Who gets the Tabards? Clarissa or Quintus

Hello! My only 2 5* purple are Clarissa and Quintus. I’m not waiting for what I don’t have so. I need war attack heroes. Who should get the ascension?

Clarissa. You can use the search button for aditional info on every hero, also anchor grades are pretty ok.

Only 7-8 season 1 heroes are worth ascending imo.

That being said i still use quintus for titans for his tile damage as he was my first 5* hero. Also with costume rigard he can hit pretty hard, but clarissa ia the answer here.

if not paladin she would be used in most teams on O or D

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I normally stick up for S1 but this one isn’t even close.

The only possible exception would be if you had 1000 sorcerer emblems and a desperate urge to use them plus maxxed man’s troops.


Yeah I was overthinking his hit everybody ability. But I have enough slow heroes. I don’t need another lol. I sure don’t have his costume or enough emblems either.

If you’re FTP / CTP there are a lot more S1 heroes that are worth ascending for various reasons. If you’re spending a lot, you are correct that the S1 heroes, except for a few, are inferior. For the particular question of the original poster, however, I completely agree — Clarissa is faster and better in almost every way. Unless you want to specialize in rush attack tournaments, I guess.


In my honest opinion, and I have both these heroes on max, I would focus on Clarissa.
Quintus hits hard in costume if you can keep him alive long enough.
But really SG you need to give him a buff as part of your rebalancing programming. Currently even in costume at +9 he just sits on the bench doing nothing

saw on utube clarissa is the GM of purple … is it true?


You dont need YouTube to learn that Clarissa is the purple version of red GM, although the former deals less DoT but has higher overall stats and has immunity absent from the second generation of HOTMs to which GM belongs. Had Telluria been another class, paladin emblems more likely would go to Clarissa.

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Quintus gets Nothing. I maxed him some time ago because I couldn’t pull a purple 5*. He sits on the shelf and the regret is real.

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I am F2P and after 2-1/2 years I still haven’t maxed Quintus. I’ve had him for almost 2.

Clarissa I would speed max as fast as possible if I had her.

This depends entirely on your budget.

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Thanks y’all! She’s on her way!

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