Anyone feel like sharing their Teltoc legendary stage scores?

Mine. Definitely room to improve if I feel like it.

Mine’s not terribly impressive since I’m using 4* heroes, but here’s mine:

There’s probably room for improvement, particularly stage 4 where I accidentally triggered Owl’s special and lost my health bonus. Not sure if that would be enough to move up to 5000th to get the next loot tier, though.

I haven’t replayed a lot of levels yet, but some to get to top 100:

I think I improved a few after this screenshot, but not that many yet.

Only 4* heroes and barely any items except for last stage

Very nice

20 character limit

Interesting reading - and something to aspire to, kudos to all of you.

Does anyone have (and willing to share) top tips for high scoring ?
For example- it seems obvious to fire your healer just before the last hit to maximise your health
But how does time interact with match points. Better to use items and finish quicker or get more tile matches ?

I have read a good post on here on the underlying maths, but haven’t had the time to analyse yet.

This is the 1st event I’ve been interested in anything other than scraping the completion :slight_smile:

Combo score is based on the average number of tiles you clear per move. For time a good rule of thumb is anything 1 minute and under is pretty good. Basically get a good combo in the beginning hope for your heros to hit full mana, blast through the second wave with items or hero specials then blast through the final wave with items and specials. Mana your heroes if needed to continue blasting things.


Unfortunately not all my 5* are ascended but still worked with 4* hero’s


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