Purple ascension opinion?

Keep in mind that i got some of these heroes before others, so who you see leveled isnt necessarily a priority at the moment.

Heres the 7 purples i use for war currently to give yall an idea of what needs i may have:

If you have the tabards, then Clarissa.

If you don’t have 6 tabards though, I’d go with Fura if you hate field aid, or a second Proteus for another offensive mana stopper.


with seshat and kage you have two top notch purple heroes maxed - i would feed them more emblems probably. I use my clarissa only on later war teams, and I if I could opt for, I would like to get my tabards back from her to give them to a second kage or second sheshat. I do not have freya, but I think she can fill in some spots and I personally would rather like to have her than clarissa. but that also depends on the roster. the freya minions are quite sturdy, so they are good protection for lotl minions or the QoH taunt card, if fired directly before. she is also doing something good for the team with the defense buff. also, paired with some minions spawners, the damage dealt by the minions can become pretty relevant… I like her more than clarissa…for your defense in very most compositions seshat is superior to clarissa either way… i am not excited about kunchen, quintus, uncostumed dom, and grimble. myztero can be fun I guess, but probably rather with a somewhat deeper 5 star roster. Khiona, she is ok I guess (do not have her)… yeah., I am more sold into freya…


Based on the team numbers, I assume you are not using Telly as your tank. Thus, I suggest you max Clarissa since they could share the Paladin emblems in order for Clarissa to deal more damage and get a bit beefier.

Boss Wolf is just very slow and cannot be considered as the best purple tank since there are a lot of fast and very fast yellow heroes to kill him or counter him, especially Jackal and Malosi.

Domitia is average and since has been second only to Sartana.

Freya is only ideal if you want to run a team of heroes that summons minions.

Myztero is the 4th very fast legendary purple but he is facing a ton of flak on his thread here. I like himvbut he is a luxury hero ideal for players who have a deep bench and play him for the sake of fun.

Khiona just doesnt have the firepower on her own to merit my want or need on getting her.

Grimble is just average enough that he doesn’t really shine as one hero that could combat the TGV defense core at the mid to high diamond.

Kunchen is just slow that I’d rather ascend 6 original and costumed version of Rigard, which is easier to get and max.

Quintus is Quintus and even with costume, I still wont ascend him if i happen to get him to my roster.

Now for 4 stars in Fura and 2nd Proteus, I’d ascend them without hesitation since i have 50ish trap tools. I have 2 maxed Proteus though but i don’t have Fura since I dont summon much in the last few months.

Lot to take in so ill address multiple topics.

As far as defense team i am using telly as my tank. And looking at my team numbers doesnt tell a ton, its just how i have them organized…i actually have 10 teams so i dont have to edit any over and over.

5 teams are best of each color
2 rainbow teams of the next best of each color
Raid team (one of two that gets edited)
Titan team (one of two that gets edited)
Defense team that rarely gets edited

As far as needing a minion maker on my team, my usual defense team has 3. Only issue with my defense team is 3 are paladins so that hurts clarissas chance at emblems before she even gets there.

Fura and proteus (#2) are high on the list for my 4*s. Going to do another original Rigard or 2 as well. Also got Jabbar (not short for jaberwock)and Gafar from Sands…Gafar would be the pick of those two. But anyway heres my defense team:

So as far as what im looking for in the next 5* i go with, it wouldnt be an addition to my defense team…more just adding depth for war…

When we go purple tanks from time to time in war im having to use seshat…

Boss wolf would be my best option at tank, but id hate to give him tabards over other options


Now that explains it. You made your team 10 as default team in regular raid defense. My bad.

Then definitely Freya, to flank tell or tank. I’m a big fan of her on defense, especially for war to dish out a few low points when her and tell get to fire. :fox_face: oh, sorry you said wouldn’t :joy:

I got absolutely crushed a couple of times by Tell-Freya last month. Inspired me to level up the Capt. Of D. Four reds and him actually works okay.

Im definitely not a know it all on heroes…if shes the best option, and it sounds like she may be, ill invest in her.

Thats why i came here to get a pulse from everyone. I place a high value on the opinions i get on here for sure :slight_smile:

Another thing about freya is that she makes it pretty easy to cruise through hard mode stages, events etc. Her and tell give you a shield that can’t be broken easily and the minions hit so strong that you can even autoplay season3 normal mode if you want to or Atlantis stages during rising, at least normal mode. :fox_face:

Finally have 6 tabards. Time to fully ascend a purple.

Right now, it’s between 3/70 Ursena, 3/70 Freya, and 2/60 Clarissa. I’ve got enough trap tools to fully level any of them.

The rest of my purple roster is: Rigard, Merlin, Tibertus, Cyprian, Sartana (all fully leveled) and 3/60 Sabina. In wars, purple is our flank, but it’ll probably go to wing soon.

I’m leaning towards Clarissa because she’s so versatile. But Ursena would substitute Justice as my raid tank. I really like Freya, but don’t have enough other heroes with minions to take advantage of her. Would appreciate any advice!

I’d advise you to get Clarissa to 3/70 and see if you like her more than the other two 5* options.

Sabina at 4/70 is something you also really want to get done.

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