Teltoc Walk-Through videos 2nd place (Rare), 10th (Legendary) and 29th (Epic)

@JekylandHyde Great job sir. Thanx for sharing, You are the Best :heart:

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It does say how many flasks and items you needed…

Congratulations @JekylandHyde and thanks for sharing.

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Thanks Guvnor! :slight_smile:

Glenda only boosts the attack of nearby allies so she has to be physically between my last two that fire—Jott/Thorne. She comes after both DDs as defense down has a bigger impact than attack up.

In timed events I fire right to left as I play only with my right index finger and it is faster for me to fire that direction.

All that said, it is hard to break the firing order going down the line. If you look at level 6 I got it wrong and tagged Thorne before Glenda which absolutely cost me a kill shot on Gazelle.

If you watch level 12, I got it right. It is simply a matter of practicing the skip in the firing order. This was the first event using Glenda so it was new and some mistakes were made.


Yeah, I was referring to the early stages where you had no Jott in the team :slight_smile:

The team where you had Magni in the team and fired him last.

This one:

If you’d put Glenda between Athena and Thorne, you’d have gotten more special skill damage output as:

  1. Glenda would have added another 1x onto Athena’s debuff
  2. Glenda would have buffed Throne’s damage output by an extra 40% to the target

I am familiar with who benefits from Glendas buff most, hence the question :stuck_out_tongue:

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Wow thank you for the tutorials that is amazing :slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face::slightly_smiling_face:

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I still not following putting Glenda between those two. I agree with the importance of firing Glenda after Athena, but if I fire Glenda between Thorne and Magni, they both get the +40% and Glenda still adds onto Athena’s DD.

If I did as you suggested, I would lose out on that extra +40% as I would prefer to not fire Athena a second time and have her overwrite the DD she already established.

Firing order: Frida/Athena/Glenda/Thorne/Magni

Am I missing something? :slight_smile:

Leaving it in the order you have & using this firing order would work:

However, you said:

Hence your firing order is:
Firing order: Frida - Athena - Thorne - Glenda - Magni

Which is my recollection from the videos too.

I’ll grab some maths quickly.

Congratulations for your result and grazie mille for showing off how you can reach these results!
I attempted for the first (and prolly the last :rofl:) time to reach the legendary top 100 (i finished around 120th, completely out of weapons and mats), and your past videos helped me a lot.
I’m very happy to can see the rare and epic runs too!
A pair of question: how much time did rare-epic-legendary push took to you?
How are you able to find so many crafting materials? i’m constantly out of roots and hardwood, so making a huge amount of bombs, mana and dragons is a problem…

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Sorry for hijaking your thread somewhat :stuck_out_tongue: was curious and now it’s kinda gon off-track somewhat…

Click for maths


NOTE: These calcs are done using an average 5* defence stat… Event bosses will have more defence than shown so damage will be less than numbers presented here.

Firing Order: Frida - Athena - Thorne - Glenda - Magni

I.e. firing right to left per the video, NOT skipping thorne to hit glenda first

Total Damage to target: 10,008
Total to “nearby”: 3,552

Firing Order: Frida - Athena - Glenda - Thorne - Magni

Same set-up as in video but skipping Thorne to fire glenda first

Total Damage to target: 10,540
Total to nearby: 3,729

Firing Order: Frida - Athena - Glenda - Thorne - Magni

Adjust setup so that heroes are listed Right to Left in the order fired… to make rapid firing easier.

Total to target: 9,977
Total to nearby: 3,729

So as you said, lining the heroes up in the order (Magni - Glenda - Thorne - Athena - Frida) but firing them in the order (Frida - Athena - Glenda - Thorne - Magni) will result in more damage to the target…

However, if you do fire Right-to-Left, you actually lose more net damage (looking at “nearby enemies” than if you set-up the order as proposed in scenario 3.

So basically we agree on the optimal way of doing the damage being that you need to skip Thorne to hit Glenda first then come back to hit him…

So the answer to my original question was you had the set-up for optimal damage but just miss-fired a couple times in terms of the optimal order.

As a complete asside, firing Frida first then Athena has this outcome.

Total to target = 11,894
Total to nearby = 4,572

Compared to firing Athena first then Frida:

Total to target = 12,738
Total to nearby = 4,971

So you would actually be better off firing Athena first THEN frida in order to scale up her defence debuff by an extra +1 for subsequent hitters… Made more so if you fire off your remaining battle items between firing Athena & Frida.


I think he’s saying that he does fire Glenda before Thorne. I only play with my right index too (and @JekylandHyde you’ve given me hope for eventually placing better with that single statement!) and while I prefer to fire right to left, I can skip if needed! :wink:

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Congrats on 120 … out of millions of players that is fantastic!

How much time did I play this past weekend? Not sure I want to know that answer to that, but a ton. It would have been less if I did not fight so hard for rare #1. Needless to say, it was a true weekend event for me.

I do ton of daily farming while I do other life activities so I have obscene levels of all farmable mats.
Hardwood lumber? Just about 6,000
Roots? Over 10,000
Nuggets? About 1,000
Crude Iron? Over 8,400
Large Bones? Over 26,000
Backpacks? Nearly, 100,000

It made a lot of difference for me. I hope it works for you.

