Clarissa vs Grimble vs Aeron

Hello everyone. I can ascend one purple 5☆. I have mana troop lvl 11 and the following maxed dark heroes.


Ursena +9

C.rigard +16
C.Rigard +2
Proteus +19
C.Tiburtus +17

Everyone says that Clarissa is good. Anchor gives her an A. But seriously talking i have seen videos and clarissa’s hit seems so low and underwhelming that im seriously thinking about spending tabards on her.


Min 5:26

What is that hit? 90-116-136.

Im looking for an offensive hero to strengh my purple stack and my war hits… She doesnt seem to be contributing too much to the fight.

That is my main argument against her. Otherwise her def special up and the very fast speed are indeed really good.

Regarding Aeron. Im slowly leveling a third c.rigard so i feel aeron isnt going to add too much to my roster.
I have Grazul for the aliment protection, one of the best Aeron features

And Grimble… the understimated one. His hit doesnt seem to be particularly high but even though he would hit harder than clarissa, and with a predominant minion meta his ability will take more importance.
I think he can pair well with my c.tiburtus.

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A lot of the purplem heroes really WOW me. None of these do. Aeron is an absolute NO, you have great healers, those 2 Rigards are amazing. Clarissa is the most logical, but she’s good…not great IMO. Grimble is the wild card…I have mine at 3-70 and never use it. I find just plowing through the sea of minions do the trick. With Freya AND Bera and Noor becoming more prevalent, Grimble may one day be invaluable…and that day may be soon.

Personally I’d wait, but I have a feeling you will not be disappointed if Clarissa is your choice. Remember None of them would take over for Ursena on Defense.


Thanks Chadmo for your feedback!

Do you think that Sartana or Domitia are a better investment than Clarissa? They can pop out from my tc 20. Im running two tc 20 and is a possibility.

On the other hand im not planning to do pulls in October but my saved EHT on Halloween and in Valhalla to pull Gefjon(darks i can get with luck are freya, Bera, alferike, victor)

My pleasure! It’s funny, when I get tabards, Sartana and Dom are my two options…even costume Quintus is behind them. You need a purple sniper and Sartana is the better of those two. Dom has the debuff but I think Sartana’s strong hit might be better for you. If you only have the 6 needed tabards, waiting wouldn’t be the worst choice. But Dom, Sartana and Clarissa would not be regrets IMO. Aeron would be and Grimble might.


Also, Victor is the big purple in Morlovia event and I’d still take Sartana over him if that matters.

I have all 3 of them maxed and for my builds for war teams, Grimble makes it and the other 2 sit on the bench. Should be noted that I use Grimble with a 23 mana and find him to be very valuable vs the tell meta, ymmv without a 23 mana.

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I know Grimble gets a lot of hate here but as far as i saw on some videos he usually does around 250+ dmg each hero he hits. That without emblems, plus the minion removal and the mana boost could be pretty well.

Clarissa , she seems pretty solid on papper, she was compared to GM, but for what i saw GM hits harder +100 to non greens and +200 to greens plus the dot who is stronger than clarissa one.

Should i take clarissa like a support hero? I mean for those +30 def special up to darks in a stack

Couple of things here. First, like Gravemaker she is not only Very Fast, but also does an additional 2 round DOT. She is not quite as potent as he is on the attack, however she also has an elemental link that giver all purple heroes +30% on defense against special skills that is superior to his. Also important is she is immune to poison DOT attacks just like the one that happens from Jabberwock in the video you posted(and also Sartana and C-Domitia).

I have 1 fully leveled already and use her all the time. She’s outstanding. The only bad to her IMO is the fact that she’s a paladin, so you may run into emblem issues because of so many potential tanks that are Paladins(Telluria, Heimdall, Richard, etc.). Still, totally worth giving tabards to.


Folks that run mono seem to get value out of clarissa but a bit less so with Grimble, so it can often depend on build style along with other heroes you have to pair them with… the reason I like Grimble in my builds is because, as you stated, mana, decent aoe (does 350 or so with crigard) and the removal of minions with damage on top to put defending heroes back into combo (defense down - element down) sniper range. Clarissa for me just doesn’t do enough in a 3/2 stack and the holy heroes that are on defenses are often monks (or none at all) so she isn’t getting the extra damage tick as often as you’d like (rarely).


One interesting thing about Grimble is that he first destroy the minions and after that the damage happens, right? So those 350 of dmg goes directly to the hero instead of the minion absorbing it

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Correct, outside of tell herself, as he can’t remove but will generally kill it with damage.

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Well i have time to think about it but i wont discard grimble so quickly. I think he could fit well to my current roster because i already have an average aoe in Ursena and i know that grimble will benefit as well from c.tibs and c.rigard as ursena does.

Clarissa would need firepower around her to fully work i think. For example she starts to doing some dmg and dot to allow a sniper to finish the job. And i dont have a dark sniper yet

Waiting isn’t a bad choice and everyone plays a bit differently and values heroes a bit differently. I’d suggest building a team for clarissa and Grimble, taking each team into raids and seeing what seems to give you the best outcomes. I know which hero works for me, but the one that works for you could be different. Good luck!

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I had my doubts about Clarissa at first. Ended lvling her cos I had no better options and ended using her a lot. Her damage isn’t huge, but been very fast and with your mana troops means that she can poison enemies all the time. Her paladin class helps to survive and her element link is great. Poison to resist can be useful too. Waiting can be forever so I think you will not regret lvling her.


I have some spare emblems for Clarissa. Though i have too many good paladins that i dont want to reset in 4☆(sonya and g.falcon) .

Maybe if i take the attack route Clarissa’s hit becomes more noticiable

Yes, this is her best skill (along with her mana speed). She helps your purple stack survive greatly. She is good, not great as others have said but is your best option IMO.

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I think , in a mono purple stack, she would do better than a second and unemblemed proteus anyways :laughing:

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