Dark Lord Frustration

Hello again friends! I finally was able to manage getting to the Dark Lord (I’m late to the party I know lol), and I’m finding it nearly impossible to kill him; even with battle items. I’m quite honestly not sure what to do here. I feel like my main team was decent up until him, but now I simply can’t surpass this; even with a good board. Any, and I mean ANY advice is welcome!


It’s a growth thing. I recommend farming some and then coming back to it. You’ll get it when you least suspect it.

But surely at +3000 team power, that should be sufficient yes? I’ve seen videos of people with much lower power doing it; which leads me to believe team composition might be a factor.

23-11 is a tough one but doable with careful board management. Your team CAN do it, but i recommend 3-1-1 color stack. (3 yellow, plus two other colors, likely Kiril)

Bring in arrows, bombs, mana pots and axes.

This may require you to level another 4* yellow. If you can 3/70 onatel do it, but otherwise Li Xiu would work at 3/60

Thanks for that advice @PeachyKeen. :slightly_smiling_face:

The biggest thing is avoiding charging up the Dark Lord and his special firing. So it’s mostly about killing the two side enemies, and then meticulously ghosting tiles on the sides without hitting him much or ever, and using your special skills to kill him.

It’ll be a slow battle, but that’s the easiest way to do it.

Mana management helps a lot too on this front, really regardless of color. But you happen to have Chao, Li Xiu and Onatel as potential options (if leveled) who are also strong color.

Like @littleKAF and @PeachyKeen both said, further leveling will help — though it is certainly doable with some care and luck, like @PeachyKeen said.


Wukong is an ally you shouldn’t underestimate…


How patient do you want to be?

You can probably beat him with your main team if you use careful board and item management as others have said.

If you take time to level your main team or some of those 5s you should certainly have it.

If you’re impatient, do you have time stops? They’d help slow down the boss. At least get Chao to 60 and bring mana potions to keep his special firing.

As others have suggested, it’s important to take out the flanks so you can use the blank space. Then do everything you can to slow down the boss’s special with Chao and time stops.

Bring turtle or dragon banners for defense, arrows and axes or bombs, health and mana potions. You can also bring a second mana potion or antidotes instead of arrows because arrows aren’t always reliable.

Try to time Chao and dragon stops to go off when they’ll be most useful.

If the boss is going to fire, make sure you have an active turtle or dragon banner. Kiril’s special is also useful. He’s basically a dragon banner + heal.

Plan for a long battle! If you play defensively, with focus on keeping Chao, Kiril, and Gaderus firing, you can do it.

I killed him with FAR worse team.

My best advice would be to focus on leveling your heroes atm.

That Rendeld from completing the quest ain’t gonna run away

What help me was the combo of Joon and Jackal. Joon miss variable was key!

I’m honesty impressed that you made it all the way to the dark lord with that team. Most people need a full team of maxed 4*s to get that far. Leveling Wu Kong will help a lot, since you can double yellow and hopefully get a high damage combo with Wu.

Wu changed my game. He made progressing and completing Season 1 SO much easier. Same with Season 2! :+1:

Though it still took me about 10 tries to beat the Dark Lord.


@Wharflord Believe me, it wasn’t easy lol.

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I did have mostly an all 4* team, sometimes there would be (1) 5* in the mix. The only hero I have maxed so far is Wu. The rest are still being leveled.

Well guys! I did it! Finally overcome the Dark Lord haha! I took some of your advice and power levelled Wu Kong to 2/36, and with the strategy of killing his minions first for space to create mana, he’s finally dead!

Thanks so much for your help friends! Here’s my screenshots of the team I used to overcome the task.


Congrats! :+1:

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Way to go!

I appreciate the thread and am glad to see that the advice was spot on! I’m not yet at the point of approaching the Dark Lord at all, so it’s really great to see what someone who was struggling with him needed to do in order to succeed. It really helps give me a bar to aim for while working my way through the provinces. :slight_smile:

(I may or may not have also linked to this thread from the wiki as a ‘for more information’. :grin: )

Try different pairings. Certain Battle items work really well. Do you have time stops yet? This is one of the most effective items you can use against really stubborn enemies. Once their mana reaches close to their max, you use this and it wipes their mana, which saves you considerable damage. Wilbur is also a critical hero that lowers mana. Wu Kang, on the other hand boosts your team’s offense and so on. Good luck.

Wilbur doesn’t affect mana; he lowers opponents’ defense and raises defense for allies.

congrats! I knew u could do it! Now come on over to our alliance! :smiley:

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