The end of stage 1 – Advice for completing Season 1?

It’s taken a very long time! But this could be the moment I complete season 1! I’m excited, scared & full of sweaty palms.

Any tips - would be helpful .

Wish me luck-

Thank you

Just go in so you can fill the dark chest


Fill the dark chest first. Much more of an immediate need.

Nothing happens when you beat the Dark Lord. Some tokens but thats it


Last stage is one all purple wave

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Ditto the above. Fill that elemental chest!


As others said, go fill your Dark Chest first. :slight_smile:

7-4 is a good spot for that.

Once you’re done with that, there’s another relatively recent thread on this topic, with some great advice from @littleKAF, @PeachyKeen and others.

One comment of mine I’ll cross post a snippet of:

And I’d suggest you post screenshots of your roster if you want specific tips for your team options. :slight_smile:


Is it supposed to be so hard? Specifically, were you able to beat it with 5 heroes that are 3.60? Just curious if I am just terrible at this game or if this is normal.

Don’t really care about being super strong, just would like to at least be able to finish campaign. I feel like if I were a little stronger I am close but cannot level up more because of materials. So i wanted to see how others did (and see if maybe there was some advice.

Hiya @Yanks1111,

Couple questions:

  1. Are you referring to Season 1 campaign? Season 2 Normal? Season 2 Hard?

  2. What heroes are you using? Which stage in particular are you struggling with? Whats your roster? Are you using rainbow teams or colour stacking?

Lots of questions & not much information…

Hello Guvnor,

Sorry, season 1 normal. The rest I’m not even close. I usually use
a team based on what’s leveled:

buddy 3.60
boldtusk 3.60
wu kong 3.60
grimm 3.49
cyprian 3.06

also available i have

tarlak 2.60
Melendor 3.55
Boril 3.05
Grimble 2.43
Chao 3.60
Sonya 2.9

the rest aren’t leveled. i’ll see if it let’s me post a picture yet

Ok so wow… so much scatter-shot leveling lol…

Pick something and see it through for goodness sake!!

Beating Province Stages

The easiest way to get thru the Season 1 province is with colour stacking… The way this works is you choose 2-3 colours and ONLY bring heroes of that colour. Typically you pick the stacked colours based on the enemies you’ll face in that province

By stacking multiples of the same colour, it increases the effective “attack” stat in the damage calculation, which leads to tiles doing more damage.

Wu Kong is another great buffer of a hero as he makes the tile damage much much larger (I’ve linked a thread which explains why he’s so good).

For example, if we look at Province 21, Stage 6 you can see that there is a Yellow Mob, a Red Mob and a Green Boss. So for this stage, I would stack 2 Reds, 2 Blues and Wu Kong.

Some general hero levelling advice

The same applies for the 3-Star heroes…

Getting a good base of 3* heroes levelled will do the same thing as you work into the 4* hero range… Gives you colour options to make use of for colour stacks. Also increases your raid, Tournament and war readiness earlier.


I wish I’d had full stack of 4* 3/60 heroes before season 1 boss fight :frowning:

@Yanks1111 Do you have any ascension materials to take any of your four stars to max?

I have only a few ascension materials, not enough for any 1 hero to max

I have been stuck on 22 4. I tried the color stacking with 3 yellows, came about 1 Or 2 hits from winning. I think with some more luck it will work

Try 2 healers and use antidot.

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Two healers and three yellows was the right combo, thanks


Took down the dark lord finally, thanks for the tips they helped. Ultimately a 3* saved the day, i was getting creamed until i leveled up a kailani.

Took melendor, boldtusk, kailani, chao, wu kong. Spirit link made the difference, went from being 1 hit and dead to maybe 200 damage to all 5. Finished with nearly full health

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