🧪 Early information on the September 2021 HOTM -- Alexandrine

So basically how she works is:

  • The elemental link bonus works like the one from troops. So assuming she has 20% heal and 1000 max hp, she normally heals 200 hp; but with the elemental link she would heal 200 HP + 10% of 200 hp so 220 hp in total.

  • Now for her passive, whenever she gets a status ailment she heals herself 10% max hp. So again assuming she has 1000 max hp, for every ailment received she heals 100 hp. If she has her own elemental link active, she would heal 110 hp.

  • Now her passive looks meh at first but is actually pretty powerful. Every hit from Bera minion applies two status ailments (poison + immunity to new minions) - which basically means every hit from Bera’s minion heals her 20%. With many moths on map she can heal from critical condition to full hp in but a few minion slashes.


I agree 100%, all the little ailments will become much less enticing when this passive rolls out. You are being conservative with the 1000 HP estimate for simplicity’s sake. But to gain around 130-150 HP per little ailment turns the little niggling ailments into benefit. A clear Bera counter.

Hope it stays at 10%

Curious to see how good she is as a flank to a red tank on defense, could possibly make them viable again, -47% accuracy is huge.
No real conflict with Jott here as he is too fragile for defense.

Still prefer Jott on titans but she will certainly be a viable alternative to Jott there.

Yup, her maxed, unemblemmed version heals for about 170 hp per ailment, so it’s 340 hp per each Bera minion’s hit.

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With the passives like her and Elradirs, Devana and prof. Lidenbrock as a whole you can quickly assume that they are designed to take advantage of Bera. Especially since most of them are HOTMs I predict that Bera would be hard beaten down and thrown away from the ‘meta’ in a couple of months.

However, I like this design. I was on the verge of ascending Raffaelle, but now I am hesitating again.

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How do you know they won’t stack?

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Questioned and answered


For a second there I thought we’re getting a HotM that isn’t useless (for me anyway)

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That crit tile stacks with crit troops right? If not then what’s the point of that skill?

Ok so are we saying the tile enhancements would or would not stack with jotts?

They do not stack. Each hero overwrites the effect of the other.

Yes, and I relize, I’m thinking that shield can only one status, like: Attack up, Attack down, Crit up, and Underwild Gem.

Not sure if it include that came from hero special cast like Jott attack up.

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not sure i understand why the design would have them overwrite each other when they’re affecting the tiles in different ways. what reason would there be to not have them stack? it could be fun and interesting in some ways: a Jott on attack would boost the shields while an Alexandrine on defense would make half those tiles miss.

is there an Ice hero that boosts critical chance for heroes? i can only think of Melia in Holy and Gregorian in Nature and Shadereave in Fire.

+54% critical chance on the shields plus a stack from any of those heroes plus critical troops–we’re already at 99% critical chance with those effects, right?

Vela elemental link is critical, but only 10% though.

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Primarily the lack of space to display things clearly.

Secondarily, it makes it easier to balance (lol, I know, but let’s believe they care).


Guardian cameleon also boost crit for all allies :wink:

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I kinda like her. There’s never enough average speed 5* healers, and that accuracy up/down on shields can be helpful, especially with red tank on defense. Would probably replace Jott with her even if their skills are not the same, as Jott dies way too easily against stronger titans. Also it would be fun having her, Odin and Frigg. :grin:


Definitely don’t like that this is another full team blue healer. Spread the full team heals outside of green and blue please.

Imagine her flanking BK. BK fires, you can’t kill anybody with specials, then she fires, all blue shields are -47% accuracy, you (almost) can’t kill with tiles (unless other color). Kind of reminds me of Telly & Vela mechanic. Dangerous.

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Because Mana Speed: Average.

highly suggest:

  • Recovers 24% health for all allies.

Toxicandra Mana Speed: Fast

  • Recovers 24% health for all allies.

This is correct.

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