The dark lord

I am finally at the end of the first season. I already tried twice but failed miserably against the dark lord. Which heroes and weapons should i use to hope to beat him?

Yellow is the best color to bring against the Dark Lord. With that said it would help a lot if your heroes had a couple more levels so they’d stand a better chance.

Kiril | Grimm | Li Xiu | Hu Tao | Chao

In a perfect world where all those heroes are maxed, those are the ones I’d take against the Dark Lord with your roster. But they really need levels first. Take your time leveling them, there’s no rush.

When you’re ready, bring antidotes, health potions, axes and arrows.

I would focus on one hero of each color at a time too, give them 1* and 2* heroes of the same colors. As you’ve noticed you’ve spread across your experience among many heroes. Better to have a few good heroes than many okay ones.


Wow, I never saw someone at this point with not a single hero maxxed…

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Sabina - Grimm - Hu Tao - Sonya - Kailani
Level Kailani to max and her spirit link will give you a good chance to win.
Give her mana potions to always have her skill ready.

You have some good heroes, but none are really fight ready. You should consider maxing a few 3* after your last-tier 4* are maxed. Build a good depth in your roster before working on 5*. In other words, a few 3* teams before working on a few 4* teams before working on 5*


Looking at your roster it feels like you always started working on the new heroes you got, rather than finishing the old ones. You first need to come up with a plan to max atleast one set of rainbow heroes, that will really help your cause in all aspects of the game and help you get more materials for the rest of your heroes. Try to get atleast 2x 4* rainbow team maxed, before working on 5 stars. Your 3 stars also need some love. There is really no rush to finish season 1, your unleveled heroes will have a tough time in the later provinces of Season 2. So take your time and level your heroes. :slight_smile:

As for beating the Dark Lord, I would take Boldtusk, Kiril, Chao, LiXiu, HuTao. It should make it very easy. :slight_smile:


Thanks all for all the advices. Yeah i made many mistakes when i build my teams but since i focus on my first 4 stars heroes (grimm Sabina and Hu Tao). I stoped to work on 5 stars to build a better depth. I count to work on my 3 stars also

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Yeah I’m stuck there too!
Got 14 3* maxed got my 4* team, chao kashrek cyprian kiril g.flacon as working on one at time they are at 4/35 -4/55
so once they finshed maybe a chance!

sabina hu tao grimm kash kiril
mana pots revive scrolls miracle scrolls super mana
yellow stack is best but yours is nothing as is.

It appears you have gotten a ton of great advice so I’m not here to offer more on what heroes to bring.

What I WOULD like to suggest is finishing of some of your 4* heroes, 2 rainbow teams, even 1, would make a world of difference.

You have a very solid roster but need to concentrate on finishing off your heroes. I’d suggest setting a goal of no more summoning until you have 2 rainbow teams of maxed 4*

I had to do this myself as I was jumping on the next “better” hero, when I 1st started. It left me with some very mediocre defensive/offensive teams and led to a lot of aggravation.

Good luck and May RNGesus smile upon you in the AM department!!


Yeah that is my goal just finish my first 4 star hero grimm then Sabina and Hu Tao should follow in the next few days. Then Sonya Rigard Kiril Little John Li Xiu Boldtusk will be the next


Cool. That will make a world of difference for you. Good luck!! Sometimes I’ve had to stop on my map progress and level up a few more heroes.

When I returned I was surprised at how much easier it became. You’ll be fine with a few key heroes maxed, and emblemed if you use them enough.


Yeah that is what i did for the first season abd Hat i do actually too for the season 2

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