🧪 The Beta Beat (V41) – Tower of Magic Event + Heroes, Haloween Hero Costumes, New Underwild Heroes and HoTM -- Sharing the Big Picture on What's Going on in Beta

NOTE: Please do not, under any circumstances, share IMAGES OR VIDEOS from Beta in this or any public Forum thread. Violations can cause players to lose their Beta accounts, or threads to be closed down.

:thinking: What’s this all about?

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Often players on the Forum wonder about what’s going on in Beta.

If you’re a regular reader of the Forum, then you’ll find that there’s actually abundant conversation about what’s going on in Beta at any given time.

And that’s actually allowed!

What’s restricted is images and videos — but discussion is ok:

The challenge is that information is often scattered around the Forum. I’ve created The Beta Beat to help centralize it for those who are interested.

The Beta Beat is a series of threads which are evolving as I get feedback on what’s helpful to players.

My main focus is giving some high-level guidance of what’s going on in current testing, so players outside of Beta can be better informed.

Like Beta itself, this thread is experimental and will evolve based on your feedback.

Information from Beta is frankly often mostly useless, so don’t get too attached.

Details from Beta, especially brand-new Beta content, don’t tend to be very reliable for actual release.

It’s incredibly common that heroes and features are changed during Beta testing, or sometimes even after testing but before release.

That is, after all, the purpose of Beta testing.

So I wouldn’t get too attached to any information from Beta — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of hero skills to be removed or reworked, or for radical changes to hero stats to be made, or for large chunks of new functionality to be completely changed.

Often Incomplete Information Circulates

Many of us have seen screenshots and other information shared on LINE, Discord, Facebook, and other groups — often without context or explanation.

These can lead to confusion and misunderstanding.

Often, early Beta information — the least reliable or useful — is circulated…and then updated information is missed.

I’m hoping centralizing some high-level information on the Forum may help to reduce this as well.

What’s Going on in Beta Right Now

IMPORTANT: I wouldn’t get too attached to any information from Beta — it’s not unheard of for entire portions of heroes or functionality to be removed, reworked, or radically changed beyond recognition.

:mage: Tower of Magic + Heroes

New event staff have stated that will be “similar” to the Ninja tower in gameplay and mechanics. It has NOT been added to beta yet for testing, only the heroes.

For more information see:

:male_detective: New Season 4 Heroes:

Haloween Hero Costumes

2021 October HoTM: Russell

Other Beta Content

(These were tested in earlier Beta versions. These might come back to testing or not…)

Upcoming HotMs

Additional Season 4 Heroes

As was the case with Season 3, it appears that S4 legendary heroes are being “trickled” into the summon pool. V37 sees the testing of some additional S4 5* heroes.

🧪 Early Information on ROUND 2 of Season 4 Heroes [Part of The Beta Beat v37]

Beta Feature Tracking/ Forecasted Content

Staff have not yet released any insight into the future V41 Beta testing content.

:left_speech_bubble: Feedback?

I’d love to hear thoughts on whether this information and format is useful, and how you’d like to see information presented in the future. Any thoughts or ideas?

Please try to limit discussion in this thread mostly to the information sharing process and feedback on the thread, so we don’t end up with a jumbled discussion of a bunch of different heroes — use the threads linked above for each individual hero to discuss more.

Thanks! :slight_smile:

:exclamation: Beta Updates

This section will be updated over time as there are updates to the V40 Beta Testing Cycle

August 25, 2021

New Haloween costumes added: Francine, Vanda, Victor, Frank
2021 October HotM is added: Russell
New Season 4 Heroes are added: Octros, Lugaidh, Passepartout
Balance changes to Tower of Magic
Several bug fixes.

August 11, 2021

Beta is opened for testing for the new Tower of Magic event.
There are some balance changes for heroes since version 39.


High level information about the Tower of Magic Event:

  • 25 floors in normal difficulty and 50 impossible floors
  • Heroes of magical classes (Wizards, Sorcerers, Druids and Clerics) can withstand 5 curses, other heroes only 1 curse
  • New Rare blessings added

I will add the topic for this later today.

