🧪 Early Information on New Tower of Magic Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v39, v41]

Lord of the Rings had the two towers only though.

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totally not someone who work for SG absolutely totally not, not completely obvious at all.


Totally not somebody who works for a rival of SG, not completely obvious at all.

It cuts both ways.

Are we expecting this to be released on September 2021?

No info on this? 20 characters

If there was an update, we’d see an update. Otherwise, here’s the last updates.


Thank you…I am deciding on a last minute pull, or not, and deciding whether to spend gems tonight or hang on. :slight_smile:

Balance Changes:

  • Speed of second Charge made slower for Magic mana speed.
  • Agrafena: Defense ailment reduced from -34% to -15%. Attack ailment reduced from -24% to -15%.
  • Anton: Direct damage reduced from 220% to 185%. HP a revived ally receives when revived reduced from 50% to 30%.
  • Motega: Minion HP reduced from 13% to 8%. Parasite HP reduced from 40% to 30%.
  • Anastasia: Minion HP reduced from 20% to 8%. Parasite HP reduced from 40% to 30%.
  • Cristobal: The conditions for double damage swapped between x1 and x2 charge.
  • Nadezhda: HP a revived ally receives when revived reduced from 50% to 30%.
  • Changes to the targets of the heroes’ passive skill targets.

OP has been updated (except changes related to the first and the last point).


@Cerevan_the_Omni @stewstew and everyone else who have asked:

You will able to use the existing Tower coins to pull at the “Tower Summon” portal, but the graphics for the coins is updated so it looks completely different then what we have in the live game.


thanks for the info!

I guess ill buy next ninja offers then :slight_smile:

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Do we know how many tiles are required to charge 2nd bar now? Previous estimate was 12.3 tiles per OP. Thanks

This is WONDERFUL news. As much as I love the event itself, I don’t have any interest in the ninjas but I’m very into these. So glad I’ve saved about 10 pulls up

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any possibility for magical troops? :sweat_smile:


im hopping for that, saved coins since the ninja tower before the last one

@Star150m have measured it, and it is now about 12.5 tiles so not much difference…

Other changes what I have updated in OP:

  • Milena: in the Passive ability Red is changed to Ice.
  • Anton: in the Passive ability Ice is changed to Nature.

I hope so! I never got ninja troops since their bonus isn’t of interest to me. But if magic troops have a good mechanic I’d try for a set

These troops were not added for the first time when there was the Ninja Tower event in Beta.
So there is hope that they will be added in future Beta versions.


To my knowkedge Vietnam requires a local company to run the Business in Vietnam, and it must be controlled by Vietnamese owners.
I think this is just too much overhead for a developing country with limited potential paying costumers. So they left the country before their operations costs would be higher than the revenue from Vietnam. And think of the protection of their intellectual properties, often difficult in forced joint ventures.

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Gosh, it’s amazing how strongly some people will stand up for their God-given right to break rules (I was going to use a word beginning with ch and ending with eat but then remembered Discord won’t allow it) :no_good_man:

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Milena, the ice 5*, could be a huge help in bloody raids. Cleanse and dispel, and damages too.

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