Help me make wise ascension choices

I’ve been having a bit of a shortage on Fine Gloves, but I got a set today and I’m trying to decide how to make the best use of them short-term.

I don’t have a 5* Red yet. I have the following Red maxed:
4-70+8 Colen
4-70 Sir Lancelot
4-70+1 Boldtusk

So do any of these 3-60 deserve the mats, just to keep something leveling up? Or should I just hold off until I get a 5* Red? I have 12 Hidden Blades, so ascending one of these shouldn’t hold me up if I do get a 5*:
3-60 Scarlett
3-60 Gormek
3-60 Colen (a second one)
2-50 Boldtusk (a second one)
2-50 Kelile

I prefer to level up with same-color, and I’m to the point where I don’t have anything much in Red to advance unless I ascend something.

Will Gormek help me the most of what I have there? Any thoughts?

I’m focusing on Red because in all the other colors, I have leveling projects going strong. Only Red is to the point of being “stuck”…

Scarlett, Gormek and Kelile are all worth doing before duplicates, imo.

I vote for Scarlett because she has the highest attack stat, and her atk- to 3 targets can really help your team survive.


I’d go with Scarlett too, she’s excellent for Titans, Offense, and Quests, and really needs to be maxed to be effective.


Another vote here for Scarlett. Especially if she gets to a point where you can emblem her, her attack stat goes crazy! Gormek would be a good second choice since you don’t have a red defense debuffer, but beware, he hits like a small child.

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It looks like Scarlett is the early frontrunner.

Does it change anything if I mention that I have one maxed G.Jackal, and a second one sitting at 3-60? And then a 4-something Proteus that I’m working on maxing right now, and a second Proteus at 3-20 or so? Keep in mind that I have a current shortage of Fine Gloves, just one available.

Should a second Jackal or second Proteus take priority over those red 4* heroes? My thinking on going red was that without ascending someone, any red feeders I get will either pile up, or get fed cross-color until I get some new red worth leveling up. (I already have plenty of good 3* Red maxed for various purposes.)

A second Jackal definitely shouldn’t take priority over Scarlett, in my opinion.

A second Proteus is most useful for War and Trials/Quests, and can be fun/useful for Raids. But so is Scarlett.

I generally prioritize Titan teams first, and Scarlett is really fantastic for Green Titans — and reasonable to consider for any Titan, depending on options for each, as a fast attack debuff is quite useful for survival. So I’d personally choose her as a higher priority than a second Proteus.

If, instead, you consider War to be your highest priority, then a second Proteus will likely be a bigger payoff there.


I would say Scarlett. Her attack stat makes her extremely good overall (except defense).

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