Ascension advice needed

Hello all,

I hope this sees some action amid all the nerfing business.

I’ve recently come into some gloves and was wondering if some of you could weigh in on who I should ascend with those to best complement my existing heroes.

My current roster:


Rigard +17
Tiburtus w/costume +7
Cyprian 3/60
Sabina 3/60
Rigard 3/60
Tiburtus 1/1


Wu Kong +14
Chao +6
Li Xiu 4/70
Chao 3/60


Alasie 3/70
Magni 3/70

Kiril +7
Boril +3
Agwe 4/70
Mireweave 3/26
Triton 2/16
Grimm 1/1
Captain of Diamonds 1/1


Horghall w/costume 3/50

Gadeirus +19
Little John +18
Melendor +2
Skittleskull 3/60
Gobbler 3/60
Little John 1/1


Jean-Francois +3
Khagan 3/70
Azlar 2/60

Boldtusk +16
Kelile +14
Gormek 3/60
Scarlett 3/60
Colen 1/1
Boldtusk 1/1
Sumitomo 1/1
Sumle 1/1

So yeah, quite a bit to do still. Sorry for creating the n-millionth of this kind of threads and thanks in advance for any advice.


This would be my first choice.

I’ve found Scarlett so profoundly useful — she still sees almost every War, all green Titans, lots of Raids, every Epic & Legendary Challenge Event except Grimforest, lots of Season 3, and was the key to me beating Ursena in Season 2 Hard Mode.


You should also max Grimm, currently your only defence debuffer is Tiburtus. Grimm is one of the best 4* heroes.


Scarlett and Grimm for starters

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That’s a glowing endorsement if I’ve ever seen one :slight_smile:

OK, so Scarlett along with Grimm goes on the list. I’ve got two more of those fine, fine gloves to use.

I kinda wanted to max Mireweave as well, I thought her Stack mechanic is interesting and potentially potent…

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I’d vote for the same but just be aware that both Grimm and Scarlett are kinda squishy, especially Scarlett who is basically a super glass cannon, though her rogue talent does help with survivability somewhat.

Tibs is the most balanced of the ramming pulverizers trio, while Grimm is clearly atk oriented and Gormek… well I suppose he was designed to be a meat shield for tank duty lol.

I’m honestly starting to use Tibs a lot more than Grimm since at +11 and with max costume bonus, his atk is within 5% of Grimm’s but he has almost 170 more defense. Not to mention if you have a lv 5 purple mana troop, he charges in 9 tiles, making him effectively fast. A fast ramming pulverizer (or symphonic pulverizer for the costume) is just a dream come true.

Anyway that’s enough OT. Having said what I’ve said, I’d still max out Gormek after you’ve done Grimm and Scarlett if only to complete the trio. But seriously Gormek has ridiculous amounts of HP at 4/70 (like 1430 HP ridiculous), and he has 34 more defense than Grimm, so he has a lot more survivability in raids. Sure he won’t do too much damage, but he helps soften the target for your snipers to deal the kill shot, and is also a great counter to any def buff skills.

That sounds great! Thanks for the advice.

So I’ve got one pair of gloves left…

I was also thinking about maxing Cyprian, since I only have two purple 4* maxed and I like a 3-2 stack in Raids etc… Or would you rather start work on the second Tiburtus even though he’s still at 1/1? Double Tibs doesn’t sound too shabby…

I would not recommend to ascend Gormek. Useless heap of ■■■■.
Sabina for dispel and second heal. Cyprian for riposte. Rigard+Cyprin+Sabina can be quite dangerous trio.
I would also wait for Caedmon and Sonya, especial with costumes.

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Yeah, I’ve been waiting for ages,for Sonya and Caedmon to show up somewhere, no such luck. Neither TC20 nor any summons, though I’m very c2p.

Maybe I can interest you guys in one more puzzle, my raid defense team. This the current iteration, and I’m not absolutely sure it’s the best solution with what I have. I was runnng Boril the most time as a tank but I think he’s boring as hell ^^ how would any of you set up, given the roster above?

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