opposite, with a 27 person alliance gaining over 4k in total points at the end of the war. The initial volley (and wipe) was over 1800 points.
With 18 fielded teams, all with 68 points, the total should have been 1224 points. Many of the attacking team players attacked our dinky teams TWICE to get the wipe, although I’m not sure why 5, 1* unleveled hero’s with 1* troops, would require getting hit twice.

Has anyone else seen this situation? Is there something WE did wrong to allow it? Is there a point bonus for wiping an entire defending team?

Thanks in Advance!
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Why people still keep doing 1* hero def setup is beyond me.
The total points available in AW are 1500 per team regardless of how many teams in def
So if each alliance sets ten teams then it’s 150 points per team or 30 teams irs 50 points per team. This is an average and obviously varies per team power. But if you all set 1* def this would be accurate give or take a few

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Thanks for your response, althought it really didn’t answer the question asked, which is how an attacking team got 1800 points in their initial volley, which is over the 1500 points you mentioned in your response.

However, what we didn’t know (shame on us for not ghosting the forums!) was that a team total is supposed to be 1500 points regardless of number of players, or team power. Makes it better to put a solid defense team up and force someone to actually work for the points.

I’ll remember that if we ever turn AW on again.

Hopefully, someone can explain to me how the oppossing team got so many points (even above the 1500) in their initial volley. We had this happen twice with the set up mentioned, so it’s either exploiting a glitch, or something jinky with points.


They killed all the teams in your alliance, which causes all teams to respawn(a reset).

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Thanks @KLinMayhem That I did not know, I will let my alliance know so we can plan accordingly for the next AW we are in!

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Sorry yes that was remiss of me not to mention the reset that would of occurred

Just to clarify on this, the most likely scenario is they wiped the board (gaining the total points of 1,500) and, since all teams automatically regenned, kept hitting for another 300 points. Unless you were there at the exact time they reset the board, you wouldn’t see the score at 1,500.

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(We also tried this once. Our opponents nearly scored 12,000 points.) :flushed::grin:

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