Balance Changes:

  • Speed of second Charge made slower for Magic mana speed.
  • Agrafena: Defense ailment reduced from -34% to -15%. Attack ailment reduced from -24% to -15%.
  • Anton: Direct damage reduced from 220% to 185%. HP a revived ally receives when revived reduced from 50% to 30%.
  • Motega: Minion HP reduced from 13% to 8%. Parasite HP reduced from 40% to 30%.
  • Anastasia: Minion HP reduced from 20% to 8%. Parasite HP reduced from 40% to 30%.
  • Cristobal: The conditions for double damage swapped between x1 and x2 charge.
  • Nadezhda: HP a revived ally receives when revived reduced from 50% to 30%.
  • Changes to the targets of the heroes’ passive skill targets.

I have updated the Hero related topic:


thanks for all your hard work @PlayForFun

And… looks at my hero bench - I give thanks that Master Lepus is a Druid, C-Marjana and Proteus are Wizards, and Hansel is a Cleric lol. Also Caedmon, Melendor, Kiril, C-Kash, Isarnia, Sartana, Sabina, Lady Wooly and Rigard…

maybe it’s also time to ascend one of Elradir, Kadilen or Elkanen lol


Thanks @PlayForFun… Just a fan - where do you find the time?! We, the players, are blessed for your wisdom!

Time to dust off a few of those heros lol.


Are the new Rare Blessings exclusive to this Tower, or are they available for Ninja tower as well?

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Except druids these are my strongest classes so its going to be interesting.


As suppose only for this new Tower of Magic.
I am not sure yet what will be these. I will play the event, and collect the data, and I will add them to the event related topic, which I will create.


Welp, time for me to work on some of these 4 classes

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I am not certain of one thing, which I will test:
We have costumed heroes.
What if one of the costume class is “Magical” and the other is not.
I will let you (and everyone else know)


Thank you for your hard work, @PlayForFun!

Looks like there is no QoL yet announced… I guess they’re simply ignoring this thread [Master] Improve / Fix Hero Academy as well as other similar thread. :frowning:

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So the feedback seemed to be that 50 levels in the Ninja Tower was too many, so they create a new tower with 75 in total… err?
… and 60% of the our heroes will reduce from 2 curses to 1. Not sure this is making the event more playable :thinking:
thanks @PlayForFun


I think it’s to make it more challenging. Ninja seems a bit easy if you know what you’re doing


Do you generally listen to the opinions of the players? Everyone writes Ninja Tower is the least favorite event, 50 floors are many. Why make an event on 75 floors ??


First I thought it’s an either or decision like with myth Titan you can either play the easy 25 floor tower or the impossible 50 floor tower and I liked it.

Now I’m not so sure anymore. @PlayForFun does it allow to play both or can you choose only one of the two possibilities?

You will need to play though the normal difficulty to unlock the impossible difficulty.
We have 10 Tower energy / day, and the event duration is 5 days.
So if you want to play through all, then you might need to but flasks (unless SG will give you some at the start)


Thanks, but that’s even worse than expected.

I mean I really like Ninja tower, the mechanic and also the loot. But I really hate the time it coasts and that I’m forced to play every day 10 stages.
But that’s far worse, more stages per day means more time and without buying I can’t even finish it. I really hope that gets adjusted.
As always thanks for your fast replies and great work with this thread :+1:


There’s 25 levels for those who don’t like it. Complete 25 and be done with it.

Further 50 are optional for those who like towers. If you ain’t one, just forget they exists, what’s so hard about it? :roll_eyes: Your account won’t get banned if you don’t complete all 75 :roll_eyes: If that’s a struggle for you, leave the struggle for those who enjoy it and just go on with your life.


Actually also the first 25 are optional :slight_smile:


I have asked for clarification from staff whether we will planning to give us free flasks or not… I will let you know when they answer back.
5 flasks would be nice so that if you can complete all floors at the first time, then you can do it without buying a flask.


If indeed you have to buy flasks, then this will be the very first event which DIRECTLY requires paying for the simple chance to complete. All others, if you are a long-grinding good enough player, you can in theory complete. Sometimes hard, but at least the theoretical possibility exist. That will be a BIIIIIG change in the profile of the game.

Thank you @PlayForFun !