What To Do With The Food?

Obviously I know what to do with it, but…

I’m currently trying to stockpile my feeders, waiting until i have a hero I want to level (F2P and luck has not been kind lately). I’m running TC20, TC11, TC11 and TC2. I dont have enough backpacks to run two TC2s sadly

So my food is building up. There are only so many times I can level up my troops due to the fact I’m getting low on feeder troops.

What do others do in this situation?

I could put more in to TC20 but is there anything else?

As one-off, you could craft a few hundred minor antidotes - you always need those.

But yeah, otherwise, shifting recruits between your TC11 and TC20 is the definition of “food banking”. I currently have 140 heroes queued up in my TC20 (and 12520 in my TC11).

I don’t know how long you’ve been playing, but it’s good to have two TC20s - if you time them right, you’ll get one drop every day.

You can only run one TC2 in the long term due to a lack of backpacks.

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I’m waiting for the Alchemy Lab to finish (3 levels to go + a ton of research time afterwards). I’m getting ready to transmute 10 1* items for 1 2* item, hoping for as many Mana Potions as possible. This plan alone can use 100% of the produced food for weeks. :smiley:


You’ve actually reminded me I need to make a truck load of minor and normal mana pots haha thanks! I go through a lot as I take both + arrows and axes vs 10* titans. Gazelle needs the mana then I boost the defense down guys so i use quite a few. Using food this way is ideal for now!

I have run 2 TC20s in the past, even 3 at times but I haven’t had anything other than 3*s this whole YEAR bar one or two duplicate Little Johns or Cyprians.

I’m level 61 and still don’t have Marjana, Azlar, Vivica, Magni, Justice, Thorne, Richard, Kaidilen or Joon!!

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