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I was still not attacked yet, but I have performed some raids and I have noticed the change in the Watchtower.
At the end of the line, where you see that how much cup you have lost or won there will be a ? icon.
If you click on this icon a new pop up dialog is shown.


  • Caption in the middle: Raid Battle Result
  • In the first line you can see the avatar and the name of the defending palyer, and the raid formation after the name (this looks the same what you can see when you try to raid someone in the live game)
  • In the next line you see the text “Defense team” the Team power, and the picture of the heroes below that
  • VS
  • The next section contains the attacker players avatar and name
  • In the next line you see the text “Attacker team” the Team power, and the picture of the heroes below that

The winner player is marked with the “Winner” text just like you can see it when you are doing raids.


Excellent! I’m glad they are finally addressing this request! :star_struck:

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I have just noticed this announcement by Staff in Beta area of the forum:

So this new event will be held next month.

Other staff announcement:


I almost mistook it for Nostril :nose: :rofl:

Beta Update:

We have received balance changes for Orla and Aodhan.
Click here for more information


The testing of the current Beta Build has just closed.
The next round of Beta testing of version 41 will be started after a short summer break in mid-August.


I saw this in the v40 release notes earlier too. What’s an “Abyss Gem”? Wasn’t that the pre-release name for Underwild Gems?

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Yes, Abyss Gem was the old name for Underwild Gems which are casted by the Season 4 heroes’ special skills.


How again do I follow/unfollow all Beta Beat threads as a whole? I get a notification when anything’s posted on Beta Beat, but I don’t remember how that’s done or undone.

On the following page:

Click on the Alarm icon, and chose the option what you want:


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