Advice for the Dark Lord stage

Hi all,
This in the picture could it be a team to fight the Dark Lord?
Or is better to wait and max at least Chao and Melia?
What about the battle items?

The team looks good to me, but if I were you I would wait to max your heroes a little bit before hitting the final stage, especially so that heroes can have higher survivability. There is no real hurry to finish that stage. Meanwhile, you can work on the Season 2 maps. But that’s what I would because i like to play it a little safer. Let’s see what others have to say. :slight_smile:

Team composition wise it looks good. BT and Melia can bolster the damage of yellow tiles. And then Bane can blind him, and LiXiu and Chao will keep his mana in check. The trick is to take out the two side minions as fast as possible and then concentrate on ghosting the tiles.


Thanks for the reply,
I’m at province 14 in season 2, running both seasons in parallel since season 2 was enabled, of course just normal mode for now.
I guess you’re right, I’ll wait to level up these heroes a bit more before trying to kill him


I was able to do it with these guys and moderate items. Good luck!image


Wu Kong!
I’d really make a good use of him

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Time stops are great but I would bring more mana potions instead of healing potions if you are using a healer

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Good point…
I’ll think about it

I think you would still need a stronger team to make it easier. Another healer or lots of mana/health potions .

Possibly reduce his attack… I didn’t finish that stage until I had a full 4* team of heroes. It was pretty easy then but I wouldn’t dare auto play that stage with my team … I’m sure the AI would die



I don’t have another 4* healer unfortunately.
I have tried with my best team, which is a rainbow, Boldtusk 3/60, Tiburtus 4/56, Chao 3/60, Skittleskull 3/60 and Thorne 3/18, but I have failed miserably…


Kailani or Gunnar help a lot against the dark lord.
The spirit link and added defense lower the risk of a OHKO.
If you have one of them, i’d swap Thorne.
Sometimes, it’s not just about the strongest hero.


I have Gunnar emblemed up and Kaliani, but she’s only 2-1
You’re probably right, I might need spirit link to avoid one hit killing.

Just did this a few days ago. My team to defeat the Dark lord was:

  1. Joon 3/38,
  2. Kiril 4/40,
  3. Colen 4/49,
  4. Tiburtus 2/1, and
  5. Little John 3/50.

I used 10 minor mana potions, 5 mana potions, and 5 super mana potions, and 5 Bomb attacks.

First round charged up Colen, Joon, Tiburtus and Little John with 1 mana potion each and then used 2 minor mana potions to fully charge them. Then hit the Dark Lord team with a bomb attack, then little John, then the other specials.

After the flanks were gone, just carefully ghosted and used most of my remaining manna potions on Little John every time I needed to slow down the dark lord from charging his special.

It took quite a while and lost Colen and Tiburtus in the process but got there.

Little John was key for the defeat to slow down the Dark Lord’s special, as was Joon’s attack and Kiril’s healing.

In any case, I may have been lucky. The silly thing was I also had another Tiburtus at 4/30 but accidently used my backup Tiburtus (at 2/1). Looking back at the battle, was probably very lucky to get through…


Yeah probably,
Anyway, looks like mana potions are the key, I can use Chao and Li tho slow down his mana, still not sure if I have to use 3 mana and bombs or 2 mana, bombs and time stop

My strategy was basically not use any tiles to do the damage and use the specials. It took me a long time but I got there. I was basically avoiding (at all costs) allowing the Dark Lord to Charge his special. He was only able to fire it maybe 3 or 4 times at most during all of that.

Takes good board management and predicting up to 2-3 moves ahead… In any case, could not have done it without Little John reducing the mana generation by 64%.

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When I did this, Li and Chao were my MVPs. Tile ghosting and mana cutting is the go

Pretty sure all of my heroes were four star and ascended to final stripe, but it was probably fairly comfortable. You can do it with lower ranked heroes, but I don’t think the team proposed by the OP is up to this yet, sorry

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4 yellows (two mana control) + critical boost from Melia would be interesting for damage but I think you may want to wait until your team is stronger. It’s a long-term game, no rush to finish S1, you may have more fun in Atlantis for a while while you level up. Though you could always try it once as you made it this far, worst case you just lose some WE.

Wait until u got full 4* team. No need to rush. Dark lord can be beaten anytime

Knock out his side minions as fast as possible and use ghost tiles to power up your team quickly

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It took me 3 tries. At first i tried my strongest team which was:
Boldtusk 3.60
Caedmon 4.45
Grimm 3.60
Hu tao 3.60
Chao 3.28

And i failed pretty bad. I think i got him down to about 60% before i died but my big mistake was that i used the 2 timestops i had and the 1 tornado and the 1 miracle scroll.

So i looked around for tips and strategies and found the suggestions for spirit link and a yellow stack. I had gunnar at 2.25 and i also had kailani at 1.1. So i got to work forging mana potions and healing potions and ax attacks. I tried a yellow stack to see how well it worked and if it was feasible. It worked pretty well so i started power leveling kailani.

I finally beat him with. Full medium mana potions, full small mana potions, full medium health potions and full axes and my team was

Boldtusk 3.60
Kailani 2.15
Bane 3.50 +3
Chao 3.29
Hu tao 3.60

I ended up using almost all of my items. I had 2-3 health pots left and 1 small mana pot and that was it. Im not sure if i got a great board, it didnt seem amazing but pretty good. And i beat him with only losing chao and it didnt seem like too much of a challenge. Again i think it was probably due to luck. I havent tried again since. But yeah…thats what it took for me to beat it


I don’t know why you guys are having a hard time with this. All you need is three fully levelled 4 stars and two mostly levelled 5 star yellow heroes, and he goes down quick! See?

In all seriousness it took me about 2.5-3 months from downloading the app to assemble a team strong enough to do it and three tries. I don’t have any screen caps of the event itself, but here’s a tidbit from the time:

HuTao was 3/60 at the time. Everyone else was 3/50. Except Sha Ji. He was 3/40 obviously.

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