Hey guys just wondering if tc 13 is worth training?

Thoughts on training tc 13?

Definitely not. Don’t linger in there. Upgrade it to 20 ASAP.


I am having difficulty getting mine up past 13 (Ihave all 3 at 13).
It’s tough to concentrate on what… I mean, I gotta get those Iron Storage up to get my SH up, which is only at 17 right now. I still need to do 2 more Iron Storage upgrades so I can get my SH to Level 18…
TC has been bottom of my list personally. I am just using my 3 TC’s for feeding for now til I get my SH up, then will concentrate on the TC.

Why did SG make it so stuff takes DAYS to build, I mean come… :frowning:


If you do a lot of summons, you can use TC12 to store your food instead with less food leaking out. But if you need more 4* on your way to getting TC20, you can invest food in TC13. It doesn’t make a big difference though if you’re being quick about TC20. Approximately, for every one million extra food spent cf. TC12, you’ll have about a 50/50 chance of producing a Kelile instead of a Nashgar.


If you are VIP, it is very very worth, as I did before TC20, I stock all ham to TC13, so that I’m not overload food, and can manage ham easy by moving TC11 <-> TC13.

And now I’m doing it for TC20. I’m not too rush for getting new heroes because I already have so many todo to work to level, so TC13 and TC20 for me is for stocking ham.

EDIT: and also I hope to get 1st Sonya, 2nd Kiril, 2nd Rigard from TC13/TC20.


Not necessarily. I got 40 legendaries this year. I run 3 TC 20. Last one this morning, Khagan. 2 days ago Elkanen. The 5th Elkanen this year.

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It takes a long time to get to TC20 (consider building times and costs for storages + production sources) so it makes sense to research TC13 if you want a few 4*s on the way there. Researching doesn’t take any time away from building other things :slight_smile:

Emphasis on a few though… the odds of getting a 4* from TC13 are horrible. I only got Scarlett, Rigard and Boldtusk from it, during the time I spent upgrading my other storages on the way to TC20.

Also I would recommend only running one TC13 camp. Not more than that. It’s better to use your builders to keep your storages upgraded instead so you can get to TC20 faster. Whether you have VIP or not.


The odds are truly bad. My main got 1 4* in the 40 trainings before shifting to TC20. My alt with no VIP got 3 4* in about 60 trainings.


I concur with what others have said. I had three TC13’s parked and was working on other buildings. I thought that I would get enough 4*s to make some progress while I waited, but I got very little from them. Cyprian has been a huge help to me, but other than him, I got a duplicate Colen - maybe I got both of my Colens from TC13. And I just got a Boril on my penultimate TC13 training a week ago. I’m currently pushing a second TC to 20, and then I’ll follow with a third. The odds of getting something good are too low to depend on TC13 advancing your roster.

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It took me 6 1/2 months to get my TC20 up and running as a F2P. In that time I did 77 pulls on TC13 and got ten 4* (strangely enough 2 of each color): Wu Kong, Li Xiu, Boril, Kiril, Cyprian, Kelile, Gormek, Skittleskull, Tiburtus, Caedmon. Most importantly I had a 4* rainbow defense team fully leveled and emblemed by the time I pulled my first hero from TC20. Now this is considered very lucky from everything I’ve read on the forum and I did have sometimes when I went over a month without a 4*. I also had a week once I got 3 back to back. Personally I don’t think any F2P should pass up the opportunity for free 4*.


I built two camps to 11, two to 13 and ran them full time while I got Stronghold to 20, iron storages to 18, and food storages to 11 or so, all of which are required to get TC 20. Then I worked one of those TC13s up to 20. In the time it took for me to get there, I filled out my roster of 3s and got quite a few 4s to work on.

So yes! run TC13 full-time while upgrading buildings to get TC20 going. Now I run one TC at 20, two at 11, and one at 2. I have no shortage of 4* heroes to work on and recently pulled Elkanen. I haven’t started working on him yet though since I have so many 4s to build up for wars. My 4* team was enough to beat the Legendary tier of Avalon.


Depends on your luck. During the 2 months my tc13 was running, I got exactly zero 4*. It’s probably worth using, until you get to tc20, but you shouldn’t expect much. You will probably have better luck than me though.

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I recently removed all resources from TC 13 cause I only got 4* hero from it once in 2,5-3 months. Go ahead for TC 20, heroes drop rate is much better there. I got one 5* and two 4* heroes during first month of TC 20 operating non stop. Good luck )

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Can you only get three and four stars or can you get ones and twos as well?

Only 3* and 4* from tc13. And it’s probably less than 5% for a 4*. There is a better chance of getting a 5* from tc20, than a 4* from tc13 – at least in my experience.


