Again, only 1 pair of gloves for ascension

Again, I am seeking advise on who gets my only pair of gloves. Which hero works best with my roster. Currently waiting on gloves are:

Khagan 2/60
Jack O’Hare 3/60
Colen 3/60
Sir Lancelot 3/60
Scarlett 3/60
Agwe 3/60
Tiburtus 3/60

My current roster is:

Mother North 3/70, Thorne 3/70
Kiril, Sonya, Caedmon, Melendor, Merlin, Cyprian, Proteus, Chao, HuTao, LiXiu, Wilber, Boldtusk - All maxed and talented.

Or should I pull someone from the waiting room:

Kiril (dup), Skittleskull, Little John, Buddy, Kashhrek, Caedmon (dup), Jabbar, Rigard, Sumitomo, Boldtusk (dup)

Any additional thoughts on which heroes to work on next is appreciated.

Scarlett should get the gloves now since you don’t have any red attackers.

Heroes to work on/max next:
Blue: none (or maybe Kiril to 3-60?)
Red: Colen, then Lancelot
Green: Buddy, then Kashhrek, then LJ
Purple: Tiburtus, then Rigard

You should work only on 4* until you have all the mats to take a 5* to 4-80.

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Rigard and Buddy will long term contributors for you and should be prioritized, imo. I agree that finishing Scarlett is a good choice at this point.

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I agree with D you need a red. Scarlet is fast but Lancelot has an attack buff that would work great with your team. Fast attackers are great but I like Lancelot over Scarlet.

Buddy and tibs will both help out a lot, and be helpful for quite some time. The def down is great for titans, events, maps, attack, etc.

Rigard’s cleanse is also a game changer for 4 star heroes.

I’d prioritize any of them before the others. A red hitter is good, but these will help more, IMO.

You shouldn’t level at all Agwe and Lancelot, 2 of the most useless heroes in the game. Though Lancelot has a better skill, is so squishy that actually dies from 2-3 slash attacks. This crappy event hero is used only by several top players in the game at challenge events, especially for his high tile damage. These players prefer in their red mono Lancelot over BT, since they are not hit at all by the monsters or the bosses, restarting over and over again, until they get a great red board.

This is the only situation Lancelot may be used successfully. A player like you, should level any other red. This crappy hero won’t help you with anything, except dying… like a hero. Take this advice from an expert in this game, with high performances in wars, challenges and tournaments. If you want to… Or you may level them and next year will remember my words, for sure :wink:

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And yet, so humble. (20 sarcasistic negative comments)

At least I help people every single day, not only trolling around like you always do :wink:

Rigard is an essential hero imo, been a huge help for me even using him for raiding now above 5*s

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