🧪 The Beta Beat (V37, V38 & V39) – Advanced Hero Levelling, Future S4 Heroes, Hero Balances, Future HotM's, Non-S1 Costumes, Starfall Circus Heroes + Event -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

but they do have to make it possible to try the new stuff, now its just to expensive change emblems to do so

It has got Average Mana Speed.

Can someone who has seen the beta
sand hero costumes comment if the new costume theme is surfer/beach bum? I heard that rumor and had to ask because it seems laughable

It pretty much is.

Expect Johnny Bravo Yunan and Flower Child Surfer Rana.


What are their special skills?

How can be new hero in Valhalla???

ridiculous… what will one achieve in that randomness!?

We were supprised by it too…

I do not know, and as I read other Beta testers have no clue either…

Yunan costume:

  • 161 % damage to all enemies
  • 264 Sand damage to all enemies in 3 turns
  • +24% mana generation to all allies for 3 turns
  • Cleanses all status ailments from all allies

Rana costume:

  • 185% damage to target and nearby enemies
  • 426 water damage to target and nearby enemies over 3 turns
  • 75% decrease from any healing for target and nearby enemies for 2 turns
  • Cleanses status ailments from caster and nearby allies

Thank you very much!

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One ‘Quality of Life/Game’ that I wish they would implement is to tier 5 ascension mats.
I would like to click or hover over the mat and tell what color hero it is for.
and not have to look it up.

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Can any beta player provide the info about the new HotMs? It is much more important fom me (f2p) than costumes for seasonal heroes :smiley:

Does this mean no season 3 & 4 costumes yet? Wow. I’m surprised their not planning to give Frigg & Alfrike costumes yet. Cmon man!

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Careful there…

They are listening :laughing:


LOL they don’t need crappy ideas from us about costumes for S3 heroes, they probably have a whole marketing and developing team that has costume ideas for the Circus heroes that come out next month… If it involves a way to make money on pulls they are way ahead of us.


Ok :slight_smile:
(Note: the wording is not exactly matches as they can read on the hero cards. Sometimes they are written in more complex way and I made them shorter for easier understanding)

2021 August HotM: Chakkoszrot

  • Element: Dark
  • Mana speed: Slow
  • Class: Druid
  • Passive 1: Innate resistance against Mana reduction
  • Passive 2: Caster get +24% mana generation if he receives a status ailment
  • Special skill:
    • 220% damage to all enemies
    • All enemies with dispellable mana generation buff get -34% mana generation for 3 turns
    • All enemies are immunte to new buffs for 3 turns
    • Elemental link: +10% for any applied healing for Dark heroes for 4 turns (undispellable effect)

2021 September HotM: Alexandrine

  • Element: Ice
  • Mana speed: Average
  • Class: Cleric
  • Passive 1: Innate resistance against status ailments that affect healing
  • Passive 2: Caster gets +10% health when it receives a status ailment
  • Special skill:
    • Recovers 10%, which is increases 4% per ice shield on the board up to 42% in total
    • Alters all ice shields on the board
      • On offense each ice shield gives +54% critical chance
      • On defense each ice shield gives -47% accurancy
    • Elemental link: +10% for any applied healing for Ice heroes for 4 turns (undispellable effect)

Thank you very much!!!


Broken dark hotm incoming. No way he is released as that !!

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Gesundheit (do you need a Kleenex :rofl:)

I wonder if the devs ever actually say these names out loud before assigning them to heroes?

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that’s probably the worst elemental link so far

Question on the shields…Would Jott’s increased ice shield damage stack with Alexandrine’s increased ice shield critical damage, or would they overwrite each other?

They do not stack, they are overwriting each other.


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