Finished season 1, looking for advice!

Hello everyone!
I’ve started playing exactly 7 weeks ago, and just finished season 1, actually was quite surprised that the dark lord was easier than previous levels :smiley:
Ill attach my current roster, looking for some advice:

  1. should i keep duplicate 3 star heroes? I got my 3rd gan ju from the dark lord reward, starting to think that pandas arent in any danger at all, lol
  2. which 4 stars should I focus on ascending first? Proteus over rigard? (Got proteus and grazul from a 100 coin pull, i felt quite lucky) kind of lacking ascension items, i was really happy when j gathered enough for kiril, hope i wont regret it
  3. i use this current team as a defense team, i guess 4 healers are too much?
  4. leveling stronghold as fast as I can, i just got it to 15, running one tc13 (no 4 stars yet from that), should I just keep my houses, farms, mines, forges around 10-12 and rush iron storage stronghold and tc to 20?
  5. shpuld I get more epic hero tokens, is it better to save them for example christmas event? I feel like i could improve a lot especially on blues and yellows…
    Thank you for your feedback! :slight_smile:
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I keep some duplicate 3*s for challenge events and raid tournaments. But Gan Ju is not one of those. Off the ones you have: Gato, Bane, Balthazar, Valen and Mnesseus are worth keeping duplicates of (maybe Muggy, but idk as I don’t have him).

I would go with Proteus first. That is indeed very lucky :slight_smile:

For defense, I think 1 healer is usually enough. But you don’t have any better options really than those heroes yet, so just leave your team as is for now.

You need your iron storages at level 18 minimum to get to stronghold 20, and you need a minimum 100 Recruits storage to use TC20 + a decent amount of food. So you can’t really rush it too much aside from spending on VIP (I would not recommend gem skipping). If you have VIP or are willing to get it that is. You can simply rush the storages if you want, though if you find that your iron gets low I’d recommend working on mines on the side.

And yes, it’s better to save your epic hero tokens for seasonal pulls, like the Christmas event.

Personally you could use a few more 3* heroes too for those afformentioned events. I would max Balthazar, Valen and Brienne if you still don’t have the required ascension materials for your 4*s. Those heroes should help you in the rare quests too for now, which are where you get those materials for 4*s and 5*s.


Definitely hang onto Gunnar and Brienne as any spirit link character works very well with anyone that has any form of Berserker’s Fury. Keep Muggy as he can come in clutch in the three star tourneys and rare events by keeping your team in play. I say keep Carver for mana control in 3 star stuff, as for your reds, you have a good line up for that.

Keep the duplicate healers for Alliance Wars so that you can have at least one healer for each flag. In reference to question number 5, save the ones you get for the X-Mas event. If you want to dump some cash into the deals with the tokens then by all means do but do it at your own discretion.

Level up Proteus asap because he is a game changer and easily one of the top 5 4 stars in this game. Between him and Hel, he is the more readily available mana stop heroes. And mana stop is a very powerful ability. Very powerful in raids and boss levels. Epic level 15 in the Avalon event would have been more difficult for me if I didn’t have Proteus in the team.


YES TO PROTEUS! He was my 2nd 4* hero ever and got me much farther than I would have otherwise, taking out bosses in the world map, on events, in quests… Besides, you already have Kiril in final ascension, should be enough healing for the moment.

And yeah, you do have quite a lot of healers :slight_smile:

Suggestions on your 4*s:

  • Purple: Proteus, then Rigard, then Ameonna, then 2nd Rigard
  • Green: Melendor (dispel is very important). Then Gadeirus over Kashhrek.
  • Red: I will be controversial and say Kelile over Boldtusk. Boldy is great, but you lack hitters at the moment! Then Boldtusk, Sumitomo, 2nd Boldtusk.
  • Yellow: you only have Leonidas, so N/A. see my point below about elemental summons
  • Blue: you only have Kiril, so N/A. But good choice ascending him, you will NOT regret it, I still use him a lot despite beginnign to ascend my 5*s. see my point below about elemental summons

Defense team

Try Kelile / Melendor / Kiril / Rigard / Leonidas

  • Your Kelile is almost same level as your Boldtusk, and gives you a second hitter. and also fast mana.
  • Melendor second, because the computer fires from left to right; you want Melendor to dispel any enemy buffs ASAP
  • Kiril is your strongest, so should be tank.
  • Rigard by default; Proteus could replace him later on to give you more variety. Although IMO Proteus is not so good on defense, I replaced him with Sabina because Sabina retained me more cups.
  • Leonidas is average mana, so better on flank. But yours is still low level, so keep him in wing where it’s harder for the opponent to hit him.

with this arrangement you also have some complementary colors beside each other.

When Leonidas is stronger, I suggest switching around to Kelile / Melendor / Kiril / Leonidas / Rigard.

Rigard in corner can be very annoying as he has high defense and will keep healing if the opponent can’t kill him.

I agree on saving your epic hero tokens for Christmas, the Christmas heroes are all quite good. If you need more 4s in a certain color (and I agree, you could use more Blues and Yellows), try using gems for the Elemental summon. I did that, and got my first 4 Yellow, Li Xiu; and it was a good decision as the next 4*/5* Yellow I got was four months later. I would do Yellow first (as all you ave is Leonidas), then Blue (at least you already have Kiril).


@sleepyhead Leonidas at fast mana would be so OP. That is why he is average.

@Aunty_Krauser thanks for the correction. you know, I looked it up last night and I could have sworn I saw a Leo card with FAST mana… anyway, i’ll correct my original post

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@sleepyhead It’s okay, he is still an upgrade from Chao regardless with a chance to ignore ailments.