Finishing S1 advice please

So I’m at 21-9 and want to push on to the Dark Lord over the weekend if possible. I know it’s important to have a strong team of Yellow heroes. I would appreciate any advice on the best team I can put together in the next 36 hours, running TC2 non stop and maybe even TC1. My yellows are:

Bane 3/50+11
Kailani 3/45 (Skill maxed)
Melia 3/50 (Skill 6)
Gan Ju 3/1
Wu Kong 1/21
Dawa 3/50

Other possibilities:

Scarlett 4/35
Hawkmoon 3/50
Valen 3/50+14
Azar 3/50+6
Jahangir 3/50+9
Kelile 3/1
Kiril 2/33

I’m currently thinking Bane, Scarlett, Kailani, Kiril and Melia and brining them all up as much as possible. I know Wu is amazing but he’s so low level right now and I don’t think I can bring him up sufficiently in such a limited time. Any advice would be much appreciated.

May the RNG be with you, always

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@Kerridoc @IvyTheTerrible

You guys always give such great advice. I would truly appreciate your input

Kiril will actually reduce Kailani effectiveness as Kailani give +63% defense while Kiril only +30%. As those buff do not stuck, if you use Kiril’s skill after Kailani’s skill, you will be left with the +30%, down from +63% defense. Depending on the monster’s element, using Hawkmoon might be better.

May I ask why do you need to complete it before 36 hours? If there is no time limit, bring Wu Kong up is obvious choice but you can still do it without him. I finished the Dark Lord with team composed of Kailani, Bane, Gan Ju (all 3/50), Hu Tao (3/60), and Sabina (3/60).

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I always fire Kiril before Kailani. I don’t really have to finish it 24 hours. I’m just laid up for the weekend and though it would be a fun challenge. I’ve been hoarding my world energy flasks and with Springvale coming up wanted to get the additional Epic Hero Token. I’ve been mostly ignoring S1 except for farming and instead have been focusing on getting as many Atlantis coins as possible for the next summons. I hit 200 so though I would take a break and have a new challenge.

Kiril is a good hero, leveling him won’t be a waste even if he can’t get you finish S1 over the weekend. Good luck


Thanks @yelnats_24. It might be a stretch but I figured I’d give it a try. I’m working my way through the board very easily, barely having to use any items.

Scarlett and bane could be part of a winning team for final S1 sttage, but not sure about the rest. I found that it was made possible with mana controllers, I took both Li and Chao and I think dark lord only fired once. Without mana control he is going to fire, and probably one shot most of your heroes. Given he has like 15000 HP or something stupid, I can’t see how you’d get there with this crew.

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Even with spirit link in effect?

With spirit link in effect you’re right, probably won’t one shot. But how are you healing the damage everyone takes? Maybe hawkmoon?

Perhaps a team of bane kailani Scarlett hawkmoon and gan ju? Gan ju needs more training first but does have the mana cut…

Still, I’d be very surprised if that team got the job done - no offence, just how I see it

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I have Azar at 3/50+6…

Bane, Melia and Kailani should definitely be on your squad. I could make a good case for Valen being on the squad – his -defense is a valuable asset. OTOH, Scarlett is clearly your strongest attacker, and her -attack could save you a lot of HP.

I don’t think there’s a big issue running both Kiril and Kailani. Yes, you have to be careful about not overwriting the buff, but Kiril can provide some cover and healing if you don’t get all the yellow tiles you’d like. OTOH, at 2/33, he’s no where near baked. Take whichever of Kiril or Hawkmoon that has more net defense (=2*Defense + HP).

So, I’d run Bane, Melia and Kailani with either (Hawkmoon, Valen) or (Kiril, Scarlett). That gives you coverage on three colors (yellow, blue, red), a healer, a defender, and three good attackers.


Thanks @Kerridoc. I always appreciate your sage advice.

I’ll work on maxing out Melia’s skill and bringing up Kailani. If I get Kailani up to 3/50 I can also use my emblems on her. Also try to bring Kiril up as much as possible.

P.S. I don’t have Dragons yet, but I’ve got 5 miracle scrolls, 1 time stop and 1 tornado. I’ll plan on brining plenty of mana pots and maybe some super antidotes. Any recommendations on items?

Interesting challenge. I was just about to ask after items, but see you’ve posted about that. Here are my first reaction thoughts:

Your team will likely be underpowered, regardless. Though I do note you’ve often succeeded in similar situations in Rare Quests. :slight_smile: Beating this level is binary (unlike, say a raid, where you may still put a few heroes into a chest, or a war, where any damage you do helps others), so I’d advocate a strategy that embraces variance. When the attempt goes badly, you lose, and it doesn’t matter if you lose by a ton. But if you get some positive variance, you win, which is all that matters.

Things that increase variance

  • Color stacking more
  • Skills that improve damage some percentage of the time

You have two heroes that fit the description of the latter: Melia and Wu Kong. If you get a few lucky hits with crit, that could be some serious damage.

You have to bring the best yellow stack you can, so I’d bring Wu Kong (if you can get him to an appreciable level where he can survive, Melia, for the aforementioned variance increasing reason, Bane (your best yellow striker), and I’m leaning Kailani for increased survivability (I don’t think Gan Ju’s mana cut is enough to justify him).

The last hero is difficult. I’m kind of thinking Scarlett, as she’s your strongest striker, but feel this decision needs to be made in conjunction with items.

For example, I could see an argument for Valen for the defense down skill, and then using bombs / axes to compensate for not having Scarlett’s debuff. And, if we leave out Hawkmoon / Kiril, then healing has to be in at least one spot, maybe two.

Ultimately, I think my first attempt would be Wu, Melia, Bane, Kailani, and Valen, while packing healing, mana, bombs, and axes.

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Thank you @IvyTheTerrible. Always a pleasure!

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I forgot to mention the items that I use, I only use potions, nothing else, a lot of mana potions to keep Kailani’s Spirit Link active, antidote to clear the ailments:

There were many yellow tiles at the end of the fight but there were also barren turns when yellow tiles were rare, that’s when I used the mana potions.

I am not lucky enough to have Melia at that time. One of the companion have defense down effect, it will be dangerous if he fire it before the Darklord attack, thus I utilize Gan Ju’s mana cut to prevent it happen.


So I hadn’t counted on the outpost at the end of at the end of 22. All of the opponents I’ve rolled through have been around 2880 which is almost 150 points more than my strongest team and around 200 hundred more if I stack against the tank. I think I’ll just focus on S2 and try to get another 100 coins. Thanks for all the input though everyone. It’s given me a bit to think about in regards to who to prioritize levelling.

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Actually pretty impressive work getting there so quickly! I guess I was more patient (my team was like 3200 power by the time I got around to finishing the “Kill the Dark Lord” quest). I went with Wilbur/Boldtusk/Caedmon/Triton/Wu Kong, almost all maxed (Wilbur was definitely 3/60, Wu was somewhere in tier 4).

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Thanks @mpolo. I’ll probably take a break until my team is stronger. I have the mats for Kiril and I was already intending to give Scarlett emblems once I have her maxed. Shame I won’t be able to get it done in time for Springvale (I want a Squire Wabbit) but I can save the epic hero token for Sand Empire. The heroes seem better then anyway.

I’m always interested to hear what you’re up to, as you’ve had a very event-full (haha) journey. As a complementary piece of information, my significant other’s best rainbow team just cracked 3,000. They have yet to reach the Dark Lord stage.

We’ve been prioritizing titan hits and war, where they’ve shown very noticeable improvement. They’re also now completing all rare quests and the three star level of challenge events (almost but not quite able to do the four star level).