🧪 The Beta Beat (v32) – Ninja Tower Event; Ninja Tower Heroes & Troops, Updated Halloween Event & New Halloween Heroes -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

Nobody see it??The ninja troop do not have that mana boost eny more this is switches out for 15% change to bypass.This Will make some Hero’s really op! That is so big attack boost specialy for heavy nipers but you have no mana boost so fast Will hold 9tiles but Will have i higer attack stat! And i think that +15% bypass effect Will really je effectief with some Hero’s that has already the tallent to bypass it’s het increased with 15% that is huge!

I see it and also response it after the change if you scroll and read them…

@leonyudi, checked in beta and they are definitly Wazikashi Ninja.

I’ll raise in Beta Feedback the typo :slight_smile: Thanks!!


Additional Update


That is a great improvement!

Next thing should be:
unfarmable 3 star material -> 4 Star material
Old 4 Star material -> 5 Star material

Such a simple change to avoid confusion for newer players.


^^^YES, this right here! Let farmable 3* materials stay 3* and the unfarmable ones be 4*! They shouldn’t even be on the same plane, and it would make the alchemy lab easier to understand! It would be such an easy fix to clear up so much. Even in my house with 4 people who’ve been playing a year, it seems we have to clarify between “4* materials” and “materials for 4* heroes.” PLEASE, it would be so nice to have that fixed


Right… I refer AM for ascending 5* as 4* AM (they have 4 star) in the forum while I have to refer them as 5* AM (AM to ascend 5*) in alliance due to different standard… confusing…


Funny thing;

This is how it’s done in Puzzle Combat :rofl:


Not surprising. The boundary in the middle of Rare mats always seemed a little weird. It makes me wonder, was there a point when Ascension mats stopped at 3*? And then 4* mats were tacked on afterwards?

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I agree with you on that one

Do you know what is planned to be tested next week or weeks ?
Will the Mythic Titans arrive or another round of testing on Ninja Tower (including the 7 missing heroes [2 four star, 5 three star]) or other things will be test?

Probably player’s patience.


Not sure. I posted the planned testing schedule a little while back (in the OP).

So far they’ve stuck to it pretty well. But as with everything in beta it’s subject to change at any time.

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still no news about last round of costumes ? so its not before 2021 ?

Definitely not this and most likely not next month. If they are not in beta yet, they will not make it to v32 as that one must be out before Halloween. So November is the soonest possible date. Most likely later, as there are Mythical Titans and Ninja Tower to be released.

The whole game is about it :slight_smile:

Thx for your answer.

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E&P stands for Empires & Patience.


Beta Update

Forgot to post but beta closed on Thursday.

Next build is not expected until Tuesday (OP has the projected testing timeline).


Hope new costume, we need yellow hero with debuff def. Maybe gambler debuff def or tactical cut with debuff def or spartan cleave with debuff def.

there is already some1 like that, it’s vivica’s costume. Also there is white rabbit that reduce def and deal damage.

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