Is it worth me continuing to run a TC20? Or switch to TC12 as a food bank?

Just wondering if its worth me continuing to run a TC20?
At the moment I am continuing to run one TC20 continuously - its primary purpose these days being a food bank.

I have all the classic 5* heroes EXCEPT for Sartana, Quintus, Kadilen and Azlar

Of those, the only one I would really still quite like is Sartana. At the stage I am, the others probably would never get ascended.
And the chances of one specific 5*, i.e. Sartana, popping out must be very low.

So I suspect TC12 would be more efficient as a food bank, if I don’t care about pulling any more classic 5* or 4* heroes?

What do you all think? Carry on running a TC20 for the slim chance of Sartana, or switch to TC12 as a potentially more efficient way of banking food?

Thanks as always!


Expect average of 800 days before you get Sartana. Could be tomorrow. Could be the game dies before you get her. What are the chances you get Sartana before she also becomes useless? On the other hand, if you have space, you can run TC20 and accumulate 5* for hero academy.


I found this quote from @BarryWuzHere buried deep in a thread from way back:

Do you still stand by that @BarryWuzHere ?
Is TC12 the most efficient place to bank food, if you are not bothered about pulling any classic 5* or 4* heroes?


And this quote from @gregschen:

so @gregschen - have you switched your food storage from TC20 to TC12 yet? Do you think that makes sense given the scenario in my original post?

Still no Marj or Viv for me, so still using TC20 at the moment. I’d probably do the same until I got Sartana if I were you (or Seshat, or Kage, since they’re both very similar to Sart, but better).

But I don’t think there’s a “right” answer. You could just as easily resign yourself to never having Sart, switch to TC12, and then get her the next time you do a 10-pull.


Is TC 12 that much better than TC11(extra low cost) with feeder every 2 hr

They both differ in uses when it comes to “banking.”

TC11 is good as a recruits bank, since you can pull out lots of recruits without overflowing your food storage.

TC12 is a good food bank, as you don’t spend many recruits, and can pull out lots of food when you need it more later. TC20 is a good food bank too if you’re hoping to get a 5* you don’t have yet (although it does cost a lot more recruits).

Wanting feeders is a different thing than banking food. But if that’s what your question is about, then TC11 is better – TC2 and TC1 are much better though (TC19 too but that one is really expensive to run).


I’d continue to run one TC20. A few reasons, apart from the 0.25 % to get Sartana:

  • A second copy of Joon, Lianna, Magni, Marjana, and/or maybe Leonidas can also be quite useful (especially if you are a F2P or C2P player and only have very few non-summonable heroes)
  • There is a reasonable chance that duplicate 5* heroes will be useful in the upcoming Hero Academy (hopefully, we will know the probable mechanics rather sooner than later)

Thanks @gregschen. I do have Seshat, which is another reason I was thinking of making the switch to TC12.
But @Lasagne and @DracoLovesRi both make the good point that duplicate 5* heroes may be useful when Hero Academy comes along.

So, on balance, I will probably stick with the TC20 for now … at least until we know what Hero Academy will require.

Thanks all


Costumes are another reason.

I would not mind some duplicate Classic 5* heroes so I could run duplicates if the costumes are cool.

Already planning on duplicate 3* Tyrum and 4* Sonya if I get the costumes so I could run one base and one costumes on the same team.


Maxed dupe vivs for this reason. Sadly no costume but i still use both vivs anyways


missing Marjana, Justice and Kadilen here, double Quintus, Sartana, Joon, Leonidas, Vivica, Horghall and Khagan.

I still run my tc20 bank for a chance > than 0 to complete my Core Heroes’ collection.


Really lookin forward to leonidas & marjana & sartana & magni costumes


Me too :slight_smile: trolled

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I’m actually in the process of ramping up to three TC20s, and that’s because, after two awesome pulls at the beginning, and a handful of 4* dups (I only rarely keep dups; generally they’re dinner), I’ve been getting nothing but 3* since, and I want to triple my odds of getting the good ones.


Yes, I stand by my assessment.

There are four measures of how good a food bank is, and they point in somewhat different directions.

  1. Ham per day consumed in operation. TC12 is lowest.
  2. Recruits per day consumed. TC12 is lowest.
  3. Feeder XP produced per day. TC10 (and 14-18) is highest.
  4. Heroes you want to level up produced. This is subjective, depends on your current roster, but if you care about classic 4* or 5* heroes, TC20 is the clear winner, as all the other viable options produce only 3* food.

NOTE: TC14-18 produce 50/50 2*/3* feeders of the specified color. If you are banking food and uncollected heroes with the foreknowledge that you will be pulling a specific hero of a known color like maybe a hotm, the case for using one of these five looks a bit better. In other measures it isn’t much worse than TC12, just a fuzz…


I got her on day 8 of TC 20 (4th pull); is she really that rare? I got Vivica on day 4, then Sartana and then Elena on day 12 and realised that 5’s were mostly useless to me without mats (and Vivica and Elena are basically useless anyway). I have a roster of 4’s waiting for final ascension that are far more versatile. She is a wicked sniper but she isn’t exactly a game changer either. BTW, I did level up Sartana and i’m not exactly sorry i did but could have used those resources for two 4’s which would have been more useful overall.

Any specific 5* is that rare.

On average, you get a 5* on 1/20 attempts. Any of the 20 classic 5* heroes are equally likely, so that is 1/20 as well, making it 1/400 … and each attempt takes 2 days.

You could also say that over those 800 days you would expect to get one of each of the classic 5*s. (Of course RNG means that getting exactly this expected result is impossibly unlikely … but it still is the average over a long enough time / a large enough number of players)


My TC20 give me exactly:

  • 2 Domitia
  • 2 Obakan
  • 4 Quintus
  • 2 Sartana
  • 2 Joon
  • 2 Vivica
  • 3 Justice
  • 1 Leonidas
  • 1 Magni
  • 2 Thorne
  • 5 Richard
  • 3 Isarnia
  • 3 Elkanen
  • 4 kadilen
  • 3 Lianna
  • 3 Marjana
  • 3 Azlar
  • 6 Elena
  • 6 Khagan

I still miss Horghall (which i don’t really care), but what are my odds for him?

But it raines Richards, Elenas and Khagans instead.

Another funny thing, is that Leonidas was my first, and as you can see, no other Leonidas after that, lol.


Thanks Barry. I think I have finally realised that some of my earliest single pulls in the game overall were actually quite rare and unusually lucky considering my actual budget (e.g. my first 2 gem pulls gave me Boldtusk and Gormek). Likewise my TC20 early results were far from typical (later, exactly what you might expect). So while I have been feeling cursed for some time, the reality is that I have been far luckier than many; I just wish I had realised that. Martins site with his simulated summons generator has been an amazing revelation to me.
Likewise while i am talking about using other peoples work, thank you for the time you have spent providing a free resource. It is greatly appreciated.

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