Ascending one 4* Red - Scarlett, Wilbur, or Colen?

Hi, folks. I’ve finally gathered enough materials to ascend a Red 4*, but I’ve got 3 of those ready to ascend: Scarlett, Wilbur, and Colen.

Colen is my strongest Red, but he’s slow. Wilbur is very useful. Scarlett… well, I’ve stopped using her as often.

Any advice?

Wilbur will help with events and titans. Can be more of a liability than an asset on raids.

My Colen + 20 regularly gets a run on titans and wars. He is more useful at that level than maxed but unemblemed Azlar. Scarlett has a higher tile damage and she is fast, and defense down… but personally I just don’t see that she alters the course of any match she is in. I removed all of my emblems on mine and have permanently benched her.

Wilbur will probably get you more bang for your buck, but Wilbur can function in most areas at 3/70. Colen won’t get anywhere near the same kind of damage, and will likely die quite often, so ascending him does make him quite a bit stronger. Still the vote will probably be for Wilbur, unless you lack firepower in your reds.

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Wilbur is one of the best heroes in the game. Colen will have some synergy with Wilbur, since he’s AoE, so do him next. Scarlett is very glassy, her special does not make much impact, but her tile damage is high and good for titans. I’d level them in this order Wilbur, then if you haven’t pulled anything better, Colen, and then Scarlett. Frankly, I’ve got a fully leveled Scarlett and never use her. Too glassy for raids or defense, and against titans, I have better 5*s now, plus Wilbur and Boldtusk who are great with titans. Long term, Scarlett is a pass.

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In my honest opinion you are better focussing on Wilbur first.
Put some emblems on him and he can be a game changer
Whichever hero you choose good luck

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What they said. Wilbur is a game changer. I use mine in nearly every Titan hit (12 & 13’s) to keep my team in the fight and giving the nasty Titan a def down.

He is also a massive component of event teams and I use mine nearly every war on my 2nd red team.

Never regretted the hidden blades on him, pays you back with interest.

Plus once he’s sorted he makes Colon a wrecking ball too. So there’s your next Red from your list :+1:


Don’t stress too much since we’re talking about 4* hero ascension. Once you start getting more into the game, 3* mats like hidden blades should come more easily. Wilbur will help you on titans so I would do him first. Improving your loot tier on titans will increase your chances of getting more ascension mats. Wilbur can also serve well on defense team and in touranments.

Scarlett is also an excellent 4*. I would do her next.

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Wow. Thanks so much for the great advice - and so quickly, too! You folks are awesome!

I will ascend Wilbur first then. I look forward to when these materials come easier!

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Wilbur is better than 75% of 5*s

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And as above, I also echo the call not to get too stressed. I still recall being desperate for a compass. Man I couldn’t get one…over a month in the end before the drought ended.

This is today with probably 50 heroes who use them ascended…there comes a point with titans, tournaments and events where they start to fall like rain…

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Wilbur, definitly Wilbur first

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I agree with the advice so far.

Wilbur—He’s going to be a game changer on Titans and offense (selectively) for you, so I agree with doing him first. For the love of all that’s holy, DO NOT tank him on defense.

Why? There are a number of widely available S1 heroes that do the following:

Buffs—Kiril (Attack and Defense up)

—Wilbur casts his spirit link on the offense, but then Kiril fires and now the enemy has Spirit Link + Defense up. In the meantime, Wilbur’s defense up is partially negated by Kiril boosting the attack of the offense.


—Fast mana Sonya just takes the effects off anyway.

Defense Down: Isarnia, costume Gunnar, Grimm

—Okay, so now the whole team that Wilbur just linked gets defense down, or at least the front three. A combination of Kiril buffing the offense and someone else to Defense Down your Spirit Link defense is devastating to you.

***I’ll put it this way, anytime I see a Wilbur tank in a fight, I usually try NOT to kill him before he fires.

But, he’s great at everything else and will be great for you on offense as long as you pay attention to what the enemy team does (defense up, debuffers) and time firing him accordingly. You don’t want to fire Wilbur, for example, if a debuffer on the other side is about to go off within the next turn or two. You also want to be careful of D Down heroes on the other side.


I also agree with Scarlett as a second choice as she is great for titans, (895 ATTACK if you emblem her and go that path!) great for offense and sometimes useable as a defensive flank or wing with the right protection. Like Colen, she’s mega squishy (especially if you focus emblems on her attack) but she works well alongside of some of the green healer/minion tanks depending on who you have.

The attack down Scarlett gives enemies also kind of negates her squishiness as long as she fires before dying. I really like her, anyway.

On offense, Scarlett works extremely well with strong healing and basically any hero that gives Defense down, like Wilbur! Boldtusk + Wilbur + Scarlett + Colen would also make a devastating 4-1 red team in wars or on raids…as long as you can get the last two to live long enough. I’d go 4-1 with a second off-color healer for that team.


Re: Wilbur…

Oh, I know! My strongest green so far is Caeden. More than once, I’ve accidentally removed Wilbur’s spirit link on the other side myself! I’m still learning, obviously. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the advice!

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