🧪 The Beta Beat (v32) – Ninja Tower Event; Ninja Tower Heroes & Troops, Updated Halloween Event & New Halloween Heroes -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Yup i know, but i just hope yellow costume can be like green costume heroes. They have brienne, berden, ishtalk a debuff def. Now blue titan is easier problem.

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Beta Update

For more info see the respective threads (will update soon).

Jack & Vanda (& other morlovia heroes): 🧪 Early Information on New Morlovia Heroes (Halloween) & Family Bonus [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

War rules: 🧪 Early Information on New War Rules [Part of The Beta Beat V32]

Ninja Tower Gameplay: 🧪 Early Information on Ninja Tower Event [Part of The Beta Beat v31 & V32]


Ok soo if im correct, ninja tributes give you the ability to land attacks like a ranger class?

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Yes for ninja troops. It’s a very low chance - 15% at level 29+ compared to ranger 25% at +15. My take is the main draw of these is the very high attack boost, and the bypass being an occasional bonus and not something you can count on. Except for Finley with ranger talents, who will make great use of both.


Oh wow it didnt even occurred to me it can stack

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So how to reverse Oni Core stone curse please? What you need to match? So that makes like elimination of heroes,so you not us them twice for a quest, right? Confused🤔

These ninja troops start pretty darn powerful at level 1…

Considering an attack node of +15 equals one of defense of +18, shouldn’t they start weaker than their counterparts? (I bring this up to argue that attack is more heavily valued than defense).

Would you chose slightly higher attack and chance to bypass instead of mana generation?

The NINJA’s… and their “Charge” that brings the new Troops to town.
This is a very simple response I nabbed out of the LINE group regarding those troops and how their much longer special skill descriptions impacted the Hero Utility in visual:

@Anetho @Guvnor @JonahTheBard @Sarah2 @jinbatsu @Rose_3000 @DoctorStrange @nevarmaor you guys probably know now I try not to waste my images :slight_smile: in the cracks of the digital trash… so posting!


Interesting, and great point on using them for titans!

/goes to change his titan team troops

Maybe an oversimplification @Razor about the troops.

Have a read of this maths below relating to crit vs. mana troops. Given that the new Ninja Troops are only slightly better in attack stat it doesn’t do much/ anything to improve the numbers :stuck_out_tongue:

NOTE: The forumla used is a slight simplification but it does work out.


@moderators is new beta on the horizon?

@Guvnor said than SG had plans to test new costumes, is they on beta now.

This month Lianna and Vivica will be featured and cycle will ends. So, I guess they will release costumes in v33.

i heard that beta is already open with new costumes, but i cant be sure of that; you know the internet is often liyng

I want official information, not something googled.

Edit… it is a secrettttt


I saw C.Thorne in the Internet, and he seems meh( It is true than he slows down himself?

No. He is awesome with the costume.
540 damage plus undispellable +24 mana generation for himself.

It is +24 (PLUS) mana gen, NOT -24 (MINUS)

Just be patient lol… one can’t just click their fingers and magic these threads into existance.

New threads should be up inside the hour. Until then hold off your discussions else I’ll start flagging as off-topic for this thread…


i’ve already seen, but i didnt want to clarify that i did because once zephyr said that beta testers should not share screen or video from beta. Thank you anyway for your offer.

Beta Update

Beta has reopend with Version 33 testing.

As is customary here is the new master #beta-beat thread which will serve as a nexus for all things V33 of beta.

Currently, the only thing in V33.1 for testing are new costumes. See this thread tho for all the info!!
🧪 Early Information on ROUND 3 Costumes [Part of The Beta Beat v33]

As always: Sharing of Beta Images & Videos is STRICTLY prohibited… Players found to be doing so can and have had their Beta Access Revoked… so please don’t encourage others to do so.


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