Worth it to Max emblems on these 5*?

I have a few hundred Paladin emblems to spare. Should I put Telluria and Odin up to +20? Telluria is still my best tank. Here is my defense team. If I decide to go ahead, is the mana boost the best choice for both? Thanks in advance

The cry babies have asked for the nerf on Odin… So I’d hold off a bit to see what happens before. I don’t have Odin but I really do enjoy facing him… The game is about the challenge as well… Some don’t see it that way.


What will you do if you don’t emblem either?
Generally it seems they both get a ton of usage so ROI is solid. Even a nerf will still leave both as great heroes.

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I had about 12 emblems on Clarissa before I got Odin, so I would probably start getting her back up again

Odin’s “nerf” is an extremely small one, it does not affect his use at all

Absolutely take them all the way , you can’t go wrong

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