That is some excellent math. I do fire Athena before Frida on Titans as I am more interested in the DD for all of the tile damage rather than the specials. For fighting bosses, the specials count much more than on a Titan. That is why I was using Frida first for the larger DD for Athena’s special.

Under “Firing Order: Frida - Athena - Glenda - Thorne - Magni”
You have:
Total Damage to target: 10,540
Total to nearby: 3,729

But when you end with the comparison between firing order of Frida/Athena you show:
Total to target = 11739
Total to nearby = 4762

Why are those two different? I assume I am missing something :slight_smile:

Also, I wonder how your Math works with my actual attack stats:
Frida: 799
Athena: 819
Thorne: 638
Glenda: 824
Magni: 862

Worth Noting I only use Magni when there is one boss. Two or more bosses and I am using Jott


I just finished watching rare’s video: amazing! I scored 84823 on lvl 14 but you still do better :upside_down_face: i suppose you choose blue team for every level due the power of their special… and it seems to be the right way! Well done, sorry for 2nd but you’re still my hero! :star_struck:


84K is an awesome score. Congrats on that! Ice has the distinct advantage of EDD with Nordri and DD/Shared damage with C. Gunnar.

Same reason Fire is best for 4* as they have G. Falcon and Wilbur.

Fire is still a viable option with a pile of Namahages. I am kicking myself for not revisiting that team for level 15. Such is life.

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The end comparison includes in the damage from Frida & Athena’s hits. I hadn’t been showing it for the first three things because it was a constant & didn’t change the outcome of which order you fired Glenda, Thorne & Magni.

I did notice that and I’m not sure how it stacks up seeing as Jott’s biggest benefit is the damage boost imparted to the tiles. This played a part in the last couple hits you were doing where you used Tornadoes but up till before that, maybe another Thorne could have hurt more…? Idk :stuck_out_tongue:

I feel like I’ve derailed your thread enough haha!

Click for Maths

Note: “buffed” is referring to getting Glenda’s +40%

Firing Order Target Nearby
Thorne - Glenda - Magni (buffed) 10,876 3,839
Glenda - Thorne (buffed) - Magni (buffed) 12,285 4,441
Glenda - Thorne (buffed) - Magni 11,654 4,441
Frida - Athena - Glenda - Thorne (buffed) - Magni (buffed) 12,934 4952
Athena - Frida - Glenda - Thorne (buffed) - Magni (buffed) 13,812 5,196
Athena - Frida - Glenda - Magni (buffed) - Thorne (buffed) 13,676 5,446

Small note - I used the wrong attack % for Athena in original calcs… numbers presented above are correct… Used 270% not 305% for athena… Have gone back and fixed above post now.

So comparing just the order of the three hitters:

  • If you fire Glenda before Thorne & Magni, you end up with more damage (i.e. the optimal order is still the same)
  • If you miss-fire and hit Thorne before Glenda, it’s the worst case scenario
  • If you shift the order so it’s firing Right-to-Left & hence don’t buff Magni, you end up with the same damage to nearby AND you still get more damage ot the target than if you miss-fire

I added a final interesting case would be if you’d moved Magni & fired him BEFORE thorne. So firing order becomes: Athena - Frida - Glenda - Magni (buffed) - Thorne (buffed).

So essentially, firing Magni first then Thorne means that you grab an extra 250 damage against each “nearby” enemy but lose 136 damage against the target… So a Net Damage Win.

I expect the same outcome from the firing order: Athena - Frida - Glenda - Jott (buffed) - Thorne (buffed) to be the best in that set-up.


You are not derailing at all. Good conversation flows. This is all a valuable tributary. :slight_smile:

Jott’s 4320 spread over three is a lot better than Magni’s 3620 spread over one. I don’t see Jott coming out of this team as long as tile matter in the upper levels. If I can score Cobalt, he will replace Jott on lower levels and Thorne on higher levels.

I REALLY appreciate that math on Frida/Athena. That is a game changer in many ways. Looking forward to the next Ninja Tower … although I expect many more players will be hunting top 10 in that too.


Oh. and firing Magni before Thorne would be a “no no” because if he deals a kill shot to thee boss I will have a 7-10 split that Throne can’t bridge. That is why I use Magni with one boss —the kill shot.

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Yeah this one is the key! Jott & Tiles = Win :stuck_out_tongue:

But there were some stages where you were mainly going for SS damage to nuke the crap outta the bosses (when Jott was in the team)… Idk your full roster so don’t know the options but if you’re after raw SS damage another higher DoA hero may come out ahead…?

Maybe a second Glenda/ Frida or even someone like Skadi or Isarnia?

Hero Attack * SS%
Jott 1432
Isarnia 1872
Frida 2125
Glenda 2011
Skadi 1531

I think the options you have now are more useful than Cobalt… Main reason is that each Major Mana Pot only gives him +1x charge… So if you have 0x charge, a major mana pot will take him to 1x charge… to get him to full 3x charge, you would need to use 3 major mana pots if he’s starting at 0x charge…

So He’ll be more resource / Item intensive to get him to the DoA level of shooting.

Just a thought :slight_smile:

Yup that’s very true; would obviously require a “practice” run of sorts to make sure but I’d expect that he should be fine on the mid levels (say tiers 4-9).

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