The odds of pulling a 4* from TC13 are quite low, but if you’re in a rush to get more 3* to fill your war rosters, you could run a 13 while working on getting another to 20 (though you might also want to have a third TC at 11 for the slow training). It all depends on your strategies, how far along your buildings are already, etc. TC13 will only give you 3s (and very rarely 4s, but luckily no 1s or 2s)

I think you already shared your roster in your videos? From what I saw, I don’t think you particularly need any 3s for wars (you seem to have enough 4s and 5s already)… you could still pick up some 3s for the tourneys and events if you want, but that’s totally up to you and what your ultimate in-game goals are.

I did actually pull a couple of 4* from TC13 early on, but mostly just 3s (which was fine because I needed 3s at the time anyway). Just don’t get stuck putting all your recruits into 13 and not being able to pull them back out when you want to bring that TC up to 20 (can’t upgrade a building while it’s training, and you can’t pull trainers out if your food storage and houses are already full unless you’re willing to lose them all).


To try to simplify my post: if you need more 3* heroes, go ahead and run TC13 for a while. If you mostly want 4* and above, best to hold off for TC20.

Though you can also do both, if you already have two TCs at 13 - work on leveling one while using the other for training. (just make sure you also have at least a third TC running for training fodder)

It depends on your recruit and food income streams. Do you often have a surplus of recruits and / or food? At some point in your gameplay, you will. You’ll want a way to store them beyond what the actual Houses and Food Storage buildings can do. For many players, TC 20 performs that function. Prior to that being available, TC 13 is a great solution.

This is my perspective on TC 20:
It offers unlimited food and recruits storage. But it charges me something to do that: 100 recruits and 297k food every other day. As a bonus, I occasionally get a useful hero. This thinking would extend to TC 13, if I had to use that.

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@notyou87 I would personally concentrate on getting your SH and iron storages up. I am about to get my level 20 SH in an hour or two so after that, it onwards to upgrading all 5 Iron Storages to 20 to get SH 21.

Oh and just an fyi, if you have all 5 iron storages at 18, you will have enough for SH 20. Just by a hair though.


@jordanhamtheman08, TC13 result *3 or *4, here is complete table TC.

TC Recruits Foods Mats Time Result Best Notes
1 5 1,600 sword 10m *1
2 5 2,000 kits 30m *1, *2
3 5 5,000 sword 2m *1
4 4 1,500 - 3h *1, *2 mini TC11
5 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 RED
6 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 BLUE
7 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 GREEN
8 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 PURPLE
9 5 8,500 sword,kit 1h *1, *2 YELLOW
10 25 105,000 cloth,manual 1d *1, *2, *3
11 2 1000 - 2h *1, *2 stock recruits
12 45 164,000 cloth,manual 2d *3
13 70 265,000 armour,wooden shield 2d *3, *4 mini TC20
14 25 105,000 manual 1d *1, *2, *3 RED
15 25 105,000 cloth 1d *1, *2, *3 BLUE
16 25 105,000 manual 1d *1, *2, *3 GREEN
17 25 105,000 cloth 1d *1, *2, *3 PURPLE
18 25 105,000 manual 1d *1, *2, *3 YELLOW
19 2 5,500 cloth 1m *1
20 100 297,000 stone 2d *3, *4, *5 stock food

Easy thing.Only use this as long you don’t have TC 20. For me this was a 4 month period…I only got 2 measly 4* out of it.poor rate. Now running a single TC 20 for 4.5 months I got 18 4* and 8 (! very lucky) 5* out of it…quite a difference.

Running a single TC 20 is just the right amount for me at my personal state of play.I always got a good hero to level in every color. I need the feeders to level so running 2 TC 20 would not pay off for me.

Your building order should be clear.

  1. Get a first TC to 13 and running it without a break, storing ham may be.
  2. Get another TC to 20. (The third TC should be lvl 11 for very cheap)
  3. Remove all the resourcrs from TC 13 and put it to TC 20.
  4. Upgrade your TC 13 to TC 19. Run TC 19 as you have enough clothes,ham and recruits…until your clothes will be used up.Switch to lvl 11 very cheap in the meantime.
  5. Assure that your forth TC reached lvl 11 in meantime.

You can then consider if you need more than 1 TC 20 running.

20 : running permanatly since 04.30.2019
19 : switch between lvl 19 and 11 depending on clothes
11 : just to store all recruits
11: level a certain color…lvl 5-9 depending on my next important hero I want to finish…switch to lvl 11 when short on backpacks/swords

Lvl 4 becomes obsolete once you reach lvl 11.
I almost never do lvl 1 or 2. I usually tend to have more swords than backpacks…so I burn them using lvl 1 or 3 as I still have too much ham.


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